The Juslin Maunula x Finarte rug collection was inspired by fashion and architecture

Design studio Juslin Maunula teamed up with Finnish brand Finarte to create a striking rug collection that plays with textures, colors, and proportions. In an interview with Design Stories, the duo talks about their design process and the inspiration behind the collection. Read the story

Finnish Design Shop’s Contract Sales supplies design for projects worldwide – whether it be Milwaukee or the Maledives

With an address book spanning the globe, Finnish Design Shop’s Contract Sales team provides clients with design products that suit their needs, swiftly and with professional pride. Design Stories sat down with Contract Sales Manager Annika Kairento, who enjoys the scope of projects, ranging from restaurants to office spaces – not to mention a warm, welcoming church building. Read the story

Franckly Friends: Palmera Estudio is artist Albert Madaula’s dreamy home and atelier in Barcelona

Albert Madaula is known for his expressive and colorful paintings. Design Stories had a chance to visit Madaula’s beautiful home-atelier, called Palmera Estudio, in Barcelona. Take a tour with us! Read the story

Franckly Friends: At the home of Sheila Ndungu, the soft light is the main character that shows brilliant design at its best

When the pandemic forced Supercell employee Sheila Ndungu to work from home, she began to see her home in a new light. Ndungu’s two-room apartment in Helsinki is beautifully laid out with both contemporary and classic design that will last for long and retain their resale value. Read the story

Human rights trainer Dakota Robin: “Amplifying under-represented voices is what matters most”

Diversity, equity and inclusion specialist Dakota Robin works with several organizations, including Inklusiiv, which Finnish Design Shop supports as a community member. Robin spoke with Design Stories about guidelines to help enable encounters that are free from bias and discrimination, both in person and online. Read the story

Arni Aromaa’s Primordial Animal sculptures leave room for interpretation

Arni Aromaa’s ambiguous Primordial Animals are crafted in small series, making each sculpture a unique piece of art. Design Stories asked the Finnish designer and artist how the adorable creatures came to be and what makes ceramics such a fascinating material. Read the story

Inner Circle tableware by Maarten Baas gives an organic touch to table settings

The Inner Circle tableware collection, designed by Maarten Baas for Valerie Objects, is based on asymmetry and deliberate imperfection. Design Stories chatted with Baas about his unique approach to design. Read the story

Franckly Friends: Pertti Männistö has accumulated the world’s largest collection of treasures by Aino and Alvar Aalto

Pertti Männistö has collected an incredibly extensive collection of lamps and furniture designed by Aino and Alvar Aalto. The collector’s home in Kaarina, Finland, is also decorated with Aalto furniture that exudes timeless beauty. Timeless indeed – the newest furniture in Männistö’s Aalto collection was made in the 1960s. Read the story

Textile designer Elina Helenius: “VM Carpet’s Duo rugs look and feel just as I had envisioned”

Designed by Elina Helenius for VM Carpet, the Duo rug collection boasts a beautifully natural look that stems both from the eco-friendly materials and the timeless, nature-inspired patterns. We chatted with the designer about the rugs' journey from idea to final product. Read the story

Franckly Friends: At Lela Louhio’s home, Scandinavian style meets Brazilian atmosphere

Franckly Friends, dedicated to friends of pre-owned design, is a column that visits the homes of interesting individuals and delves into stories behind their design treasures. In the second part, we meet stylist and interior designer Lela Louhio at her home in Helsinki. Lela’s home reflects her love of Scandinavian design and her home country, Brazil. Read the story

Illustrator Matti Pikkujämsä: “I’m at my happiest when I’m drawing”

The beloved, award-winning Matti Pikkujämsä will start drawing first thing in the morning, and takes out his sketchbook during the day many times. Part of his artistry consists of portraits, which can make their subjects either cry and laugh. Read the story

Cover Story’s Anssi Jokinen: “Wall color is the interior’s most important element”

Paint brand Cover Story sees painting as decorating, not renovating. That’s why they try to make buying and using their paints as effortless as possible to encourage people to decorate with color. Read the story

Franckly Friends: Designer Fanni Lyytikäinen fell in love with 1970s architecture

Franckly Friends, dedicated to friends of pre-owned design, is a column that visits the homes of interesting individuals and delves into stories behind their design treasures. First up, we had the pleasure of exploring designer Fanni Lyytikäinen’s home, full of surprises – a forgotten pearl of 70s architecture in Espoo's Olari district. Read the story

Yrjö Kukkapuro’s studio is a source of limitless inspiration

Ateljee Kukkapuro, which has been the home and workspace of Yrjö Kukkapuro and graphic artist Irmeli Kukkapuro for decades, is an international attraction. Design Stories had the pleasure of visiting the studio and hearing about Yrjö Kukkapuro’s life’s work and the importance of the space and collaboration for creativity. Read the story

Mac Collins’ 009 pinewood bowls are a combination of stocky and sculptural

Mac Collins is one of the designers who contributed to Finnish brand Vaarnii’s debut collection. Collins’ wooden bowls perfectly capture the brand’s unique aesthetics, where brutalism meets sophistication. Read the story

Finnish Design Shop becomes carbon-neutral by protecting forest biodiversity

Starting from 2021, Finnish Design Shop will be offsetting its carbon dioxide emissions by protecting Finnish forests. According to CEO Teemu Kiiski, forest conservation is an effective way of both compensating for emissions and helping biodiversity to thrive. Read the story