Furniture designer Tapio Anttila: “I always have my antennae up”

Finnish designer Tapio Anttila's very own furniture line, Tapio Anttila Collection, creates timeless, functional, and responsible designs. In an interview with Design Stories, the long-time designer and interior architect talks about how important it is to consider sustainability at all stages of the design process. Read the story

Franckly Friends: Pete Rahikainen loves Art Nouveau and makes discoveries in his attic

Fashion professional and dancer Pete Rahikainen lives in Katajanokka, Helsinki, in an apartment where it always seems to be summer. The apartment features muted tones, a mix of styles and eras as well as a touch of Italian-style effortless elegance. Read the story

Rolf Hay: “HAY’s intention is to create great, affordable products with the best designers in the world”

Founded by Rolf and Mette Hay, HAY is a Danish – and increasingly international – design company that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In an interview with Design Stories, Rolf Hay talks about recipes for relevant and timeless designs as well as HAY’s plans for the next two decades. Read the story

Franckly Friends: In Sarah Hartmann’s Berlin home forgotten vintage pieces get a second life

Sarah Hartmann’s colorful apartment in Berlin is full of vintage furniture and creative DIY projects. Franckly’s team got the chance to visit Sarah’s spacious, sun-filled home – take a tour with us! Read the story

Darkroom artist Mikael Siirilä: “For me, photography is all about the darkroom”

Finnish photographer and darkroom artist Mikael Siirilä is known for his black-and-white works created using the traditional silver gelatin method. In Siirilä's posters for the Danish Paper Collective, everyday encounters and objects take on poetic, abstract forms – especially when they are not fully there. Read the story

Tikau founder Taina Snellman-Langenskiöld: “Tikau is based on a true wish to help”

Founded in 2008, Tikau not only enriches people’s lives with timeless designs but also wants to be a frontrunner in responsible production. We chatted with founder Taina Snellman-Langenskiöld about Tikau’s story, selection and – above all – sustainability. Read the story

Franckly Friends: The home of Iida Lappalainen got dressed in colors

Iida Lappalainen, the founder of vintage store Curated and an expert in sustainable clothing, lives in Helsinki with her boyfriend Antti and dog Kaapo. Iida’s new home made her realize that the way she decorates her home has something in common with the way she dresses: carefully selected pre-owned treasures and colorful patterns. Read the story

Henrik Tjærby’s Osa outdoor furniture puts pine back on the map

Finnish design disruptor Vaarnii challenged Danish designer Henrik Tjærby to create a series of outdoor furniture made entirely of pinewood. The often-overlooked material set a certain frame for the creative process, but Tjærby tells Design Stories that the characteristics of pine actually worked in his favor. Read the story

How to make your home more functional? We asked, and interior architect Hanni Koroma answered

Hanni Koroma is known as an interior architect who can design spaces in which old and new are delicately interwoven. Design Stories went to her for advice on how to make your home more functional and cozy. Read the story

Franckly – home to a creative team of vintage design experts

Franckly is a thriving pre-owned online design marketplace run by a team that’s passionate about curated vintage design and responsible consumption. Design Stories interviewed Franckly’s Sales Manager Lotta Kuuteri, who has found her calling in the marvelous world of pre-owned design. Read the story

Danish company Montana believes in the power of colors and versatile product design

All about color and joy from the get-go, Montana Furniture turns 40 this year. Joakim Lassen, CEO of the Danish company known for storage furniture, tells Design Stories that versatility and a curated color palette are still at the heart of the business. He also reveals his favorite places in Copenhagen. Read the story

Franckly Friends: Aija Staffans and Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom sit down for a chat on a vintage Ateljee sofa

Design industry influencer Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom and researcher and architect Aija Staffans from Aalto University sit for a chat on a 1960s Ateljee sofa in Aija’s home. The discussion starts with the sofa itself, moves on to what makes for quality design and a good home, and finally to sustainable development and living in the way that best suits one’s own tastes and aspirations. Read the story

Finnish Design Shop’s Customer Service team is here to help you with any and all questions about Nordic design

Ever wondered what’s it like to work in the multi-channel customer service of the world’s largest online store specialized in Nordic design? We talked to Matias Rahkola, a Design Sales Representative at Finnish Design Shop, who thinks the best parts of the job are solving tricky situations, versatile tasks and duties, and the unwavering support of the team. Read the story

The Juslin Maunula x Finarte rug collection was inspired by fashion and architecture

Design studio Juslin Maunula teamed up with Finnish brand Finarte to create a striking rug collection that plays with textures, colors, and proportions. In an interview with Design Stories, the duo talks about their design process and the inspiration behind the collection. Read the story

Finnish Design Shop’s Contract Sales supplies design for projects worldwide – whether it be Milwaukee or the Maledives

With an address book spanning the globe, Finnish Design Shop’s Contract Sales team provides clients with design products that suit their needs, swiftly and with professional pride. Design Stories sat down with Contract Sales Manager Annika Kairento, who enjoys the scope of projects, ranging from restaurants to office spaces – not to mention a warm, welcoming church building. Read the story

Franckly Friends: Palmera Estudio is artist Albert Madaula’s dreamy home and atelier in Barcelona

Albert Madaula is known for his expressive and colorful paintings. Design Stories had a chance to visit Madaula’s beautiful home-atelier, called Palmera Estudio, in Barcelona. Take a tour with us! Read the story