Let’s be friends! Finnish Design Shop’s customer loyalty program offers exclusive benefits for design enthusiasts

Finnish Design Shop launched its signature customer loyalty program in April 2024. Customer Success Manager Ilona Valovirta shares insights into the Friends of Nordic Happiness program and the exclusive benefits it offers. Read more and become a member of our community of design aficionados!

Two happy people in the forest
The Friends of Nordic Happiness loyalty program offers benefits for friends of evergreen design.

Hello Ilona! Tell us more about Finnish Design Shop’s new customer loyalty program!
“Our customer loyalty program, named Friends of Nordic Happiness, is one of the Finnish Design Shop’s most significant recent initiatives. I’m delighted that we were able to launch the program for our customers just in time for the summer.

We have been working on the program for a long time, and it gained additional momentum from the feedback received from our customers. In a customer survey conducted in the fall of 2023, as many as 98% of respondents indicated their interest in a loyalty program, showing there’s significant enthusiasm for it.

Based on the feedback, we recognized an opportunity to meet our customers’ desires and saw the customer loyalty program as a commercially interesting venture for the future as well. We believe that with the new customer loyalty program, we can serve both new and existing customers even better and more personally. And let’s not forget the member benefits, which are truly appealing!”

Kaksi onnellista ihmistä metsässä
“We are constantly developing our online store and listening attentively to our customers’ wishes,” says Customer Success Manager Ilona Valovirta.

Why should one join as a loyalty member?
“The basic idea is that as our friend, you get more: by concentrating your design purchases with us, as a loyalty member you start enjoying exclusive benefits right from the moment you join.

Joining is completely free. Purchases made while logged in accumulate points, and as your points increase, so do your benefits. Depending on the level, benefits currently include early access to new campaigns, a rotating selection of favorite products at friend prices, and up to 20% discount on your birthday. You can view all the benefits on the loyalty program’s own pages.

We will continue to develop the program. We are currently considering how we might reward our loyal customers for making more sustainable choices using our own Product Sustainability Framework. As a member of the Friends of Nordic Happiness program, it’s also possible to support our values related to sustainability and sustainable development.”

“As our friend, you get more: by concentrating your design purchases at Finnish Design Shop, you enjoy exclusive benefits from the moment you join as a loyalty member.”

The program has four different levels. How can one move from one level to another?
“By concentrating your design purchases with us! You reach level 1 immediately upon joining the program. To get to level 4, you need to make product purchases worth 31 points during a 12-month review period in our online store.

At the launch of the program, we are offering the opportunity to redeem points retrospectively for up to 12 months. So, it’s a good idea to join quickly now – you can secure your old points until April 29, 2024!”

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As a member of the Friends of Nordic Happiness loyalty program, you gain access to exclusive benefits and discounts right from the moment you join.

Is it worth joining the membership even if its a first-time order from Finnish Design Shop?
“Definitely! There’s no cost to become a member, and it’s worthwhile even if you don’t have immediate plans to buy anything. As a welcome bonus, you immediately get a 10% discount on your first order, and as a member, you’ll be among the first to learn about the latest news and special offers.”

Could you also share some of your favorite products?​​​​​​
“I actually have a somewhat lengthy shopping list right now, as we’re expecting a new family member this summer and our new home will be ready by fall. I’ve been dreaming about the Nuura Anoli pendant lamp for a long time, and finally, it will have the perfect place in our new home’s bedroom. Additionally, I want to highlight the interior design assistance available at levels 3 and 4 – professional advice would be invaluable for decorating the children’s room and living room!”

Ilona Valovirta

Customer Success Manager Ilona Valovirta works at Finnish Design Shop focusing on customer satisfaction. She has led the conceptualization, launch, and development of the Friends of Nordic Happiness loyalty program from the beginning.​​​​​​​

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