Avotakka’s housekeeping picks: “There’s never a need to compromise on beauty”

Avotakka producer Anu Karttunen chose home care items that are real winners. They’re designed to do the job well, and are so attractive that you’ll want to keep them on display. Read the story

What’s new: Flowerpot VP9 table lamp

The bright green Flowerpot table lamp serves as a fresh splash of color in the Nordic interiors. The lamp is cordless, and what’s best, it can also be carried outdoors. Read the story

Update textiles for a cozy and warm autumn look

As the days get shorter and darker, the season gives a chance of a fresh style: update the pillowcases with rich colors, bring out the plusher duvets and snuggle up in bed with new bed covers. Create the perfect atmosphere with soft materials and appealing tones! Read the story

A new home for 120 pre-owned Artek chairs – Franckly and Bob W’s partnership campaign was a success

In the spring of 2021, Franckly and the short-stay apartment hotel Bob W joined forces to find vintage Artek chairs in Finland. Read what these two advocates of the circular economy and sustainable development achieved together! Read the story

Top 6 picks by Lauriane Bueb: “The Amsterdam lifestyle is so inspiring!”

Lauriane Bueb is a French art director and photographer living in Amsterdam and specializing in interior styling. Lauriane chose her six favorite objects from Finnish Design Shop with a focus on both beauty and functionality. Read the story

Utilize cubic meters to the fullest: 7 + 1 products that free up floor and countertop space

Even if the amount of free floor and countertop space is limited, it’s possible to find the perfect place for a comfortable armchair, handy storage solution or a vast house-plant collection. We picked innovative products available at Finnish Design Shop that help you make the most of the cubic space in your home! Read the story

A well-designed desk lamp enhances mood and inspires creativity

Adding an extra light is a must when evenings grow darker – especially while working. The high-quality and versatile desk lamps sharpen your focus yet fit beautifully into the interior. We picked 9 timeless design lamps for the home office and school desk! Read the story

Ask the Customer Service: “How can Artek’s A330S brass luminaire keep its shine?”

As the darker fall evenings set in, thoughts turn to home lighting. Design Stories’ column seeks answers to questions that puzzle design lovers around the world. Read the story

Introducing 9 luminous lighting favorites

As the darker autumn evenings draw in, the importance of good light sources increases. Take a look at our favorite luminaries and bring effective, cozy, and functional lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces! Read the story

In Arabia’s seasonal series 2021, Moomintroll wakes up in snowy moonlight

Arabia’s new seasonal series Snow Moonlight draws from Tove Jansson’s book Moominland Midwinter, where Moomintroll experiences winter for the first time in his life. The new tableware collection is available from October 2021. Read the story

Beloved stripes bring modern structure to the interior

Horizontal, vertical, or irregular? The timeless striped pattern looks refreshing this fall and adorns textiles, interior elements as well as furniture. We present 8 products that will add the classic stripe print to your home. Read the story

A taste of this fall’s trends – Maija Rasila’s September favorites

Finnish Design Shop’s interior architect, Maija Rasila, talks about her favorite products and styles in Design Stories’ Favorites of the Month column. In September, we’ll review topical materials, colors and trends. Read the story

Louis Poulsen fall news 2021: timeless ambiance and celebration

The most anticipated lighting novelties this fall come from Louis Poulsen. In addition to two interesting new arrivals, the iconic luminaire Panthella is celebrating its 50th anniversary in a new size and color. Read the story

1970s design classics bring a blast from the past to the decor

Wood surfaces, plush sofas, warm bright shades, and patterned wallpapers – the cozy atmosphere of the 70s is back. We picked our favorites from the design treasures of the decade. Enliven your home with a hint of nostalgia! Read the story

Avotakka’s lighting picks: “I appreciate compact lamps that can be used both indoors and outdoors”

Avotakka’s Editor-in-Chief Kari-Otso Nevaluoma selected six light, simple and impressive lamps that bring joy to darkening fall evenings. Some of the lamps are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as patios and balconies. Read the story

International community for friends of pre-loved design – Happy 2nd birthday Franckly!

For two years now, Franckly has been providing its customers with stunning pre-owned design treasures. Now, it’s time to celebrate and wrap the past year in a pretty package. Read about what’s new with Franckly and check out the recipe for a vegan birthday cake at the end of the article! Read the story