Franckly Friends: Home in a terraced house from the 1970s made Anni and Daniel fans of Artek’s furniture

Strong accent colors, numerous vintage pieces by Artek and the best of 1970s architecture – these are what make up the interior of Anni and Daniel’s home in Turku, Finland. Join Design Stories on a tour of this bright home in a terraced house!

Finarte Dyyni rug 160 x 230 cm, beige
In addition to vintage treasures, the home also accommodates new design pieces. The Dyyni cotton rug is by Finarte and the Putki table lamp is by Iittala.


Nurse Daniel Avanloo, 27, lawyer Anni Laukkanen, 27, and cats Rombus and Milli. The 114-square-meter apartment with three bedrooms and a kitchen is located in Turku, in a terraced house designed by architect Pekka Pitkänen.

A couple standing outside a terraced house with a green yard
Daniel and Anni enjoy living in their spacious and bright apartment.

DANIEL AVANLOO AND ANNI LAUKKANEN had to quickly rethink their plans when, already during their first visit, they fell in love with the spacious three-bedroom apartment in a 1970s terraced house – despite the fact that they were looking for an apartment in an old wooden house. The couple found a new home in the apartment designed by Turku-based architect Pekka Pitkänen (1927–2018), in a building whose minimalist architecture inspired Anni and Daniel to decorate their home in a new way.

In just over a year and a half, several – even stacks of – vintage pieces by Artek have been introduced in the home to accompany the previously purchased 1950s and 1960s furniture.

Artek Aalto armchair 45
The armchair next to the fireplace is made by a Finnish furniture company, and the 45 armchair by Artek was found on an online flea market. The sideboard, which is low and longer than usual, was in poor condition at the time of purchase, but Daniel refurbished it.
GUBI Tynell 9602 floor lamp
Numerous Aalto stools have found their way to Anni and Daniel’s home, and they are used as spare chairs for guests. The couple got the 9602 floor lamp, designed by Paavo Tynell and brought back to production by GUBI, as an engagement gift.
GUBI Tynell 9464 wall lamp
The original fireplace features beautiful, yellowish bricks. The stack of firewood is accompanied by a stack of Artek stools, as the couple bought several at once. The 9464 wall lamp was designed by Paavo Tynell.

What inspired you to decorate your home with vintage furniture?
Daniel: “It all started with a 1950s sideboard that I managed to get for next to nothing for our previous apartment. It was an ordinary Finnish sideboard from the 1950s, with lots of wear and tear and signs of use. I repaired the sideboard and realized that it actually ended up looking really good.

After that, vintage furniture representing the same era and style started to catch my eye. I bought them and refurbished when necessary. Then I also got interested in vinyl records.”

Anni: “We have really fallen for vintage furniture. Nowadays, almost all our furniture, except for the sofas, has been bought second-hand.”

Vintage Aalto stools
Anni and Daniel fell in love with the spacious feel of the 1970s house and the details, such as the large fireplace. Daniel was supposed to reupholster some of the Aalto stools and sell the ones they did not need, but the stack looked so nice that the couple decided to keep them all and let the stack adorn the living room.
Iittala Nappula plant pot with saucer 170 x 130 mm, brown
The home hosts many sideboards and cabinets from the 1950s and 1960s. Green plants thrive, thanks to the large windows. The smaller Nappula plant pot is by Iittala.
A black and white cat sitting on a chair
Rombus is one of the two cats living in the home.
A vinyl record shelf in the living room
The fun vinyl record shelf in the living room serves as a place to store the favorite records. The wooden parts have been restored and the legs painted black. The wall color is Tikkurila's M442.
Artek AMA 500 pendant, dark green - brass
The AMA 500 lamp designed by Aino Aalto was found on an online flea market. At the time of purchase, the green lamp was missing the brass ring. The spare part was obtained from Artek, which has taken the lamp back into production.

You have various pieces of Artek furniture from different eras and with different levels of patina. What gave you the spark to decorate your home with Artek’s products?
Daniel: “It was actually this 1970s apartment that made us fans of Artek’s furniture. We came to an open house here and fell in love with the 1970s architecture as well as the interior created by the owners, almost only with items by Artek.

