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A wall lamp is ideal for creating cozy mood lighting. Wall lamps can also be positioned next to a bed or sofa to provide reading light. Install a designer wall lamp on its own or mount several lamps in a group. In our collection, you’ll also find colorful wall lights for kids. Find your new Scandinavian wall lamp at Finnish Design Shop!

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Scandinavian wall lamps to enhance your home decor

We at Finnish Design Shop have curated a stylish selection of wall lights from different periods in Scandinavian design as well as many interesting wall lamp designs from around the world. We offer a wide collection of wall lamps by Nordic designers as well as modernist and contemporary wall lamps by famous designers, sculptors, architects and engineers.

Some of the cornerstones of our wall light collection include wall-mounted lamps designed by Alvar Aalto for Artek, classic wall lamps by the Danish brand Louis Poulsen, colorful contemporary designs by HAY as well as award-winning luxury wall lights by the Italian brand Artemide. Explore our selection to find the perfect Scandinavian wall light for your space!

Minimalist wall lamps and statement pieces

When buying a new wall light, we recommend choosing the shape, size and material based on how much attention you want your wall lamp to get. A designer wall lamp can smoothly blend into the background or be a bold statement piece, like a piece of art on your wall. Our collection of modern wall lamps includes sculptural designs as well as minimalist wall light fixtures in a range of colors and materials

Brass wall lamps
Glass wall lamps
Wooden wall lamps
Ceramic wall lamps

When it comes to creating a unique ambience, don’t be afraid to get playful with colors, shapes and textures! Luxury wall lamps are an easy way to add bold accents, touches of natural materials or an industrial allure to your space. You can even create an eclectic vibe by mixing large and small wall lights, flush-mounted wall lights and hanging wall lamps, or wall lamps in contrasting colors and materials. 

In the Finnish Design Shop lighting collection you’ll also find a variety of weatherproof wall lamps suitable for outdoor use, as well as indoor/outdoor wall lamps that can be installed anywhere. We also have many different wall lights for kids in modern Scandinavian styles, as we want everyone to be able to enjoy the Nordic lighting design.

How to choose the right wall lamp?

Selecting the perfect wall lamp involves considering both lighting needs and design preferences. Here’s a small guide to help you make the best choice.

1. Assess your lighting needs: Identify whether you require soft mood lighting, a focused spotlight, or bright illumination for a larger space.

2. Explore different types: You can use wall lights in various ways to suit different spaces and purposes. Different types of modern wall lamps exist to help you achieve unique atmospheres.

• A sculptural wall lamp can create an ambience in a living room
• A wall-mounted desk lamp can help you maximize desk space
• Subtle spotlights are ideal for bedtime reading
• Flush-mounted lamps and sconce lights on walls have a compact form and can emit either soft or bright light

3. Delve into features: Modern wall lamps can boast versatile features, such as

• Adjustable arms for customizable lighting angles
• Directable shades for focused illumination
• Dimmer switches for adaptable brightness
• Sealed designs suitable for indoor and outdoor use

4. Consider installation options: Most of the wall lights in our selection are wall lamps with cords, but you’ll also find many hardwired wall sconces if you’re looking for a cord-free option for seamless integration into your space.

How to create mood lighting with wall lights?

The appeal of a wall lamp often lies in non-glare light reflected gently into the room from a wall or ceiling. A well-lit wall makes a room feel more spacious and airier. Soft, glare-free light is ideal as mood lighting in complement to your ceiling lighting and other floor lamps.

What is the ideal height for a wall-mounted lamp?

Wall lamps should be positioned around eye level or slightly lower to avoid glare from the bulb.

How do I choose a timeless wall lamp?

Great design never goes out of fashion, and we at Finnish Design Shop stock a variety of designer lamps that have been popular since the mid-20th century along with timeless 21st-century designs. You can choose a timeless wall lamp by prioritizing iconic designs that have already stood the test of time or choosing modern, minimalist wall lamps in neutral colors and high-quality materials.

Pros and cons of wall lamps

• Space-saving: Wall lamps don’t take up floor or tabletop space and are ideal in outdoor spaces, small spaces, bathrooms and hallways.
• Versatility: Wall lamps can serve as ambient lights or task lights, offering versatility in placement and functionality to suit various preferences and needs.
• Safety: Wall lamps can’t be knocked over by people or animals.
• Hardwired options: Wall lamps often feature concealed wiring, providing a neat appearance.

• Limited mobility: Unlike portable lamps, wall lamps are fixed in place and can’t be moved around much.
• Requires installation: Some work and tools are required to install a wall lamp, especially if it is hardwired.
• Limited light spread: While wall lamps provide focused lighting, they may not illuminate large areas evenly, requiring additional lighting sources for comprehensive coverage.

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