Peeta Peltola’s dream cabinet

A two-metre tall antique cabinet brings character and contrast to the home of Peeta Peltola, an entrepreneur in the creative field. The unique piece was a lucky find from an online flea market. Read the story

The Kuksa glass by Tapio Wirkkala is Hanna-Katariina Mononen’s favorite object

The alluring glass design forces writer and stylist Hanna-Katariina Mononen to pause and focus on mundane moments and appreciate them in a different way. Read the story

Artek’s Y61 stool is the apple of Pinja Forsman’s eye

Interior design stylist Pinja Forsman prefers to buy her furniture second-hand and especially likes the timeless design language of Artek. Discover how the rattan stool of her dreams, designed by Alvar Aalto, finally found its way to her home. Read the story

Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni: Humor in the shape of light

Italian brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni became, in a very short time, lead characters of Italian design in the 1960s. Humor combined with a desire to bring material and technological innovations in the lighting design field made the Castiglioni brothers, known for example for the Gatto and Snoopy lamps, legends in the world of design. Read the story

Alvar Aalto’s Finlandia Hall is a work of art down to the finest detail

Known as Alvar Aalto's masterpiece, the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, Finland is an intoxicating ensemble of Aalto's detailed imprint and timeless elegance. Let Franckly's lifestyle images shot at Finlandia Hall offer you inspiration. Read the story

The legendary Savoy restaurant is the ultimate in style and fine dining

Designed by Aino and Alvar Aalto, the Savoy restaurant in Helsinki attracts visitors even after eight decades. Now, designer Ilse Crawford has updated the iconic venue preserving the Aaltos’ legacy. Read the story

10 sought-after design classics from Franckly

Franckly's unique collection of pre-owned design is constantly growing, and design lovers all over Europe are standing in line to get their hands on the most coveted pieces. We picked ten interesting items from Franckly's most followed items – take a look and find a new home for your hidden gems! Read the story

Iivari Viilomaa collects colored glassware by Nuutajärvi

Iivari Viilomaa, a carpenter with design company Nikari, is a flea market fan. He has acquired an enviably extensive collection of Finnish glassware. Read the story

Paul McCobb re-emerges to achieve new popularity

The furniture of Paul McCobb, who enjoyed huge success in the 1950s and 60s, has been available only in auctions and flea markets in recent decades. However, this has now changed, with McCobb’s products being re-released by various manufacturers. Read the story

Mirva Saukkola is a fan of classic dishware

Mirva Saukkola, editor-in-chief of the Antiikki & Design magazine, has a soft spot for the Emilia dinnerware collection by Arabia. Read the story

Jean Prouvé was a design experimenter whose imprint is visible both in furniture design and architecture

Jean Prouvé was an open-minded pioneer in crafts, design, and architecture. Today, the French designer is best known for his furniture, which was reintroduced into the collection of Vitra in the early 2000s. Read the story

Iittala’s Nappula candleholders are among Ida Hanhiniemi’s most treasured items

Ida Hanhiniemi, strategist at Sugar Helsinki, sets her table with both new and old objects. While browsing flea markets and vintage stores, she focuses on quality and need. Read the story

The patina of time perfects a vintage Eames chair

Finnish interior architect Joanna Laajisto was charmed by the Eames office chair found from a Danish vintage shop. She ended up getting a second hand chair because of its its eco-friendliness and soft patina. Read the story

Annaleena Hakola: “I love the life and patina that vintage lamps radiate”

Hakola's creative director Annaleena Hakola prefers to buy vintage lamps. Several Bumling lamps by Ateljé Lyktan can be found in her home. Read the story

Sami Ruotsalainen was charmed by the gentle gaze of a walrus

Design aficionados share their most beloved vintage treasures in a new series of articles produced by Franckly. Sami Ruotsalainen, a designer at Marimekko, fell in love with a ceramic walrus by Arabia. Read the story

The Domus chair – from a multipurpose dorm chair to a design favorite

Ilmari Tapiovaara designed the Domus chair in 1946 as a reading chair for a student housing complex in Helsinki. The beautiful, ergonomic wooden chair has since become one of the most loved – and desired – icons of Finnish design. Read the story