Curtains add colors, texture and ambience to any interior. Curtains also play a crucial role in providing privacy and enhancing the room's acoustics and lighting. If you're in search of new curtains for your home, you can either opt for ready-made curtains or order the desired amount of curtain fabric to craft your own unique curtains.

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Ready-made Scandinavian curtains for every room

Ready-made Scandinavian curtains offer easy updates for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. They create a diffuse light for a warm and welcoming ambience you won't ever feel like leaving.

Our range of ready-made curtains features classic and contemporary curtain fabrics, including modern floral curtains, monochrome graphic prints and both subtle and dynamic colourways. To put your own special stamp on a room, add the finishing touch by choosing home textiles and decorations that match your new curtains.

Bold and beautiful fabric for Scandinavian-style curtains

If you love Nordic curtains in sumptuous saturated colors, you can easily update your space with a pair of stunning luxury curtains in high-quality fabric from celebrated Scandinavian design houses. For example, Marimekko's ready-made Scandi curtains come in a neutral grid and flower patterns, creating interest and energy without overpowering a space. Most of the Marimekko curtains are printed in Helsinki, Finland.

Simply choose the pattern you'd like for your designer curtains and order the amount you need. To make hanging as easy and quick as possible, most of our ready-made Scandi-style curtains have curtain tape at the top.

How to choose new curtains?

• Functionality first: Think about the purpose of the curtains. Do you need blackout curtains for the bedroom or light curtains for the living room that allow light through while providing privacy?

• Choose the right fabric: The fabric of the curtains affects both their appearance and functionality. Light and airy fabrics create a sense of lightness, while thicker fabrics provide better light and heat insulation.

• Colors and patterns: The color and pattern of the curtains significantly influence the room's atmosphere. Choose a color that matches the rest of the decor, and consider whether you want solid-colored or patterned curtains.

• Measure accurately: Start by measuring the width and height of your windows. The curtains should extend adequately on both sides of the window and reach down to the floor or the desired length.

• Hanging style: Select an appropriate hanging style for the curtains, such as curtain rods or tracks. The hanging style affects both the appearance and usability of the curtains.

Create hygge and elegance with Nordic designer curtains and textiles

Once you've chosen your designer curtains, try introducing Scandi textiles into the space to further refresh or update the ambience – bright colors bring summer into the home, and cozy textures create some highly sought-after hygge in the winter months.

Our range features home textiles with pops of color, neutral tones and tactile textures to create dreamy, comfortable spaces where you can work, think and relax. Duvet covers in complementary colors to your modern curtains work like a charm in the bedroom – or maybe try injecting some energy into the space by mixing and matching patterns in the same color.

More information and inspiration

For more inspiration and fresh ideas on choosing the perfect curtains, visit our online magazine, Design Stories.

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