Take a head start on spring – 6 + 1 vibrant design picks for the new season

It might take some effort to see all the way to spring behind massive piles of snow, but now is the perfect time to spruce up your décor for the upcoming season. Design Stories put together a tool kit of design items to add instant spring vibes to your home – take a look and get inspired!

HAY's mirrored Arcs vase filled with tulips, placed on a green table.
Designed by Muller Van Severen, the eloquent Arcs collection also features candle holders and luminaires in several crisp shades.

1. HAY: Arcs vase

A vase filled with flowers is a guaranteed way to brighten up the décor – and the day! HAY’s luminous Arcs vase features a mirrored surface, that captures even the tiniest glimpses of sunshine, and makes the space feel lighter. Beautiful even without a bouquet, the Arcs vase would look equally lovely both as a bold stand-alone piece or combined with other decorative items to create a whimsical display.

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Montana Furniture's Montana Mini mirror in rhubarb, fixed on the wall together with Montana Mini storage modules.
The Montana Mini mirrors can be seamlessly combined with other pieces from the Montana Mini collection. Pick and mix modules, mirrors, and notice boards to create the perfect ensemble.

2. Montana Furniture: Montana Mini mirror

Nightless nights are still quite far ahead, but even the smallest rays of spring sunshine are enough to lift the spirits. Make the most of fleeting light by adding a mirror near a window: a reflecting surface will multiply the light and make the space feel bigger. The round Montana Mini mirror designed by Peter J. Lassen looks particularly perky due to its bright-colored frames – would you rather go for the sweet Rhubarb shade or soothing Mist?

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Finarte's Väre cushion cover.
Finarte's Väre collection was designed in collaboration with the Finnish National Museum.

3. Finarte: Väre cushion cover

Soft pastel shades are the perfect reminder that spring is just around the corner. Finarte’s Väre cushion cover is created by Marianne Huotari, who drew inspiration for her design from the Finnish National Museum’s famous frescoes. The soft, yet invigorating color palette and free-flowing organic shapes evoke images of nature slowly waking up after a long winter.

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&Tradition's cordless Flowerpot VP9 table lamp in a signal green shade, placed on a work desk.
&Tradition's cordless Flowerpot VP9 table lamp can be easily moved from one place to another, and its battery lasts up to 11 hours after being fully charged.

4. &Tradition: Flowerpot VP9 table lamp

At the moment there’s still a lot more dusk than dawn, but additional sources of light can offer some solace. &Tradition’s Flowerpot VP9 table lamp is a double-whammy: the handy, portable luminaire is easy to carry wherever a dose of extra light is needed, and the upbeat mood of the design feels joyful and invigorating. Created by Verner Panton in the 1960s, the iconic Flowerpot lamps draw inspiration from the Flower Power era, bringing back a piece of peace and love to this day.

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The Tulppaani blanket by Lapuan Kankurit in two different combinations of color.
The Tulppaani blanket by Lapuan Kankurit is available in two different combinations of color.

5. Lapuan Kankurit: Tulppaani blanket

When in doubt, add tulips! Designed by Helmi Liikanen, the Tulppaani blanket merges together different weaving techniques with a stunning result. The lively and lovely tulip pattern in shades of cinnamon and soft blue feels like a breath of fresh air – while the wool linen mix still keeps you warm and cozy if it gets too nippy.

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Products adorned with Marimekko's Gabriel Näkki print: a tray, a jar, a bowl, and a blanket.
The round Gabriel Näkki tray can be swiftly converted into a light tray table, using Marimekko's oak tray table legs that are sold separately.

6. Marimekko: Gabriel Näkki

Marimekko’s spring collection always makes a promise of color-filled days ahead. The new Gabriel Näkki pattern is a charming fusion of two Maija Isola’s designs from different decades, created together with Isola’s family. The beautiful motif binding together dense stripes and large, wavy surfaces is featured both in the Oiva tableware collection designed by Sami Ruotsalainen and in fabrics and textiles. The Gabriel Näkki pattern’s intriguing yet soothing mood is perfected with fresh spring shades, such as juicy pink and soft brown.

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Cover Story's interior paint in shade 008 Sylvia: a soft white.
Cover Story's 008 Sylvia is a soft and harmonious shade, perfect for all spaces in need of some extra zen.

+ 7. Cover Story paints

As we slip and slide towards spring, the gray and slushy days may seem endless. They do still have a silver lining though: no better excuse to cozy up indoors and get going with spring preparations. If your home yearns for a second helping of spring vibes, a fresh new coat of paint just might do the trick.

Cover Story’s high-quality interior paints are an easy way to give any space a mini makeover as they are safe to use, odorless, and do not emit harmful VOCs into the indoor air. Not sure whether a classic tone or a bold statement color would suit your walls better? Try them on with handy, A4-sized peel-and-stick paint samples!

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Text: Mira Ahola Images: Mikko Ryhänen and Manufacturers

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