What’s new: Astep’s Pepa lamp

Introducing Astep’s Pepa, the rechargeable lamp that has taken its looks and operating mechanism from one completely ordinary everyday item. But don't be fooled – Pepa's charm lies in its exquisite material, elegant design, and incredible versatility. Light up your nights with style!

Astep's portable Pepa lamp, designed by Italian Francesco Faccin, is a beautifully shaped rechargeable table lamp

BASED ON ITS APPEARANCE, can you guess which completely ordinary object inspired Francesco Faccini to design the Pepa lamp?

Well, a pepper mill, of course!

The Pepa lamp works by turning its body - just like a pepper mill!
Depending on the desired light, the Pepa can be used as a bright reading lamp or a dimmer mood light.

Just like turning a pepper mill to grind pepper, the Pepa lamp's body is twisted to adjust the light: its conical shade rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing the light to be adjusted from a soft ambient glow to a bright reading light.

The lamp's dimmable LED light source is hidden beneath the shade.

The dimmable LED light source is hidden beneath the shade, creating a pleasant, glare-free illumination.

The luminaire is, somewhat surprisingly, made entirely of wood.

In addition to its mechanism, Pepa's other special feature is its material. The lamp is made of natural ash wood with a lively surface that invites you to touch and feel its varying wood grain patterns with your fingertips.

The Pepa lamp is powered by rechargeable batteries and charged using a USB-C cable. The battery life lasts up to 19 hours, so the light won't run out even during a long evening party!

Until August, the Pepa lamp is available only at Finnish Design Shop.

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Text: Susa Pääkkönen Images: Astep

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