Love at first light! Top tips on choosing a lamp

Buying a lamp is no mere technicality; it's a magical touch that transforms the ambiance and functionality of your space with a flick of a switch. We put together a guide with tips on how to choose the perfect lighting fixture for your home – read on and get inspired!

An image featuring a HAY Bonbon lampshade as part of the living room decor.
Functional home lighting is essential, but a beautiful luminaire also adds to the style and ambiance of any space. HAY's Bonbon lampshade is available in multiple colors.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT LIGHTING can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but with a few good pointers and a bit of creative flair, you'll not only brighten up your home but also infuse it with a warm and cozy ambiance. We've put together a hassle-free guide for illuminating different spaces in your abode and choosing a lamp that'll spark joy for decades to come.

And, if you face any further conundrums on your quest and need a guiding light, don't hesitate to contact us – the Finnish Design Shop customer care experts are here to help.

An image featuring New Works' Tense wall lamp as part of the bedroom interior.
The Tense wall lamp by New Works radiates a gentle, glare-free glow, making it an excellent addition to any bedroom. The series also includes a beautifully light and cloud-like pendant light.


In bedroom lighting, setting the mood and elevating your style is key – along with easy-to-reach switches so you can turn off the lights without leaving the cozy blanket cocoon. While a ceiling lamp offers essential general lighting, do layer the lighting generously in the bedroom. After all, it isn't just for sweet slumber; it's also often the spot where you dress to impress or immerse yourself in captivating reads (or a bit of doom-scrolling). Opt for dimmable lamps for a dreamy ambiance perfect for unwinding.

In a small room, wall sconces and clamp spotlights are a space-saving solution.

If you enjoy reading books during twilight hours, an adjustable spotlight or a charming bedside table lamp is the perfect companion. And if a check-up in the kids' room is part of your night-time routines, a portable light might serve as a trusty sidekick. As you select the bedroom's ceiling light, take a moment to consider the placement: ensure that you can leave your bed without any head-bumping encounters with the fixture. Opt for a design with a diffuser for soft and glare-free lighting.

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Best picks for the bedroom

Le Klint
The Bouquet 130M5
Nelson Saucer Bubble pendant
Mobil 70 pendant
New Works
Margin pendant
Plissé White Edition table lamp
Nessino table lamp
New Works
Kizu portable table lamp
Louis Poulsen
AJ table lamp
An image featuring Artek's Beehive pendant as part of the dining room interior.
Artek's Beehive pendant is a perfect fit for the dining room. The light filtered through brass-coated steel rings creates a balanced illumination and adds a touch of Aalto's timeless charm to the space

Kitchen and dining area

In the heart of your home, the kitchen and dining area, a ceiling light fixture provides essential illumination. However, to cater to the myriad of activities from culinary creations to homework and heartfelt gatherings around delicious meals, multiple light sources are a must.

In the kitchen and dining area, multiple light sources are a must.

In kitchens with towering upper cabinets, light strips or integrated lighting fixtures are quite common. Strategically placed adjustable or fixed wall sconces can just a well help light up your countertops and also allow a more creative approach. If your kitchen is adorned with open shelving, do add a table lamp to complement both the functionality and the decor – and if you opt for a portable version, you can also swiftly bring it down to the countertop or dining table as needed.

For the dining table, choose a light fixture that doesn't only illuminate downwards, but softly envelops the space in a soothing, even glow to provide an ideal base for dining room lighting.

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An image featuring Pilke Lights' Pilke Signature 65 flush wall light as part of the hallway interior.
The Pilke Signature 65 lamp by Tuukka Halonen can be mounted on both walls and ceilings.


You might not spend a ton of time in the entryway, but the hunt for missing gloves does become a much more tolerable task with the right lighting. Saving space and allowing a full range of movement is often key when choosing lighting for the hallway – enter the classic foyer light, the flush ceiling light!

Wall sconces and flush ceiling lamps are a perfect match for the entrance, especially if the foyer is narrow and corridor-like.

Graceful wall lamps can also work wonders, especially when your foyer is very narrow. As for portable lamps, they become your ambient accomplice in creating agile additional light. Go wireless and place a lamp on a small shelf or hang it on a coat rack – you can even grab one to go to light your evening strolls!

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Favorites for the foyer

Donna Wall lamp
Passepartout JH12 lamp
A910 wall lamp
Mobil 46 wall lamp
G13 lamp
Le Klint
26-52 ceiling lamp
Pilke Lights
Pilke Signature 65 lamp
Over Me lamp
An image featuring GUBI's Tynell 9602 floorlamp as part of the living room interior.
GUBI's beloved Tynell 9602 Floor Lamp is an elegant addition to any space. Pacha lounge chair and Epic coffee table are also by GUBI.

Living room

The living room is often one of the largest cohesive spaces in a home, making it worthwhile to take a moment and contemplate its lighting. To ease the process, consider sketching a quick floor plan of the living room and outlining the hotspots – the areas where you spend the most time.

