Passion for design runs in the family for Danish Sibast Furniture

Danish design brand Sibast Furniture takes pride in carrying on the Sibast family’s design legacy with relaunches of Helge Sibast’s classic designs, manufactured in Denmark. We talked with Anna Sibast about craftsmanship and bringing the Sibast family’s design heritage to a new century. Read the story

Anderssen & Voll’s new designs for Nofred spark children’s imagination

The new launches of the Danish brand Nofred bring playful functionality to the kids’ room or hallway. The design studio behind the items, Anderssen & Voll, wanted to create kids’ furniture that, in addition to their actual function, would be fun for kids to play with. Read the story

Ferm Living’s founder Trine Andersen: “We want to make you feel comfortable at home”

Since 2006 when Ferm Living was founded, the Danish design brand has grown into an inspiring forerunner in modern Scandinavian home decor. We talked to Trine Andersen about the latest collection and learned how it all started with a hunt for the perfect wallpaper. Read the story

Muuto’s Ridge vase brings a touch of Paris to your home

Kaksikko, also known as the design duo Wesley Walters and Salla Luhtasela, created the architecturally inspired Ridge vase for the Danish design house Muuto. Read the story

The Kubus candleholder combines minimalism and precise mathematical calculations

The Danish company By Lassen makes accessories and furniture designed by two pioneers of functionalism, Mogens Lassen and Flemming Lassen. The designs of the Danish architect brothers are complemented by new products, created with the same geometrical approach. Read the story

Harri Koskinen: “Design begins with dialogue”

Harri Koskinen has designed a turntable, which even the most discerning interior designer would love. Alongside his many other tasks, he is involved in the Iwatemo project, which has brought together Finnish design and Japanese craftsmanship. Design Stories interviewed one of Finland's most successful designers, who also gave us some top LP tips. Read the story

Andreas Martin-Löf looks into the future backwards

Andreas Martin-Löf, who designed Frama's AML stool carrying his initials, does not forget about the past when creating new items. Read the story

An internationalized teenager – Finnish Design Shop celebrates its 15th anniversary

15 years ago, Finnish Design Shop CEO Teemu Kiiski founded an online store sharing the pieces of Nordic happiness with the world. Read the story

An Artek classic with a new look: The Publics stool is part of Finnish Design Shop's anniversary collection

The Publics stool designed for the interior of the Publics library in Helsinki is part of Finnish Design Shop's 15th anniversary collection. Valerio Di Lucente, the designer of the updated version of the stool, wished to emphasize Alvar Aalto's timeless design and innovative L-leg structure. Read the story

GamFratesi brings two worlds together

Design studio GamFratesi's strength lies in the different backgrounds of its leading characters, Enrico Fratesi and Stine Gam. When designing new products, these opposing forces draw strength from each other, creating a balanced new item. Read the story