Food recipes and stories

Lovely lunch noodles – whip up fast and flavorful veggie noodles for a tasty weekday lunch

Are you looking for a quick and hassle-free vegetarian lunch option? Well, noodles to the rescue! Check out these three delicious noodle recipes that are ready in no time whenever you yearn for a yummy homemade lunch. Read the story

Mouthwatering midsummer food classics – pick up the recipes for Midsummer salad and strawberry Brita cake

This recipe, based on a traditional niçoise salad, conveniently brings all the best of midsummer to the table. All you need is the biggest serving plate you own! For dessert, serve a delicious Finnish traditional strawberry Brita cake, the undisputed queen of summer cakes. Read the story

Trendy food from a can – make an easy tinned fish dinner for yourself or friends

High-quality food from a can is the key to preparing an easy dinner. The main ingredients in these spring-time recipes are trendy tinned fish preserves, and the straightforward combo is nicely complemented by a savory Dirty Martini and ever-so-delectable chocolate mousse. Read the story

The best pastas for early spring – try 3 easy recipes

Tidying up the pantry is worth it, as it will not only make you feel good, but also help you make really good pasta. Use the contents of your pantry to cook delicacies such as soup with beans and ready-made tortellini, green ricotta pasta or vegan lentil ragu. Read the story

Rice porridge cooked in almond milk and 3 more breakfast recipes for the holiday season

Whether you’re a fan of savory, sweet or traditional breakfasts, you’re sure to find a favorite among these tasty festive-season recipes: easy hash-brown pancake, French toast made of croissants and rice porridge cooked in almond milk and served with a zesty, festive fruit soup. Read the story

Vegetarian Month: 3 delectable lunch recipes

Mexican sweetcorn soup, baked potatoes with tofu Skagen, and caesar salad with kale and chickpeas are lively modern takes on much-loved classics and perfect for lunch. And since it's October, they’re both easy and vegan! Read the story

KBBQ time – delicious vegetarian recipes Korean style

Grilled spicy tofu in salad wraps with quick kimchi and addictively good cucumber salad. Try Suvi Kesäläinen’s recipes to make a tasty KBBQ vegetarian meal with all the side dishes. Read the story

Tasty tart recipes for summer – enjoy the best the harvest season has to offer

Go for an easy yet tasty smoked salmon and asparagus tart or make a vegan tart with new potatoes and onion. Cherry tartlets flavored with almond butter and mascarpone will tame any guest’s sweet tooth. Save these delicious recipes and try them out this summer! Read the story

Italian classics: Alessi espresso pots, limoncello spritz and a cornetto with sweet filling

Nothing smells as good as morning coffee in a traditional steel moka pot. The Italian Alessi is known especially for its iconic espresso pots, and the design classics are a perfect match for many classic recipes – with a trendy twist, of course. Read the story

Cocktails and mocktails for all spring festivities – try one of our recipes today!

Spring kicks off a long and lovely season of festivities from brunches and birthdays to sun-drenched garden parties. Whatever the occasion, self-made drinks will surely take it to the next level. Have a sip of the tangy rhubarb Collins or serve dessert in a glass – the decadent chocolate and orange mocktail is the perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth. Read the story

Delicious breakfast recipes for relaxed spring weekends

Beautiful green spinach crêpes, wonderfully fluffy ricotta blueberry pancakes and frothy iced coffee make the most delectable breakfast of the spring. Check out the recipes and whip up tasty treats for a Mother's Day brunch or as a surprise for overnight guests. Read the story

The best recipes for frosty days: coconut salmon soup, sweet maritozzi buns and spicy cocoa

Try seasoning traditional Nordic salmon soup with Thai spices, baking sweet Italian maritozzi buns instead of Finnish Shrovetide buns and boosting hot cocoa with cardamom and chili flakes. We guarantee you’ll like these winter delicacies with a twist! Read the story

Desserts for the festive season: 3 easy and delicious recipes

Whether you prefer more traditional or modern holiday dishes, sweet rum plums, citrus posset with licorice cream and fruity pavlova perfect any meal. Read the story

3 delicious and comforting vegetable dishes for the fall

Japanese-style Brussels sprouts, noodles and squash in a creamy miso sauce and coconut-flavored panna cotta with persimmon. Step out of your comfort zone and try delicious new flavors with familiar vegetables. Read the story

Café-style breakfast – check out our easy everyday recipes

It’s easy to whip up delectable and trendy breakfast platters for the weekend when you concentrate on the right thing: seasons. Weekday mornings feel more enjoyable with modernized bircher muesli, fresh blackcurrant and ginger soda, and yogurt topped with sweet plum compote. Read the story

The best grilled vegetable dishes for summer

Grilled seasonal vegetables make an easy and tasty menu for summer celebrations such as Midsummer at the countryside cabin. Prepare the table with early potatoes and Caesar salad, halloumi with peas and mint, and delicious French toast topped with peaches and ricotta cheese. Read the story