Treats for the senses – introducing Frama’s spring 2022 arrivals

With its new arrivals for spring 2022, the Danish brand Frama encourages you to beautify your bathroom with nature-inspired towels and tropical-scented skincare products. Take a look at Frama’s beguiling batch of new launches and find your favorite!

Frama Heavy Towel bath towel, sage green
Frama's spring 2022 arrivals are created with natural materials and aromas that appeal to the senses.

BEING CONNECTED TO NATURE is an important value for most people in the Nordics, we dare state – and so does the Danish brand Frama. Founded in 2011, Frama has sought inspiration for its spring 2022 collection from this very idea: feeling a connection to nature generates a multitude of positive emotions, calms us down, and reduces anxiety.

But how to harness the revitalizing power of nature when a walk in the forest or a dip in the lake is not an option? The answer is simple: by infusing your home with natural materials as well as fresh, nature-inspired scents! The relaxing effect can be maximized by combining the above with a pampering bath.

Frama Herbarium hand wash
The new product line in the St Pauls Apothecary collection, Herbarium, smells of tropical plants and fruits.
Frama Herbarium body wash
The Herbarium products are packed in minimalist, reusable glass bottles, and many of them also come in refill bottles of 500 ml.
Frama Herbarium skincare collection
The Herbarium products are made from natural and organically produced ingredients, and their floral fragrance is gender-neutral.

Have a self-care moment with Herbarium

The St Pauls Apothecary collection – named after Frama’s studio and showroom built in an old pharmacy – has expanded with the new Herbarium product line designed in collaboration with the Korean creative studio Be My Guest. Made of natural ingredients and packaged in beautiful glass bottles, the Herbarium products feature a gender-neutral floral scent with notes of orange, rose, juniper, and Ho wood. If you love the woody, tropical scent of a botanical garden, this product line is for you!

Herbarium skincare range >

Frama Light Towel bath sheet, sage green
Inherently hypoallergenic, the Light Towels are made from Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton and lightweight, breathable linen.
Frama Light Towel bath towel, sage green
The towels come in a recyclable, reusable bag that can be used as a laundry bag when traveling.
Frama Light Towel bath towel, burned orange
As their name suggests, the Light Towels are wonderfully lightweight and quick-drying, which makes them especially suitable for travel or the beach.

Light and breezy

The lightweight and wonderfully natural Light Towels are made of organic cotton and linen. Thanks to the considered material combination, the towels are not only breathable and absorbent but also super gentle on the skin and hair. Light Towels are especially great for the summer, as they are compact and dry really quickly – perfect for the beach bag or a weekend trip to the summer house, for example!

Light Towels >

Frama Heavy Towel bath towel, burned orange
Made of cotton and hemp, the Heavy Towels are wonderfully thick and luxuriously soft.
Frama Heavy Towel bath towel, sage green
Frama towels are made from natural materials that only get softer and better the more they are used.
Frama Heavy Towel bath towel, burned orange
Both Heavy Towel and Light Towel towels are available in two shades and four different sizes.

Like a luxury spa

Friends of more plush towels are by no means forgotten, as Frama also released the thick and soft Heavy Towel terry towels alongside the Light Towels. Instead of linen, their material is cotton and organic hemp, which gives the cotton terry towels a slightly textured and natural yet luxuriously soft feel. Both towel types are available in several different sizes and two different shades: a beautiful grey sage green and a trendy burnt orange shade.

Heavy Towels >

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Text: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Frama

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