HAY’s spring 2022 arrivals whisk you into warm summer evenings

HAY’s new arrivals in spring 2022 are sure to transport you straight to summer – we can already imagine ourselves sitting on the new Balcony patio chairs, enjoying our evenings in the light of the cordless Apollo luminaire. See our picks from the new collection!

The table, chairs and benches in HAY's Palissade series make up a seating area on a sandy yard.
The Palissade series is one of HAY’s most popular collections, and in 2022 it will expand with a new extendable bench.

Palissade Park

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec's outdoor furniture series Palissade remains one of HAY's most popular collections year after year. Originally created in 2015, the collection has a graphic, rhythmic design language that emerges from the furniture's simple steel structures made up of metal tubes and slats. The wide range already includes tables, chairs, stools and sofas, but in 2022, the series will expand with yet another addition, this time designed especially for public outdoor spaces: an extendable park bench.

Bouroullec brothers
In addition to the Palissade series, the French designer brothers Ronan (left) and Erwan Bouroullec have also designed the popular Copenhague furniture and Can sofas for HAY.
HAY’s Palissade series benches set in a curved shape on the dock, overlooking the waterfront at sunset.
The curved benches can be used to create a wide range of seating arrangements for the backyard or a holiday home.

The Palissade park bench will be available with and without a backrest and curved either inwards or outwards; they can be used to form, for example, a complete circle or a playfully winding bench in the shape of the letter S. In addition to parks and public spaces, the bench is sure to find its place in many a backyard or the gardens of summer villas.

HAY’s Balcony table and two chairs in a courtyard next to a building. There is also a white, mushroom-shaped Pao Portable table lamp on the table.
The Balcony series has also been designed by the Bouroullecs. On the table is another novelty of 2022, the cordless Pao Portable luminaire.
HAY’s green Balcony chair has three holes in the back and a total of nine holes in the seat. The chair also has armrests.
The holes in the Balcony furniture have not one but two functions: they strengthen the structure of the furniture, and in addition, rainwater can drain through them.

Bouroullecs’ Balcony

This year, Palissade will also get a rival, as the Bouroullec brothers have designed a brand-new outdoor furniture collection called Balcony. Compared to the Palissade, the furniture is more robust in appearance, but lighter in structure. They are made of thin steel plates and decorated with holes that act both as a visual detail and help strengthen the structure. The furniture is extremely minimalistic, yet instantly recognizable and interesting – as is typical for both HAY and the Bouroullec brothers.

The Pao Portable table lamp glows in the dark in black, gray, white and red.
When designing the Pao lamps, Naoto Fukawasa imagined a Mongolian yurt that glows invitingly in the darkness. He wanted the Pao lamps to bring a similar warm glow and pleasant atmosphere to any space.
The red Pao Portable lamp on a table outdoors in the sunshine, with a light blue wall in the background.
The shape of the red Pao Portable is reminiscent of a fly agaric mushroom. The luminaire is cordless and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Cordless Pao Portable

Wireless, rechargeable lamps seem to be all the rage right now, and HAY is due to respond to this craving with not one but two new lamp designs. The first of the new luminaires, Pao Portable, adds versatility to the Pao luminaire collection designed by Japanese Naoto Fukasawa, who sought inspiration for the collection from traditional Mongolian yurts. Standing on a pole-like foot and resembling a mushroom, Pao Portable has no cord, so it can be moved from the living room windowsill to the bedside table or from the bookshelf to the balcony – Pao Portable is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

HAY’s opal white Apollo table lamp stands on top of magazines outdoors in the sunshine.
The Apollo table lamp is named after a trendy Copenhagen restaurant. The luminaire was originally designed as an oil lamp.
HAY's glass Apollo table lamp shining on a bookshelf.
Apollon was designed by Nikolaj Lorentz Mentze of the Studio 0405 design office in Copenhagen.

Atmospheric light with Apollo

The likewise cordless and portable Apollo is a completely new addition to HAY’s lighting range. With a look that combines both modern and traditional elements, Apollo was originally designed as an oil lamp for Copenhagen’s trendy Apollo Bar & Kantine restaurant, after which the lamp is also named. Like Pao Portable, Apollo is also suitable both indoors and outdoors, so its cozy glow can also be enjoyed out on the terrace or porch of your vacation home on a warm summer evening.

HAY's Korpus shelf on the hallway wall. There is a vase on top of the shelf, and a coat hangs on its hooks. Below is a wooden stepladder, and in the background is another room with a green sofa.
A row of hooks is hidden at the bottom of the Korpus shelf. The stepladder is HAY's Butler.
HAY's Korpus shelf is attached to the bedroom wall next to the bed as a bedside table. On top of the green shelf is a white Apollo table lamp.
The metal Korpus shelf can actually be used anywhere – even as a bedside table in the bedroom.

Industrial Korpus shelf

Designed by Norwegian Andreas Bergsaker, the Korpus shelf has a distinctly industrial look created by its manufacturing method; the shelf is made using the edging and stamping techniques familiar from the metal industry. In addition to the industrial appearance, the shelf's gist lies in the hooks hidden in its lower part – it is actually both a shelf and a rack.

“The idea was to make a multipurpose, wall-mounted shelf that is durable both in terms of physical use and visual appearance,” Bergsaker has said. “The shelf works in all kinds of settings: as a wall-mounted nightstand, coat rack in the hallway, display shelf in the living room, for towels in the bathroom, for utensils in the kitchen, and even for tools in the workshop.”

There are two Slit Wood tables in front of an orange sofa, a lower one in dark wood and a higher one in black. There is an open book on the wood-colored table.
The Slit tables are inspired by Japanese origami. The Slit Wood tables to be released in 2022 will be made of wood, as the name implies.
A red Slit Wood table next to a lilac sofa, and a wood-colored Slit Wood table in front of the sofa. On the table are a green water jug ​​and two drinking glasses.
The Slit Wood table is available in a variety of shades and materials. The jug and drinking glasses are also from HAY.

Origami-inspired Slit Wood

Slit Wood is the latest addition to the popular Slit table collection, and it is made of wood, as the name implies. Like the previous metal tables in the series, the meticulous shapes of the wooden Slit tables are inspired by Japanese origami art: their base structure is like paper folded into a geometric shape. But did you know that the form is actually what the name Slit refers to? If you look closely, there is indeed a slit in the middle of the folded leg structure. The new Slit Wood table is available in different sizes and material options, which can also be combined with each other or with metal tables.

The new arrivals will be available at Finnish Design Shop later in spring 2022.

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Text: Emmi Ratilainen Images: HAY

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