Villa Nagu — a charming holiday home in the Turku archipelago

A 1970s home in the tranquil Turku archipelago stood empty for decades. Anna and Tuomas fell in love with Villa Nagu and brought life back to the building. They said goodbye to the yellowed wooden surfaces and gave the place a fresh new touch. Read the story

1970s concrete castle was remodeled with respect for original architecture

A former residence and practice of a veterinarian is now Anni’s and Kaj’s dream home. The house’s 1970s architecture, patinated pine surfaces, and light coming in from the 126 windows served as the starting point for the home’s renovation. Read the story

Staffan Sundström’s home is a playful blend of Nordic influences

Photographer and art director Staffan Sundström’s apartment in Copenhagen is a harmonious mix of art, vintage finds and contemporary design pieces. Simple but far from dull, the décor features eye-catching details like the stunning lighting designs by the Swedish brand Pholc. Read the story

A rural semi-detached close to Helsinki is brimming with hygge and harmony

Susanne and Mika's nature-loving family lives in a semi-detached house decorated in earthy tones, where the children have their own mini-kingdom. The rural landscape changes color with the seasons. Read the story

Light, space and the feel of a 1970s bungalow – Minna Jones gives run-down island holiday cabins a new lease of life

Finnish interior designer and stylist Minna Jones spends her leisure time on an island near Turku, where she has been slowly renovating rickety holiday cabins into year-round vacation oasis for her family of five. Minna told Design Stories about her cabin renovations and interior design project. Read the story

A designer couple’s home in Helsinki is a stylish return to the seventies

What would a lottery win for a designer couple who loves the 1970s look like? A semi-detached house built in Tammisalo, Helsinki, in 1969 and cherished by its previous resident for almost 50 years. Read the story

A Helsinki home in 1950s spirit

Photographer Laura Riihelä’s home in Maunula, one of Helsinki’s trending areas, spreads out on five levels. The cozy interior is created by the esthete naturally, one bit at a time. Read the story

Linda’s modern loft apartment combines Scandinavian style with oriental patterns

Interior designer Linda Baki’s bright rented home in Kalasatama, Helsinki looks out onto urban scenery. Discover how she created a relaxing and cozy loft interior. Read the story

Anni and Heikki renovated a two-bedroom home in Helsinki: “DIY is the key to a unique result”

Parquet on the wall, cabin bed and plywood cabinets. Anni and Heikki's small home in Punavuori is full of insights and personal solutions created by Heikki's skilled hands. Read the story

81 square meters looking just right

A family that recycles beautiful objects is a joy for an interior decoration enthusiast. Sandra had a precise vision of how the new home in a 1950s apartment should look after renovation. The headboard of her dreams was the only new piece of furniture. Read the story

A delightful Christmas home by Kallio Church

Ville and Janne's home in Kallio, Helsinki charms with passionately collected art, whimsical ornaments from abroad, and the forest-green tiled stove. Read the story

Modern Danish Christmas decor with pieces from the past

Christmas is the time of ornaments and rich colors – even in a minimalist home. Morten Kaaber and Lill Bersang, the couple behind the Danish design company Paper Collective, decorate their home for Christmas with a mix of new ornaments and inherited items. Read the story

Apartment fit for demolition became a beautiful, personalized home

Inspired by the 70s, Tanja designed and Jussi executed the renovation of an apartment in Espoo, Finland. The decor is a combination of sumptuous colors, flea-market finds, and design classics. Read the story

Elisabeth and Roar renovated a ’70s house: “Decorating a home takes time”

Inspired by the architecture of the house, Elisabeth and Roar’s decor is a modern interpretation of the 1970s style. Located in Eidsvoll, Norway, the residence has been gradually transformed into a home where the past and the present blend together harmoniously. Read the story

The luxury of peace and quiet in a 1950s stone house

Architect couple Tuula and Anders Falk's house in Östergötland, Sweden, has space, light, and peace and quiet ideal for creative work. Their timeless home is a good place to test self-designed furniture. Read the story

“Wooden surfaces make a stone building warm and cozy”

A renovation made a good stone house perfect for a family from Oulu. This house has a calming effect, due to the wonderful sense of peace generated by its many wooden surfaces. Read the story