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A mirror is a much-needed item in the hallway, bathroom and dressing area. Mirrors can also function as decorative objects that reflect the colours of their surroundings and add more natural light to the room. Our collection of Scandinavian mirrors ranges from full-length mirrors to small makeup and vanity mirrors.

237 products

237 products

Adnet mirror L, tan

$1,499.00 $1,199.20

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Sillon SH6 mirror 96 cm, brass

$1,350.00 $1,012.50

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IOI wall mirror, 80 cm

$1,079.00 $863.20

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Adnet mirror M, black

$1,199.00 $959.20

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Adnet mirror M, tan


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Masquerade mirror, oval

$385.00 $270.00

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Barb mirror, large


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Flip mirror, white


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Cutter mirror, black

$598.00 $448.00

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Angui mirror 108 x 39 cm, bordeaux


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Balloon Mirror, S

$96.35 $77.10

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Circum mirror 50 cm, amber

$141.00 $98.70

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Angui mirror 78 x 29 cm, bordeaux


Available for order

Balloon Mirror, L

$107.00 $85.20

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Scandinavian mirrors bring light, functionality and atmosphere to your home

Mirrors are both functional much-needed items and decorative objects that add more space into the room. Well-designed mirrors are useful in almost every room. A mirror is a basic item in the bathroom and hallway, and a necessity on the dressing table and next to the wardrobe. Mirrors are also an excellent way to add more natural light to the room. For example, a large decorative mirror on the living room wall enhances natural light in the room while reflecting the colours and shapes of the surroundings in a harmonious way. Even a small mirror can act like a window to make the room livelier. You can also use several different mirrors to design a unique wall of mirrors – a few are enough to create a spectacular design!

Our collection includes high-quality Scandinavian mirrors to suit the minimalistic and grand styles alike. The shapes of our mirrors range from rectangular to square and round to oval, and sizes from compact hand mirrors to large full-length mirrors. The mirror frame can be made from for example wood, metal or rattan, or, if you like, you can choose a frameless mirror. Decorative mirrors can also have fascinating geometric shapes or a tinted surface. You can also take a look at our bathroom mirrors, wall mirrors and table mirrors!

Finnish Design Shop’s selection includes a comprehensive range of mirrors from top names in Scandinavian design, including Gubi, Menu, Skagerak and Klong. We have the mirror you are looking for, be it a large full-length mirror for the dressing room, a vanity mirror for the bathroom, a delicate make-up mirror for the dressing table or a spectacular decorative mirror for the living room wall. Take a look at our selection and find the perfect Scandinavian mirror for your home!

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