What’s new: Kay Bojesen’s Wooden monkey

Kay Bojesen’s beloved monkey family has grown with new fellows. Finnish Design Shop has also fallen in love with wooden miniature animals – we are particularly fond of these cheerful, spring-toned newcomers! Explore the newest additions and choose your own wooden monkey in your favorite color.

Kay Bojesen's beloved wooden monkey has transformed kids’ rooms into jungles for decades.

THIS CHARMING wooden monkey is one of the most famous and beloved classics of Scandinavian design. The monkey is part of an animal family that was born in 1919 when Danish designer Kay Bojesen initially carved different wooden figures to delight his children.

The whimsical animals gained public attention a bit later in the 1930s when Bojesen started manufacturing them for a wider audience. Today, the wooden monkey is one of the icons of Danish design: it has a permanent role on Danish television as the mascot of wildlife programs and as a prize in quiz shows.

Kay Bojesen carved his first wooden animals to delight his children. During the 1930s he decided to start making wooden sculptures also for a wider audience.
The monkey family was designed in the early 1950s when Bojesen returned home from his trip to Africa.

Real events usually inspired Bojesen's animals – and so it is with the monkey family. The first monkey was born when Bojesen returned home from his trip to Africa in the 1950s and has been charming new fans ever since.

Every monkey consists of 31 different wooden parts.
Each wooden monkey has the Kay Bojesen logo on the leg to prove its authenticity.

The mini-sized monkey is made of teak and limba wood and measures 3.74 in (9,5 cm) in height. Legally harvested limba wood complies with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) and the plantation teak guarantees responsible harvesting and better living conditions for locals living close to the plantations.

Every wooden monkey is crafted by hand in Denmark. Due to slight variations in shade and wood grain, the monkeys have a unique and charming personality.

The tiniest apes have been adorned with fresh new seasonal colors.

In honor of spring, the unique monkey family has grown with mini monkeys that have been colored with new seasonal shades. Charming yellow, beautiful blue, vibrant red, and captivating green monkeys not only suit to decorate living rooms and nurseries but are also perfect gift ideas for the heroes of upcoming summer celebrations.

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Text: Susa Pääkkönen Images: Kay Bojesen

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