Nordic design finds are the stars of Saara’s decor – only the best pass her strict scrutiny

In downtown Helsinki, under the spires of a castle-like Art Nouveau building, there’s a home whose residents value a cozy atmosphere and design from past decades. Join Design Stories on a visit to this charming home! Read the story

Franckly Friends: Jenna Kiuru likes living with as few possessions as possible

Jenna Kiuru is a visual storyteller who, when buying an object, carefully considers both the necessity for and care required by it. Jenna and her spouse live in downtown Helsinki, leading a wonderful life in their compact home. Read the story

Meant for each other – Ulrika and Jakob fell in love with a vintage home in Vaasa

In Vaasa, Western Finland, near the sea and a linden tree alley, there is a cozy home that immediately enchants visitors with its captivating tranquility right from the entrance. It’s no wonder that Ulrika and Jakob fell in love with the apartment even before they decided to move in together. Read the story

Home is a reflection of its residents – eclectic style allows for creative expression

In the color palette of this beautifully restored home in Stockholm, hues of rhubarb, masala, truffle and oatmeal take turns. Luscious salmon-red tiles and wild floral wallpaper have also claimed their own spaces in interior designer Gabriella Gullberg’s home, showcasing her confident choices. Read the story

Rebecca and Daniel furnished their home with statement pieces, simplicity and stories

“Pieces you might acquire through different phases of life add stories to the space you live in,” believe Daniel Chew and Rebecca Ting, founders of the fashion brand Beyond The Vines. Design Stories had the pleasure to meet the family in their home in Singapore. Read the story

Franckly Friends: Pirkko’s family home makes room for wood surfaces, play and pre-owned design classics

A couple who work with wood live with their children in the Maununneva district of Helsinki. At first glance, you wouldn't guess from the art gallery-like space that many of the items in the home are pre-owned – and that it’s a place for spontaneous ball games. Read the story

Composer’s home Villa Kokkonen – a unique artist’s residence designed by Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto designed a home for composer Joonas Kokkonen that blends beautifully into the landscape, and inside opens up like a fan around the studio and grand piano. Come and explore Villa Kokkonen with Design Stories! Read the story

This 1960s terraced house in Helsinki was renovated respecting the original atmosphere and era

The lush trees hide a quiet, beautiful terraced house like a little treasure. Tomi Hämäläinen and Marjaana Nikula’s home is located in the seaside village of Tammisalo in eastern Helsinki. Read the story

Franckly Friends: The home of Tanja Nikunen is a veritable treasure trove of design finds

Tanja Nikunen has a knack for spotting true design gems among numerous flea-market items. The home in a semi-detached house built in the late 1970s gets a unique look from the fixtures built by Tanja’s husband, who is a carpenter. Take a peek at this lovely home with Design Stories! Read the story

Niclas Ahlström’s spacious Helsinki home is filled with chairs

Made by Choice co-founder Niclas Ahlström is passionate about many things: art, books, and especially chairs. Many of the pieces found in Ahlström’s home have been made in the company’s own factory in Halikko, Southwest Finland. Read the story

Danish home happiness in Munich – Lasse and Sarah renovated their home with a Nordic flair

In their apartment in an old Munich building, Form & Refine founder Lasse Lund Lauridsen and his wife Sarah have made themselves comfortable with Scandinavian design, light walls and natural materials. Read the story

Beauty above all – This home designed by Poiat Studio has aesthetics as the prime focus

A modern 1960s city apartment in Helsinki was transformed into a timelessly beautiful and warmly luxurious home for a family with children. Poiat Studio was responsible for planning the renovation – already the second time for this family. Read the story

Nothing extra – the interior design of this home started with a clean slate

When Johanna and Tomi sold their detached house, the buyers also wanted to buy their furniture. Why not, they said, and started from a clean slate when decorating their new home for two. Read the story

Vitra Home Stories: Adeline and Florent Maillet enjoy simple life in the French countryside

This winter, the Swiss brand Vitra invites us to take a look behind the doors of three homes, all as different as their residents. In this story, we meet the family of Adeline and Florent Maillet, who left the city to build their ideal home in touch with nature. Read the story

Franckly Friends: Pauline Deckert and Arash Ghassemi’s home in Berlin is filled with creative flux

Pauline Deckert and Arash Ghassemi have turned their rooftop flat into an eclectic Gesamtkunstwerk, a total work of art of different styles and eras. Design Stories visited the couple’s colorful home in Berlin – take a tour with us! Read the story

Designers Marc and Naoko live in a home where the tropical meets the Scandinavian

Design Stories caught up with interior designer Naoko Takenouchi and architect Marc Webb in their home in Singapore. The Scandi-style interior is complemented by rich natural light, gracefully aged materials and lush, hanging greenery. Read the story