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A Helsinki home inspired by 1950s design

Susanna and Mikko renovated their one-bedroom apartment in Punavuori, Helsinki with a precise purpose in mind for each square meter. They succeeded with the help of a good carpenter. The ideas for materials and colors come from 1950s design. Read the story

The best Winter Sale finds

Finnish Design Shop’s Winter Sale continues! We handpicked five sale favorites that are made of beautiful natural materials. The stock is limited so don’t waste time. Read the story

171 times to the moon and back – Finnish Design Shop’s year in numbers

2017 was a great year for Finnish Design Shop and we delivered a record number of packages around the world. Here are six fun numerical facts. Read the story

The perfectly timeless Kartio

Kaj Franck's Kartio glasses are a prime example of sustainable design. Read the story

Three rooms in Kreuzberg

The romantically derelict Kreuzberg stole Stiina’s heart. The atmospheric home in Berlin is decorated with Finnish and Scandinavian design as well as flea market finds. Read the story

Eero Aarnio: “Apply yourself and believe in yourself”

The popular designer turned 85 this July and shows no signs of slowing down. New products are still coming to life from his study’s drafting table. We met Aarnio in his home in Veikkola and heard stories including that of the iconic Ball Chair. Read the story

In the peace of the city

Is it possible to live in an architect-designed house in Helsinki in such a way that the best neighborhood playground is the natural forest nearby? It actually is. Read the story

Antrei Hartikainen conjures delicate shapes out of wood

Antrei Hartikainen has won admiration with his artfully crafted wood sculptures. We met the young master carpenter at his home in Fiskars. Read the story

TOP 10: The most popular design products of 2017

May we introduce: the design favorites of 2017! The list includes ten Finnish Design Shop products, which have appealed to both Finnish and international customers. Read the story

Treasure on the River Aura

The home of Anna, Tuomas and their daughter Aida is in the historic Crichton House on the banks of the River Aura in Turku. Before they moved in, the house was under renovation for two years. Read the story