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Saana ja Olli’s holiday gift tips: “We’ve cherished the holiday season since childhood”

Join Saana Sipilä and Olli Sallinen, the Finnish designer duo known as Saana ja Olli, as they share their latest news and favorite holiday traditions with Design Stories. Get a sneak peek of the pair’s winter highlights and pick up their gift ideas from Finnish Design Shop! Read the story

Ask the Customer Service: “How can I find sustainable gifts for the holiday season?”

Elevate your festive season with the perfect blend of cheer and conscious choices. By embracing the path of sustainability, you can make your celebrations not only joyous but also more mindful. Dive into our tips for discovering sustainable holiday gifts from the carefully curated selection at Finnish Design Shop. Read the story

Winter wonderland of design – Holiday season at Finnish Design Shop’s showroom & shop

Bursts of vibrant red, energetic blue, and timeless evergreen welcome visitors to Finnish Design Shop’s showroom & shop this holiday season. Warm scents and lights, soft music, and timeless design envelop guests in the serene and unhurried ambiance of Nordic Christmas. Read the story

TOP 5: Hush, hush, hygge – the most inspiring new products of the month

As dusk beckons, it awakens the hygge enthusiast within each of us – now is the time to snuggle into the sofa and savor the frosty days! Explore Finnish Design Shop's newest arrivals for November, full of warmth and gentleness that will make your home even cozier. Read the story

Column: Christmas every week

“Christmas is becoming one of the last islands of tranquility that Sundays used to be only a few decades ago,” writes Design Stories columnist Hanna-Katariina Mononen. Read the story

Top tips from design experts: 8 gift ideas from the Finnish Design Shop team

To help you decide what to get your loved ones this gift-giving season, we asked eight Finnish Design Shop employees to pick their top gift recommendations from the online store's selection. Our team works with design every day, so don't miss these expert holiday gift ideas! Read the story

Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom’s holiday gift tips: “The most important thing is to bring comforting candlelight into the darkness and be tender to our loved ones”

Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom has been busy writing the biography of her father, Yrjö Kukkapuro, and continuing his lifework. Read more about how Isa is doing and discover her gift ideas and other tips on how to create a serene ambience for the festive season! Read the story

Timeless design gifts – our holiday gift tips from Finnish Design Shop’s selection

Our editorial team combed through Finnish Design Shop’s selection and picked the best present ideas for the upcoming gifting season. Read the story

Garden Futures: Designing with Nature – The new exhibition in Helsinki delves into green ideas

The Museum of Finnish Architecture and Design Museum join forces for a collaborative exhibition that explores the shapes and significance of gardens across different times and places. The Garden Futures exhibition also beckons visitors to discover Finnish suburban nature and allotment gardens. Read the story

Holiday harmony – check out our 8 + 1 tips for serene festive season

Hold onto your mittens, folks – winter is coming! This year the Holiday Season is all about the quiet charm and minor tweaks. Check out our best tips on how to effortlessly arouse that festive feeling and get ready to enjoy the December celebrations. Read the story

What’s new: Eames House Bird

Many birds migrate south for the winter but this is not the case for these winged creatures: the Eames House Birds have just landed! Discover Finnish Design Shop’s latest addition for this week and get yourself a special bird that will bring joy to your home, no matter the season. Read the story

TOP 5: Refresh yourself with colors – the most inspiring new products of the month

As the days grow shorter and the leaves drop like confetti, there's no better time to dive into a vibrant world of colors. Enjoy Finnish Design Shop’s latest arrivals for October and get ready to refresh yourself with a splash of hues that’ll definitely chase away those autumn blues! Read the story

Step into the Holiday Season Shop!

Wool socks are on, candles are lit, and the first box of chocolates is opened. We guess now is the time to finally admit it: the holiday season is approaching fast. To help you get into a festive frame of mind, we have opened our traditional Holiday Season Shop – step inside and get set for the season ahead! Read the story

Column: Thinking before buying

“If getting rid of each cup and garment took as long as it will take to get rid of the ink on my skin, I’m sure I’d have thought twice about getting them in the first place,” writes Design Stories columnist Hanna-Katariina Mononen about her past purchases. Read the story

Pine scent and polished candles – how to prepare for winter festivities!

Whether you're planning to host holiday gatherings or just want to get your home ready for a cozy winter, there are simple steps you can take to slowly start getting ready for the season. See our tips on everything from festive tableware to thoughtful gift stashes and fragrant cleaning products, and make your space a warm and inviting haven for the winter ahead! Read the story

Ask the Customer Service: “I’m looking for a shelving system that’s easy to assemble. Any tips?”

Assembling a shelving system can also be an easy feat instead of a headache. Our selection even includes shelving systems that can be assembled without any tools! Read the story