Wild herb chef Sami Tallberg opens a restaurant in Finnish Design Shop’s logistics center

The new lunch restaurant ST x FDS by Sami Tallberg, an ambassador of Finnish wild food, will be opened to customers in early 2022. In an interview with Design Stories, the award-winning chef tells us more about his food philosophy and how the restaurant serving seasonal food and surprising taste combinations came to be. Read the story

Desserts for the festive season: 3 easy and delicious recipes

Whether you prefer more traditional or modern holiday dishes, sweet rum plums, citrus posset with licorice cream and fruity pavlova perfect any meal. Read the story

3 delicious and comforting vegetable dishes for the fall

Japanese-style Brussels sprouts, noodles and squash in a creamy miso sauce and coconut-flavored panna cotta with persimmon. Step out of your comfort zone and try delicious new flavors with familiar vegetables. Read the story

Café-style breakfast – check out our easy everyday recipes

It’s easy to whip up delectable and trendy breakfast platters for the weekend when you concentrate on the right thing: seasons. Weekday mornings feel more enjoyable with modernized bircher muesli, fresh blackcurrant and ginger soda, and yogurt topped with sweet plum compote. Read the story

The best grilled vegetable dishes for summer

Grilled seasonal vegetables make an easy and tasty menu for summer celebrations such as Midsummer at the countryside cabin. Prepare the table with early potatoes and Caesar salad, halloumi with peas and mint, and delicious French toast topped with peaches and ricotta cheese. Read the story

Mexican tacos are the perfect weekend food

Mexican food is super trendy, and delicious tacos are easy to prepare at home. Choose the filling of your choice from the fish, vegetable and meat options, mix a beer-based Michelada drink to sip on the side, and enjoy authentic Mexican flavors – perhaps outdoors, weather permitting. Read the story

Japandi on a plate – try out tasty fusion food

The Japandi style, which combines Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, can also be perfectly applied in the kitchen. In these recipes, ochazuke meets Nordic dill, orange rice is seasoned with yuzu, and the familiar potato salad gets a new twist from soy sauce and sesame seeds. Read the story

Sweeten the holidays with homemade truffles and cookies

Matcha white chocolate blocks, rose water-flavored Ghriba cookies, and wonderful vegan-friendly sesame truffles and coconut mango truffles. These mouthwatering delicacies are perfect for the festive season. Read the story

Festive drinks for the holidays – try our easy recipes

A bubbly ginger spritz, a pale sangria with citrus and a steaming hot glogg with blackcurrant and rosemary. These seasonal drinks are flavored with whole spices and homemade syrups. Read the story

Spicy butternut squash curry warms the mind and body

Enjoy a pumpkin curry with raita and plum chutney as the main course, and succulent, coconut-spiced banana bread for dessert. These recipes are ideal for making wonderful comfort food for those gray fall weekends. Read the story

Herb salmon and other delicious, tangy recipes for the fall

Caesar dip with aperitifs, herb salmon as the main course, and almond and peach pie for dessert. How could you resist these tasty fall recipes? Read the story

The perfect picnic – create a delicious hamper with these quick and easy recipes

For the ultimate summer picnic, you need tiptop food as well as a beautiful setting. Focaccia with a ham or chickpea filling, a fresh and fruity Pimm’s Cup drink, and an easy-to-pack raspberry cheesecake are the ideal accompaniments for any excursion. Read the story

Make a springtime culinary trip to Italy – try our delicious asparagus pasta

These three recipes will whisk you away on a culinary trip to the Mediterranean this spring. The tomato confit, asparagus pasta and almond tart are an easy trio to make and serve. Read the story

Potato pizza, flattened potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes – try our tasty recipes!

Potato suits a wide variety of tastes and is a true multi-purpose wonder of the food world. Try potatoes boldly for example on white pizza and as Asian-style flattened potatoes or roast some sweet potatoes with accompaniments in the oven. Read the story

In Restaurant Espa, every table is a window table

Hanni Koroma created the interior design of Espa, a newly opened restaurant in Helsinki, combining Finnish wood types with a market square feel and warm, cozy atmosphere. Read the story

Festive salmon tart is a tasty but easy-to-make delicacy for the winter season

Something sweet, something savory and something warm. Quick-to-prepare pies and a hot citrus-flavored ginger toddy are easy and adaptable multi-purpose dishes for the festive season. Read the story