From light green to ochre yellow – spring is arriving to Finnish Design Shop’s showroom & shop

The soft shades of the Finnish Design Shop’s showroom & shop awaken the senses to the upcoming season of light and growth. Check out interior designer Riikka Soini-Ferraguto’s spring choices and pick up your favorites!

Small splashes of colour are a perfect way to brighten up light surfaces and natural materials.

“WHEN THE DAYS GROW LONGER, the home starts craving brighter, fresher shades and lighter materials. Say farewell to thick wool blankets and welcome to window washing, spring cleaning, and extravagant flower bouquets!

The first sprouts pop up in the houseplants as a sign that spring is on its way – soon it will be green outside, too. The summer will be here before we even notice it, but let's first enjoy these small steps of spring, both inside and outside.

At the Finnish Design Shop's showroom & shop, the spring arrives in the form of a new exhibition. Welcome to get inspired by new products and familiar classics!”

New Finnish design meets each other at Artek's classic round table.

Finnish design in the limelight

Finnish design and new Finnish designers are now in demand outside the homeland, too. It's always a pleasure to spot the name of a Finnish designer in connection with an international brand.

The showroom's tulips and mimosa branches glow in Spring Copenhagen's beautiful and versatile Laine vase, designed by Samuli Helavuo. A sculptural bowl next to the vase is from the Mere series designed for Muuto by Studio Kaksikko. The collection includes ceramic bowls in charming colors, like this light green version that perfectly matches the season.

Rugs are now allowed to have colours and patterns! The showroom floor is adorned with LAYERED'S Ochre Fields rug that is designed in collaboration with Evelina Kroon.

New era of rugs

Rug styles have definitely shaken things up over the past few years. We've seen a shift from those plain, light-colored rugs to designs featuring varying pile heights that create subtle textures. Now, a step even further has happened: the trendiest rugs display bold patterns, which can also combine several colors.

The check pattern is notably trendy, as seen on the LAYERED's Ochre Fields rug which is designed in collaboration with Swedish artist Evelina Kroon. When the graphic and colorful rug is the centerpiece of the décor, the other elements in the room can be calmer, so the overall interior stays balanced and harmonious.

Woven Works
Path 01 rug
Stool rug
Unikko rug
Bombroo rug
Start your spring gardening projects by taking care of the green plants in your home! If you need fresh inspiration, check out the classic gardening guide: The Garden: Elements and Styles, published by Phaidon.

Elevate your greenery

As the days lengthen and light increases, house plants fiercely push out new green leaves. To ensure they have the strength and space to flourish, they may benefit from fresh soil and a bigger pot. Moreover, the care needed for plants in spring differs from their winter needs.

Arabia's new Ilona pots are available in three beautiful colors. The bottom of the porcelain pot is adorned with an elegant embossed pattern, which is best highlighted when the pot is placed a bit higher. Use Audo Copenhagen's Hydrous plant mister to provide extra moisture to houseplants that prefer more humid conditions than the normal room air – the handy bottle can also be used to spray water on wrinkles of clothes to be ironed!

Narrow and wide, vivid and even – there's plenty of stripes to choose from. The striped Rico lounge chair and pouf are from ferm LIVING, while the classic Zebra cushion cover is from Artek.

Reinventing stripes

While checkered rugs are currently trendy, stripes are a pattern that remains forever in style, both in fashion and interior design. Marimekko's first stripe collection was created in 1968, and the striped Zebra pattern has been used in Artek's interiors since the 1930s. If one were to grow tired of the pattern, changing the width of the stripes and the color combinations always results in a fresh outcome.

Ferm LIVING's Rico lounge chair and pouf are upholstered with the Louisiana fabric that gives the furniture a dynamic yet sophisticated look. The fabric is designed in collaboration with the famous Louisiana Design Museum and draws inspiration from the architecture and materials of the iconic building.

Bean bag
Été duvet cover
Johanna Gullichsen
Nereus cushion cover
Monster rug
Tynell 9209 table lamp is also known as “Kypärä”, Finnish for a helmet. The lamp derives its nickname from its half-sphere-shaped brass shade adorned with handcrafted perforations.

Two luminary legends

Paavo Tynell's beloved Shell, or Tynell 5321 table lamp, has found a charming companion. The Tynell 9209 table lamp, known also as Helmet, was first introduced in 1940, so it's a little bit older design than the Shell which was designed in 1941. Due to its decoratively perforated shade and the handwoven rattan braid arm, the lamp's production still requires a significant amount of artisanship, making each piece somewhat unique.

Thanks to their subtle dimensions, both luminaires are extremely versatile: they can be placed on an office desk as a reading light, on a windowsill as a mood lightning, or on the bedside table as a night light. Which one of these beauties would you choose?

Tynell 9602 floor lamp
Tynell 9205 table lamp
Tynell 1965 pendant
Tynell 9464 wall lamp
Those who spend a long time at the table will appreciate upholstered chairs. Flowers flourish in the gorgeous Uva vase.

Style with extra comfort

The beloved dining chairs, made by Artek and designed by Alvar Aalto, can sometimes seem even too familiar and straightforward. At the Finnish Design Shop's showroom & shop, you can now see how the look of the classic chairs can be easily updated with seat upholstery.

These chairs are upholstered using several patterns by Johanna Gullichsen, so although the color palette is similar, each seat has a different look. What's best: the upholstery adds more than just aesthetic value to the chairs as the soft surface makes the chairs even more comfortable to sit on.

Featured products may not be available worldwide.

Riikka Soini-Ferraguto

Interior designer Riikka Soini-Ferraguto, who works at Finnish Design Shop’s showroom & shop, appreciates functional and beautiful design and strives to make long-term choices. Natural materials and vintage finds give any space character and softness.

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Text: Riikka Soini-Ferraguto Images: Finnish Design Shop and manufacturers

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