A surprising take on a traditional flashlight and other hype-worthy new designs from Muuto

Muuto's new designs for spring 2022 feature soft silhouettes and innovative ideas. Featuring among others the Piton luminaire – a playful take on a classic flashlight – and a charming addition to the beloved Oslo collection. Come join us for a tour and get to know the newcomers!

An image of Muuto's Oslo lounge chair and sofa, Strand pendant light and Soft side table as part of the living room decor.
The Oslo lounge chair and Soft side table are a couple of Muuto's new launches for spring 2022.

DANISH BRAND MUUTO recently revealed its new designs for spring 2022. Including clever new luminaires, a soothingly smooth side table, and a tempting addition to the Oslo range – to name just a few – Muuto's new launches are here to impress. The Soft side table has already arrived at Finnish Design Shop and the rest will be added later in spring and early summer.

An image of Muuto's Piton lamp on the window sill.
Imagine a late-night picnic under the stars or reading a thrilling book under the covers – the charming Piton luminaire can be used both indoors and out and it illuminates for up to 13 hours on a full charge.
Muuto's Piton lamps suspended.
The portable Piton lamp can be suspended from the ceiling or even from a tree branch.
Muuto's Piton lamp placed on a stack of books.
The name of the expressive Piton luminaire comes from the French word meaning spike or wedge – the lamp draws inspiration from equipment used to climb mountains.

An adventurous luminaire

The nimble Piton lamp borrows its design language and functionality from traditional flashlights as well as mountaineering equipment. The breathtakingly bold portable lamp designed by Tom Chung is a truly imaginative piece: it can be set to illuminate up, down, sideways or at an angle, suspended to dangle from the ceiling – or even a tree branch – and carried like a flashlight.

The nimble Piton lamp borrows its design language and functionality from traditional flashlights as well as mountaineering equipment.

However, the cordless Piton luminaire does not compromise on beauty at the expense of practicality – the streamlined lamp looks equally delightful both in action and settled down.

An image of a work space featuring Muuto's Tip lamp and Sketch toolbox.
The Sketch toolbox designed by Thomas Bentzen is made in Denmark, almost entirely from recycled plastic.
An image of Muuto's Sketch toolboxes in different colours.
The playful form of the Sketch toolboxes evokes images of a sympathetic house and its rooms.
An image of Muuto's toolbox filled with office supplies.
Perfected with compartments of various sizes, The Sketch toolbox makes organizing a treat.

An organizer on the go

Muuto's Sketch toolbox is a convenient and charismatic addition to both the home and the office – and it commutes effortlessly between them, too. Designer Thomas Bentzen wanted to create a storage item that also meets the needs of modern hybrid work. We no longer necessarily just work from home or in the office, as our lifestyle has become more flexible and in a sense, nomadic.

The different sized compartments and a sturdy handle make the Sketch toolbox a versatile helper for everyday tasks whether you need to organize your office supplies, makeup brushes, or the miscellaneous pens and pencils in the kids' room.

An image of Muuto's Oslo lounge chair and Soft side table as part of the living room decor.
Muuto's invitingly plush Oslo lounge chair is like a comfortable nest – climb in and take a breather.
An image of Muuto's Oslo lounge chair with a swiveling base.
The swiveling base is an entirely new addition to Muuto's Oslo range.
An image of Muuto's Oslo Lounge Chair as part of the living room decor
The Oslo lounge chair features a refined and well-balanced design language, combining volume with lightness.

A welcomed addition to the family

The Oslo collection is one of Muuto's most beloved series, and for a reason: timeless both in design and quality, the minimalistic seats are an effortless addition to both homes and public spaces.

The luxuriously soft and ergonomically designed Oslo lounge chair created by Anderssen & Voll feels familiar but it also brings something completely new to the collection – you can also opt for a clever swiveling base instead of the graceful metal legs! 

Muuto's new designs will be added to Finnish Design Shop's collection during the spring and summer of 2022.

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Text: Mira Ahola Images: Muuto

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