Paavo Tynell created artistic light

In his day, Paavo Tynell’s atmospheric light fixtures attracted attention as far away as the United States. Gubi has brought the Finnish designer’s classic pieces back in production. Read the story

Olli-Pekka favors classics and vintage: “I do not want disposable things in my home”

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Giselda Autio: My favorites from Finnish Design Shop's spring sale

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Springtime tips for caring for your green plants

Pamper your indoor plants – they not only purify the air but also create a homely atmosphere. Spraying, trimming and changing the soil will already go a long way. Check out these tips for taking care of green plants in the spring and complete your decor with new beautiful pots. Read the story

Arabia’s Esteri, Myrna and Paratiisi are treasures of the dish cabinet that bring back memories

Fashion changes and the decorative motifs of Arabia’s old tableware are sometimes forgotten and sometimes return to production. Some get excited about them for the first time, and some rediscover them in their hunger for nostalgia. The latest arrival is the Mainio Sarastus collection. Read the story

Here’s how to choose a suitable coffee table – 6 tips for success

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Ilmari Tapiovaara – life, oblivion and rediscovery

For Ilmari Tapiovaara, work was his whole life, and at times, his family was also left in its shadow. The Finnish designer died an almost forgotten great, but then the retro boom began. Read the story

Jutta and Jani renovated a wooden house from the 1920s: “Here, space has become a new kind of luxury”

Renovating a wooden house in poor condition proved a challenge, but in the end, it was worth it. The move from a loft apartment to the wooden house of their dreams in Turku brought more than a hundred square meters more space. Read the story

The highlights of Stockholm Furniture Fair

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The perfect floor plan

The renovation of the apartment took seven months, but it was definitely worth it. The end result is a spacious and open home that also has room for the family’s numerous classic chairs. Take a look at these renovation veterans’ insightful tips! Read the story