Muuto’s spring news 2021: soft tones and shapes

Muuto’s new arrivals feature harmonious hues, dark wood and a new size of the Ridge vase by Kaksikko. Check out our favorite novelties from Muuto!

Muuto Soft side table
Swedish designer Jens Fager has created Muuto's new Soft side table inspired by archetypal center tables. Also pictured, the Leaf floor lamp and textiles by Aiayu.

MUUTO HAS REVEALED its new arrivals for 2021. The collection includes gentle shades like beige and light blue, and a new side table design from Jens Fager. Some familiar favorites will also be introduced in much-awaited size options that will bring a host of new possible uses for them in a variety of environments. For example, the Design Stories editorial team can't wait to get their hands on the new, smaller Ridge vase by Kaksikko!

A darker 70/70 table

The clean-lined 70/70 table is TAF Studio's "study in geometric forms", as the designers themselves say. The minimalist table is already available in a wide range of finishes, with the tabletop in either linoleum, laminate or oak, and now the list grows with a ned addition: dark smoked oak. In the latest finish option, the dignified dark wood adds a subtle contrast to the table's modern, geometric leg structure.

Muuto 70/70 table
Dark smoked oak adds a dignified touch to the dining space. The 70/70 table is designed by TAF Studio.
Muuto 70/70 table
The dark finish allows the wood's natural grain to subtly shine through. The frosted glass dome on the table is from the Rime pendant, also by TAF Studio.

Highly-anticipated Linear Steel chairs

Thomas Bentzen’s Linear Steel patio furniture collection got some new members in the spring of 2021 as the series expanded with patio chairs. The collection originally consisted of only tables and benches, but now the range also includes a side chair and an armchair, as well as matching seat cushions for them. In addition, the collection expanded with compact Café tables that fit even a smaller patio or balcony.

Muuto Linear Steel chair
The Linear Steel chairs' design combines strict, straight lines with softly rounded shapes.
Muuto Linear Steel chair
In addition to the earthy burnt orange, the new Linear Steel arrivals are available in black, dark green and off-white.

Ridge vase in a new size

Designed by Wesley Walters and Salla Luhtasela, also known as Kaksikko, the Ridge vase has charmed many a design lover with its sculptural shape that doesn't even necessarily need flowers to stand out. In 2021, Muuto will present the vase in a new, lower size that allows the vase to be placed at the center of the dining table, for example, without the flowers completely blocking the view of the people sitting across the table. Additionally, the vase will soon be available in a new shade alongside the earlier white and terracotta: soft beige.

Muuto Ridge vase
The Ridge vase was designed by the Finnish design studio Kaksikko.
Muuto Ridge vase
The Ridge vase by Kaksikko will be introduced in a new shade and a new size.
Muuto Ridge vase
The unusual shape of the vase offers a distinctive, sculptural vessel for flower arrangements. The decorative dents on each side double as handles.

The elegant Soft side table

When creating the Soft side table, the award-winning Swedish designer Jens Fager went for classic forms and a subtle, reduced design language. The table consists of a pedestal made of recycled aluminum and a round tabletop that either comes in linoleum or laminate depending on the colorway.

“I wanted to create something that was subtle yet characterful. Referencing the archetypal center table, the Soft side table has a quiet presence that allows for it to complement any atmosphere while echoing a modern elegance through its refined lines and slender form,” Fager says.

Muuto Soft side table
The Soft table's design features innovative solutions like the integrated handle underneath the top, allowing you to easily pull the table closer.
Muuto Soft side table
The table will be available in six colorways. Pictured, dusty green and orange.

Ample new Ambit

Also by TAF Studio, the Ambit pendant light will be scaled up as a new, larger version with a whopping 55 cm diameter is introduced. Made of press-spun aluminum, the giant pendant will be the perfect minimalist eye-catcher for the dining room or lounge area. The Ambit collection will additionally be updated with a new colorway, light blue, that will be available in all four sizes of the pendant light.

Muuto Ambit pendant
The latest arrival in the Ambit collection is the ultra-large 55 cm pendant.
Muuto Ambit pendant
The collection features a size for any need. In addition to classic pendants, the range includes a wall lamp and a rail lamp.

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