Hay’s Bonbon lampshades by Ana Kraš merge two different design worlds

Designed by Ana Kraš, Hay's Bonbon lampshades fuse large-scale production and delicate artisanship, all the while offering a multitude of possible uses. We chatted with the New York-based designer and artist about how the playful lampshades came to be. Read the story

The Zig Zag shelf by Studio deFORM was created to solve a real-life dilemma

Studio deFORM designed the flat-pack Zig Zag shelf inspired their own experiences of moving. The innovative shelf can be assembled in under a minute by simply stretching it into shape. Read the story

Lapuan Kankurit – high-class linen from Finland

Known for their high-quality linen adorned with delightful patterns, Finnish Lapuan Kankurit has a long history in weaving. The family-owned business continues to produce their linen and wool textiles at their own weaving mill in Lapua, Finland. Read the story

The Kartta sculpture by Santtu Mustonen challenges Iittala’s glassblowers

Designed in celebration of the 140th anniversary of Iittala, the Kartta glass sculptures were created in collaboration with artist Santtu Mustonen and master glassblower Heikki Punkari. We had the chance to visit the Iittala glassworks and see how the challenging pieces are made. Read the story

Laura Väre: “I want my products to bring joy for decades to come”

Furniture designer Laura Väre has a clear vision of her own style, in which she combines a reduced design language with innovative solutions and refreshing details. Having aimed for the creative field since she was a child, Väre wants to pay attention not only to the aesthetics but also to the sustainability of her designs. Read the story

Showroom Finland brings light and order to homes

Showroom Finland has been exporting Finnish design worldwide for twenty years. The popular Pilke lamps and multi-purpose Mixrack storage items have become favorites. Design Stories met the company’s founders and learned that there are fans of the brand’s products in faraway places like Mexico. Read the story

Muuto co-founder Peter Bonnén jumped into the world of cosmetics – Nuori revolves around freshness

”I wanted to find a way to combine my business side and my creative side.” In Design Stories’ interview, Peter Bonnén talks about his career from the time before Muuto to his current job at Nuori, a cosmetic brand founded by his wife Jasmi Bonnén. Read the story

Matri brings Nordic design into the bedroom

Matri creates beds for good sleep and timeless decor items for bedrooms – and a design experience on top of it. Design Stories met with Matri’s creative director Elli Lehnhoff and found out where a good night’s sleep begins. Read the story

Studio Tolvanen’s modern bird feeder Bird Silo invites feathered friends to the garden

The Bird Silo, designed by Studio Tolvanen for their new brand Pidät, got its distinctive conical shape from an old grain silo. In Design Stories’ interview, designers and keen bird watchers Julie and Mika Tolvanen share their story about the new bird feeder and the Pidät brand. Read the story

Lunar pendant by Johanna Hartikainen depicts the phases of the moon

Designer Johanna Hartikainen's Lunar luminaire is one of Woud's fall novelties. The sculptural pendant lamp is inspired by natural phenomena – and especially the night sky. Read the story

Fatboy brings a pop of color to uncertain times

Few brands are as cheerful and undeniably positive as Fatboy. Design Stories met with the brand's Creative Director Pauline Barendregt to talk about Fatboy's colorful essence, her favorite projects and one of the most surprising design collaborations of the year. Read the story

Nikari and Woodnotes join forces

Two Finnish veterans of the design industry, Nikari, known for its solid wood furniture, and Woodnotes, known for its paper yarn carpets and furniture, will begin collaborating. We asked Johanna Vuorio of Nikari and Mikko Puotila of Woodnotes what was behind this surprise announcement. Read the story

Hem’s Petrus Palmér: “We want to work with next generation icons”

Swedish design brand Hem wants to work with designers that are on their own trajectory. We talked with Hem’s Petrus Palmér on the secrets of successful collaboration and creating products that make a mark in history. Read the story

TAF Studio’s Museum side table keeps your belongings on a pedestal

Designed for String Furniture by the Swedish TAF Studio, the Museum shelf has got company from a matching side table that, like the shelf, can be used for a variety of purposes. Find out how TAF Studio’s Mattias Ståhlblom and Gabriella Gustafson would use the new table! Read the story

Verso Design combines natural materials and clean shapes

Finnish Verso Design manufactures wooden baskets that even the Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo recommends to her customers. Verso Design’s timeless interior design products are innovated by a team of three female designers: Kirsikka Savonen, Tuttu Sillanpää, and Tuuli Burman – a mother and her two daughters. Read the story

The Pleat pitcher by Omayra Maymó was born from an ambitious research project

In her master's project, designer Omayra Maymó collaborated with Danish brand New Works to find ways of bringing individuality and character to industrial production. We interviewed the Spanish designer to learn more about the demanding undertaking and the Pleat pitcher that resulted from it. Read the story