Artek spring arrivals: The return of foldable tables and the many shapes of benches

Artek’s spring collection 2024 marks the celebrated return of Alvar Aalto’s foldable table DL81C, with a limited edition of delightful two-tone linoleum surfaces. The spring releases also introduce new takes on the familiar Aalto benches.

The foldable table DL81C stands on the timeless L-leg design crafted by Alvar Aalto in 1933.

THE SAVIOUR OF A SMALL dining space is a dining table whose size can be expanded as needed – ideally with the utmost ease.

Alvar Aalto knew this well when he designed the foldable table DL81C for Artek back in 1933. Equipped with a folding extension leaf, these tables are one variation among Aalto’s numerous designs of tables and chairs based on his iconic L-leg structure.

As we step into spring 2024, Artek breathes new life into these ingenious tables, reintroducing them in both their beloved classic finishes and three captivating special colors, available in a limited edition.

For spring 2024, Artek introduces three limited edition color pairs in clay/walnut, pistachio/olive, and vapor/smokey blue.
Choosing a foldable table is a clever way to maximize space in small kitchens or dining areas.
The foldable table DL81C features an extendable section that swiftly provides additional seating.

All three new color pairs – clay/walnut, pistachio/olive, and vapor/smokey blue – are coated with Forbo’s high-quality linoleum. Made from natural materials, this linoleum offers a warm, soft feel and a beautifully matte surface that’s pleasing to the touch.

The inspiration for the two-tone special edition comes from old Artek drop-leaf tables and the natural color variation they acquire over time: the part of the tabletop that folds down is less exposed to light than the rest, so the surfaces age at different paces, resulting in a delightful contrast.

The new color pairs, with their earth-inspired hues, reflect the beauty of the natural world.
Forbo’s linoleum offers a gentle, matte feel that’s pleasant to the touch.
The two-tone effect of the tables was inspired by the natural color variations found on vintage drop-leaf tables.

In addition to the special color pairs, the foldable tables have made a comeback with the classic finishes known from other Aalto tables: white laminate, black linoleum, and natural birch veneer.

The versatility of these tables extends far beyond the dining area, whether it’s transforming a workspace, enhancing a living room, or adding functionality to a child’s room. These space-efficient tables are also a perfect fit for cozy cottages. And with their solid birch legs, they effortlessly complement other Aalto pieces, from tables to chairs.

White laminate is among the trio of standard finishes featured in Artek’s table collection.
Thanks to its straightforward mechanism, the foldable table opens in just seconds.

The latest additions to Artek’s collection also include new sizes and seat options for Aalto benches.

The iconic slatted Bench 153 now comes with a solid seat option, broadening its utility as a multifunctional piece. Naturally, the bench with a solid seat pairs perfectly with its slatted counterpart.

Despite their names suggesting seating, all Aalto benches are equally suited as side tables.

Another newcomer is the elongated and narrow Bench 168B, which feels right at home whether placed by a dining table, at the end of a bed, or as a hallway bench. Despite its sizable dimensions, this lightweight bench is easy to move as needed.

Despite their names suggesting seating, all Aalto benches are equally suited as side tables, making them a familiar sight as plant stands, coffee tables, or entryway tables.

The Bench 153B with a solid seat updates the iconic style of the 153 series slatted benches, originally designed in 1945.
With its elongated and narrow form, the Bench 168B naturally finds its place in hallways and passageways.
Aalto benches are designed to fit seamlessly into both private homes and public spaces.

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Text: Nora Uotila Images: Artek

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