The modern leisure home of Joanna Laajisto and Mikko Ryhänen invites to unwind

This holiday home designed with emotion, skill, moderation and common sense offers a calm contrast to the everyday city life of interior architect Joanna Laajisto and photographer Mikko Ryhänen. Read the story

Atmosphere matters the most in the home of Elena Palomo

Ceramic artist and Franckly’s content producer Elena Palomo fell in love with the worn plank floors in the two-room rental apartment. They provide a perfect background for ceramics, vintage and good design. Read the story

Guaranteed Tapiovaara quality – This apartment in Helsinki was designed down to the smallest details

The apartment designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara in the 1950s is a well-preserved gem with a timeless allure. Take a peek at this charming home in Helsinki with Design Stories! Read the story

Interior architect Weera Brown’s home is a place of fun and flamboyance

The lively home of interior architect Weera Brown and her family is sure to make an impression. The insightful use of colors, playful details, and objects with interesting designs are all signs of a strong vision. Read the story

This gorgeous Helsinki home is packed with design classics & auction finds

The beautifully decorated home of Jenny and Santeri Carlsson is really easy on the eyes. The apartment, located in a semi-detached house in Pakila, Helsinki, has a calm and cozy atmosphere. Read the story

Vivian and Santeri live in a charming wooden house in Turku

To Vivian and Santeri, their home is a place for winding down, a place where they only want to have durable and long-lasting furniture. The Port Arthur area of Turku has become an important basis for them, where everything is near. Read the story

The home of Karin Widnäs is a marriage of ceramics and architecture

Ceramic artist Karin Widnäs loves the feel of clay between her fingers and gives a physical form to images conjured up in her mind. When she dreams, she dreams big. Often these dreams come true – like her atelier home in Fiskars and, more recently, the KWUM ceramics museum next door. Read the story

Emilia’s family home has room for design experiments: “If you like colors, don’t be afraid to use them”

The Tampere-based family lives surrounded by sweet pastels in an apartment building constructed in the 1960s. The clear floor plan and large windows of the momo home provide the constantly-evolving interior with a lovely framework. Read the story

A colorful home in the center of Helsinki is a mirror of architect Jouni Kaipia’s soul

Jouni Kaipia’s home may be abundant, yet every piece has its designated place and a story to tell. Over the years, his apartment in the Ullanlinna district has come to meet all his needs. Read the story

Connie Barton’s South London home feels like an urban jungle

Graphic designer Connie Barton lives in a unique home with a magical, jungle-like garden in South London. She and her husband bought the home after seeing it just once – in the dark – after Connie immediately fell in love with the lush backyard. Read the story

A unique 1950s studio apartment in Helsinki is full of colors and cozy atmosphere

Miia’s studio home in Herttoniemi, Helsinki, reflects her creativity and courage to use colors based on intuition. For Miia, the happiest moments are those when friends or members of the extended family gather around the large table. Read the story

Elegant family home combines uncompromised style with relaxed living

Soft, light colors give this hundred-year-old apartment in Helsinki, Finland, a beautiful, modern look. Extensive renovations transformed the space into an elegant yet relaxed home for a family with children without erasing the signs of the past. Read the story

Almost like a gallery – a Danish home that always has room for art

Copenhagen-based Anne and Christian have been collecting art all their lives. They believe hanging art on the walls is the easiest way to make your home look unique. Read the story

Mika and Julie Tolvanen’s work and free time overlap on the island of Lauttasaari in Helsinki

On weekday mornings, Mika and Julie Tolvanen walk through a forest close to the shore of Lauttasaari where they can see the sea glistening behind the trees. The workplace of the couple behind the Pidät brand is only meters, not kilometers, from their home. Read the story

A pop of pink – Eero Aarnio’s classic chair gives a splash of color to this Helsinki home

The two-bedroom city apartment of Emilia and her family is clean, and the colors are in harmony. Their only impulse purchase was a pink Pastil Chair by Eero Aarnio. Read the story

A family home with a 15-year style guarantee

The terraced home of this Oulu-based family was renovated and decorated in a way that brought out the best of the 70s, steered clear of all stuffiness and maximized freshness. Interior designer Anna-Kaisa Melvas explains how the home was made more functional with choices that stand the test of time. Read the story