Somehow, Artek’s furniture seem to go perfectly with the spirit and architecture of this apartment. We don’t try to decorate our home in the ‘correct’ way but like giving it a personal touch with elements such as strong wall colors, modern rugs and other vintage pieces. But I have to admit that we’ve managed to collect quite a handsome amount of Artek furniture within a short period of time.

Interestingly enough, this apartment and Artek’s furniture have also paved the way for many other expressions of creativity. They have made us get interested in other design items, such as Finnish glass products, and architecture and visual arts. Nowadays, even when we travel, we visit more architectural sites and art exhibitions.”

Anni: “We’ve also started making art ourselves. This apartment inspired me to take up my old hobby of painting. Music has also become even more important to us.”

“Artek’s furniture seem to go perfectly with the spirit and architecture of this apartment.”

What is the most peculiar item you have bought?
Daniel: “It must be the vinyl record rack in our living room, it used to reside in a record store in Helsinki. I’d already been collecting vinyls for a few years when I saw the sales ad for the shelf in a Facebook group specializing in vinyl records. We drove to Helsinki to get it almost right then and there. We optimistically took the journey in a small Renault Clio! We barely managed to fit the shelf in the trunk by taking the legs off.”

Anni: “Although, I have to say that on the way home, we almost had our noses against the windshield and our knees against our chins, because we had to make so much room for the shelf in the car. Back home, the shelf had to wait for at least a year and a half in our storage space in the attic, because we had no place for it in our apartment. When we bought this apartment, we knew right away that we’d put it in the best spot in our new living room.”

Artek Aalto chair 69, birch
The H94 dining table by Artek brings people together and is used for spending time with family and friends. The table is accompanied by Alvar Aalto’s 69 chairs of different ages, playfully upholstered with different-colored fabrics. Beautiful natural light enters the dining room from the skylight.
Marimekko Urna vase, dark blue
There is also a smaller Artek dining set in the kitchen. The dark blue Urna vase is by Marimekko.

Which of your purchases will you keep for a long time?
Daniel: “Probably that big Artek H94 dining table. After moving house, we were sitting at our old table one evening and I said to Anni that I wish we’d find an H94 dining table, as it would be perfect for this place. And what do you know, on the very same day, one was put on sale on an online flea market! We didn’t waste any time getting that piece, either, and drove to get it from Espoo already in the same week.

The table, whose size can be extended to three meters, is just the kind of item that our home needed. We often gather around it to eat with family and friends, and the table can accommodate 14 persons. We’ve already used the table to celebrate my sister’s high school graduation, my brother’s and mother’s birthday and our engagement, and we’ll probably also use it for future Christmases and other festivities.

The table represents Aalto design at its best. The mechanism works perfectly, and the table is also durable and nice to look at – for years to come, no doubt.”

String Furniture String Pocket shelf, sage
Daniel’s desk is semicircular Artek table, to which he added a fourth leg to make it suitable for use as a workstation. The sideboard is also a vintage find from an online flea market. The green String Pocket shelf is by String Furniture. The wall color is Tikkurila's L447.
A wide doorway and a sliding door between the rooms
There are wide doorways and sliding doors between the rooms, and they make the apartment feel spacious. The large windows let a great deal of light into the apartment. The strong colors on the painted walls shape the atmosphere.
Vintage Artek chair 69
Anni and Daniel combine bright colors and modern details with old furniture. Anni’s workstation consists of a vintage table by Artek and a chair repaired and upholstered by Daniel. The wall color is Tikkurila's N405.

Which one of you is more enthusiastic about making vintage finds?
Anni: “Daniel is the one with a great eye for flea market finds, the one who has set up search alerts on online flea markets and who’s the first to notice any interesting objects. I trust his taste in these matters. Of course, we always talk about our purchases together, especially if we’re about to buy something bigger.”

Daniel: “We have a quite relaxed attitude toward purchases. We buy items and test whether they fit our home. The interior of our apartment is in constant motion. If we cannot find a suitable place for an item, we sell it. There’s always someone looking for high-quality vintage.”

Get inspired

Tie rug
Heikinheimo armchair 43
Charleston lamp 971-130
Aalto cabinet 217
Terttu rug
Aalto chair 69
Urna vase
Aalto table

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Text: Anna-Kaisa Huusko Images: Suvi Kesäläinen

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