Imagine the living room in action: is it a hub for nightly board game tournaments, is there a cozy reading nook that needs extra attention, or a space where conversations flow into the wee hours of the night? By contemplating these aspects, you can curate the perfect lighting arrangement to transform your living room into a versatile haven that suits your lifestyle and ignites joy in every corner.

Portable lamps add a targeted dose of light precisely where it's needed at any given moment.

The general illumination provided by a ceiling light – or several – can be amplified with additional lighting as needed. Elevate the ambiance with a floor lamp, adorn a side table with a table lamp of your choice, or place a wall lamp in the reading corner. Portable lamps are also perfect for the living room, offering a targeted dose of light precisely where it's needed at any given moment.

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An image featuring ecoBirdy's Rhino lamp as part of the kids' room interior.
EcoBirdy's Rhino lamp is a playful and eco-friendly addition to any child's room – and beyond! Made from recycled plastic toys, the Rhino lamp brings sustainable joy to your space

Kids' room

Choosing lamps for the children's room it's all about putting the fun into functionality. The required amount of illumination depends on the room's activities: a ceiling light can carry the day (especially when kids tend to take their play into the living room in a heartbeat) but if the room hosts a study nook for homework or a crafting corner for young artists, a wall or table lamp is a must.

Choosing lamps for the children's room it's all about putting the fun into functionality.

The little ones may also crave a gently glowing night light – and of course, a couple of flashlights too, because what could be better than turning off all the lights and exploring a book in a fort of blankets, illuminated by the soft beam of a flashlight?

When choosing a lamp for the children's room, it's worth considering whether to go all-in for the present moment or opt for a luminaire that grows with the child: a high-quality and timeless lamp might even accompany the child to their very first home.

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An image featuring Tala's Lochan wall lamp as part of the bathroom interior.
Tala's versatile Lochan wall lamp allows you to customize your lighting by adding a bulb of your choice.


Bathroom lighting should always be carefully planned, and if necessary, seek professional assistance. The bathroom light provides essential illumination for daily routines and sets the mood for the space. However, besides style and functionality, safety also plays a crucial role in choosing the right bathroom fixture.

Outdoor lamps are often also great for indoor use and perfect for a humid space such as a bathroom.

For a bathroom with a view a beautiful ceiling fixture or a wall sconce next to the mirror might be all you need but a windowless space needs a bit more attention. Layer light with a variety of light sources to ensure the whole space is evenly lit.

Pro tip: when choosing lighting fixtures for the bathroom, do also check the outdoor selection, as outdoor lamps are often also great for indoor use and perfect for a humid space.

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An image featuring &Tradition's Flowerpot VP 9 portable table lamp as part of the patio decor.
&Tradition's Flowerpot is a timeless classic like no other. The portable VP9 model is perfect for setting the mood in outdoor spaces as well.


Outdoor lighting is undoubtedly often designed with functionality in mind, but it has an extra trick up its sleeve – clever outdoor lighting adds ambiance, even indoors! Outdoor fixtures obviously ensure safety at night but just imagine your garden pathways lined with solar-powered lights or your patio or balcony perfected with a soothing glow.

If you choose just one lighting fixture for outdoors, choose a portable lamp: these nomads of lighting will keep you cozy and comfortable in the garden, patio, or even on a nighttime stroll but can then be carried indoors at the end of the night to add to the ambiance there. Rechargeable lamps are also the perfect companions for cottages and cabins without electrical access, bringing light to even the most off-the-grid abodes.

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Outdoor lighting at its finest

Tratten lamp
Piroscafo floor lamp
Eva Solo
SunLight garden spike
Ring 28 lamp
SC53 Como portable lamp
Pao portable lamp
Ease portable lamp
Lucca SC51 table lamp

Top tips for choosing a lamp

  1. PURPOSE OF THE LIGHTING. Begin the selection process by planning the purpose of the light fixture – determine where and for what specific purpose the light is needed. Is it for general illumination, creating ambiance, or providing a spotlight for a reading nook or your favorite decorative items? Dimmable and portable lights are versatile options that can address multiple needs at once!

  2. STYLE AND COLOR. A light fixture serves not only as a functional and mood-setting element but also as an essential part of the interior decor. Choose a luminaire that complements the room's style or introduces a refreshing contrast. It can either discreetly blend into the space or become a captivating focal point that sparks conversations!

  3. SIZE. Ensure the chosen light fixture suits the room's size and height. A small lamp may get lost in a large room, while an oversized pendant may overwhelm a confined space.

  4. MATERIAL. The material of the luminaire affects not only its durability and appearance but also its recyclability and potential resale value. Opting for a lamp made from high-quality materials sparks joy for decades to come.

  5. PLACEMENT. The placement of the light fixture is crucial, as different areas within the same room may require varying types or levels of illumination. Creating a layout plan, mapping out hot spots and various functions within the space, such as reading nooks or workstations, can be helpful.

  6. LAYERING THE LIGHT. In a more compact space, a single lamp might suffice, but more often multiple light sources are necessary. Combining various types of lighting fixtures helps create an even, well-balanced illumination that enhances the ambiance and ensures functionality and safety in the room.

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