VALO lounge chair was designed for both working and relaxing

The VALO lounge chair from the Finnish furniture brand Made by Choice combines two worlds: relaxation and office work. Created in collaboration with VALO Hotel & Work, located in Helsinki, the wooden lounge chair provides a setting for efficient work as well as a spot for having a rest. Read the story

Cover Story x Iittala paints emulate the hues of colored glass

Two Finnish favorites, the plastic-free paint brand Cover Story and acclaimed design house Iittala, have teamed up to create a special collection of indoor paints inspired by the aesthetics and traditions of Nordic design. The collection’s shades mimic four of Iittala’s beloved glass and ceramic colors: yellow, linen, blue and copper. Read the story

British designer Ilse Crawford dressed the 70-year-old Wishbone in brand new hues

Danish brand Carl Hansen & Søn invited interior and product designer Ilse Crawford to create new colorways for the iconic Wishbone chair, which has been in production for over 70 years. In 2022, the Hans J. Wegner classic is introduced in Crawford’s modern palette inspired by the unique beauty of the Nordics. Read the story

How to take care of your Artek furniture? Introducing the best tips for cleansing different surfaces

How to clean linen webbing? Can scratched linoleum be repaired? Design Stories picked the best tips from Artek's care instruction manual and put together a toolkit to help you take care of your precious Artek treasures. Read the story

Skultuna’s new Moomin figurines feature Moomintroll having winter fun

The elegant Moomin x Skultuna collection expanded with two new figurines that depict Moomintroll engaging in winter activities. Which one is your favorite: Lantern Bearer or Alpine Moomintroll? Read the story

In the spotlight: Le Klint's flush ceiling lamp campaign

Le Klint's hand-folded luminaires are adored by many, including Helsinki-based stylist and designer Anna Pirkola. Now you can take 20% off flush ceiling lamps designed by Tage Klint. Join us in discovering Finnish Design Shop’s frequently updated product campaigns, allowing you to save on long-term interior investments. Read the story

TOP 10: The most popular design products of 2021

Finnish Design Shop’s list of best-selling design items of 2021 includes both timeless classics and Finnish innovation. Design Stories invites you to take a look back with us – maybe some of these design gems are your personal favorites as well? Read the story

New from String Furniture: smart solutions for the kitchen

String Furniture’s new 2022 collection features shelving solutions for a functional yet stylish cooking space from a gourmet kitchen to a kitchenette. In addition, the brand is to launch an innovative, height-adjustable candleholder designed by TAF Studio. Read the story

Iittala’s new 2022 collection evokes a strong sense of nostalgia

Iittala’s first new arrivals of 2022 feature bold colors and playful patterns inspired by the brand's history – offering a nostalgic blast from the past, the new tones and prints come from the glass factory’s extensive archives. Read the story

Matri’s Aina bed was designed with a sustainable mindset

Finnish Matri’s latest bed launch, Aina, took a long time to go from idea to production. What makes the bed so special is not only its adaptability but also the fact that the brand insisted on making it as durable and eco-friendly as possible. Read the story

How a December chair by Nikari became as good as new – carpenter Iivari Viilomaa’s tips for refurbishing a wooden chair and its leather upholstery

Refurbishing a wax-oiled wooden chair may sound difficult, but small-scale maintenance can even be carried out at home. Franckly wants to promote furniture repair and maintenance. We had the privilege of watching how a used December chair by Nikari became as good as new. Read the expert tips and check out the photos! Read the story

The new Saana ja Olli collection Rakkauden meri celebrates diving into the sea of love

Finnish design duo Saana ja Olli has launched a new home textile collection titled Rakkauden meri, “sea of love”. Made of natural hemp, the collection was inspired by the haphazard, unpredictable nature of love. Read the story

In the spotlight: Iittala’s lighting campaign

Iittala’s glorious glass lamps and lanterns rise to the occasion as winter evenings call for additional light. Now is your chance to enjoy 25% off selected Leimu, Putki, Virva and Lantern lighting designs. Join us in discovering Finnish Design Shop’s frequently updated product campaigns, allowing you to save on long-term interior investments. Read the story

Iittala celebrates the 70-year-old Teema series with new vintage-inspired colors

In 2022, Kaj Franck’s Teema collection will reach the respectable age of 70 years. To celebrate the occasion, Iittala will launch the classic tableware in new colors inspired by the original tableware from 1952. Read the story

In the spotlight: Brabantia’s Bo sorting campaign

With roots in a small Dutch village, Brabantia has transformed household chores across the world. Now is your chance to enjoy 20% off Bo Touch Bins, Pedal Bins and Laundry Bins by the sustainably-minded brand. Join us in discovering Finnish Design Shop’s frequently updated product campaigns, allowing you to save on long-term interior investments. Read the story

The Moomin x Skultuna collection – Moomins with a dash of gold

Swedish Skultuna has imbued the Moomin characters with a touch of elegance and luxury. The sought-after Moomin x Skultuna figurines are plated with genuine gold. Read the story