Festive salmon tart is a tasty but easy-to-make delicacy for the winter season

Something sweet, something savory and something warm. Quick-to-prepare pies and a hot citrus-flavored ginger toddy are easy and adaptable multi-purpose dishes for the festive season. Read the story

Ready for the Christmas sauna

Sauna is one of the most beloved Christmas traditions for Finns. An enjoyable environment, with fresh and pleasant products, creates the ideal setting for the most wonderful and memorable sauna baths. Now is the time to upgrade your toiletries and sauna accessories for a sauna moment full of Christmas feeling. Read the story

5 Christmas gift tips by Marianne Huotari

Designer Marianne Huotari's Christmas is based on beloved traditions, a self-felled Christmas tree and the tinkling of angel chimes. Huotari picked five timeless gift ideas from Finnish Design Shop for lovers of Finnish and Scandinavian design. Read the story

Set up a more beautiful Christmas table without strict rules

Christmas time is full of special moments worth cherishing. Even an ordinary everyday meal becomes better when you also put effort into the table setting. Read the story

Sami Ruotsalainen was charmed by the gentle gaze of a walrus

Design aficionados share their most beloved vintage treasures in a new series of articles produced by Franckly. Sami Ruotsalainen, a designer at Marimekko, fell in love with a ceramic walrus by Arabia. Read the story

Gift ideas for a more sustainable Christmas

Sustainability is good to keep in mind also at Christmas. Finnish Design Shop’s range includes objects crafted by local artisans, products made of ethically sourced materials as well as timeless classics, which will pass from mother to daughter. We collected some ideas for sustainable Christmas presents, including options suitable for any budget. Read the story

Raise a toast to equal design!

In Finland, design is like a good friend – easy to approach and an easy-going source of joy in everyday life. Finnish design is also curiously equal due to its unique history. Here, design is not intended as luxury for a limited élite but something for everyone to enjoy. Read the story

A warm and plush Christmas – Maija Rasila's December favorites

“Deep burgundy, plush textiles and rustic ceramics – these are the main elements of my Christmas this year,” says interior architect Maija Rasila. Discover her favorite styles and products for December. Read the story

6 Christmas gift picks by graphic designer Swantje Hinrichsen

Swantje Hinrichsen is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator from Germany. Her Christmas gift picks for Finnish Design Shop were chosen with a keen eye for visual language and deep love for Scandinavian design. Read the story

Modern Danish Christmas decor with pieces from the past

Christmas is the time of ornaments and rich colors – even in a minimalist home. Morten Kaaber and Lill Bersang, the couple behind the Danish design company Paper Collective, decorate their home for Christmas with a mix of new ornaments and inherited items. Read the story