The Knot cushions by Design House Stockholm tie together whimsy and tactility

In the universe of design, accidental discoveries sometimes lead to the most innovative creations. One such story is that of the Knot cushion, which has evolved from a teddy bear project to a sought-after design piece.

Design House Stockholm Knot cushion
The Knot cushion's journey from a simple teddy bear experiment to becoming a popular design item really shows how unexpected turns can lead to awesome outcomes.

AS WE WEAVE THROUGH THE NARRATIVE of the Knot cushion, we find a story not just of a product's evolution, but of design's inherent nature to be joyous, to be a tactile poem that resonates with the playful heart of innovation.

Our story begins in the humble act of crocheting, where the designer Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir's intent to craft a teddy with long legs became a labor of time and patience. The breakthrough came with the use of an old machine within the walls of a knitting factory. As the machine churned, the teddy bear's envisioned legs grew exponentially, becoming several meters of fabric tubing. This surplus of material inspired a moment of creative ingenuity: why not tie them into knots?

Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir
The Knot cushion was designed by the Icelandic designer Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir in 2011.

What emerged was the Knot cushion, a piece that defies the traditional expectations of its kind. With its interwoven fabric and myriad of colors, Knot embodies the belief that design should be comfortable, well-built, and always, always something that brings a smile to our faces.

“It is so much more than a cushion, always at hand,” says the designer. “I use Knot for meditation a lot, and I have some really young cousins that like to fool around with them. Knot is soft, accommodating and playful – ready for all kind of uses.”

Design House Stockholm Knot cushion
Sigurðardóttir's series of cushions was previously called Notknot, until Design House Stockholm launched one of the designs in 2016 under the name Knot.
Design House Stockholm Knot cushion
The idea for Knot came about when Sigurðardóttir was looking for a more efficient way to manufacture the long legs of her crocheted teddy bears.

In addition to pure whimsy, the Knot cushion's design process was also influenced by the Icelandic designer's childhood hobby: in the Girl Scouts, the art of knot-making was a skill she honed from a young age. This experience sparked a curiosity that would lead her to The Ashley Book of Knots, a comprehensive collection of knots used across the world, which in turn would serve as inspiration for the cushion's final design.

What a great reminder that the threads of our past activities are often interlaced with the work we do in the present!

Design House Stockholm Knot cushion
Made of a stuffed wool tube, Knot questions traditional cushions and cheers up any sofa, bed or lounge chair.
Design House Stockholm Knot cushion
Knot embodies the belief that design should be playful, comfortable, well-built, and always, always something that brings a smile to our faces.

According to Sigurðardóttir, Knot could be likened to a manifestation of Pop art with its embrace of simplicity, chaos, and a vibrant palette. This ethos reflects a deep attraction to the strange and the unique, to designs that are full of surprises and provoke a sense of wonder. In the intertwining of fabric, we find a metaphor for design itself – unexpected, convivial, and inherently delightful.


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Edit: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Design House Stockholm

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