HAY’s spring 2023 arrivals elevate the everyday with playful details and pops of color

In spring 2023, HAY is due to launch new designs from Inga Sempé, Jasper Morrison and Dutch modernist pioneer Gerrit Rietveld. Our team had the chance to take a sneak peek at the new arrivals – have a look at our picks and get ready to say hooray for HAY!

HAY Crate dining chairs and Weekday table
HAY is releasing not one but two new outdoor collections in 2023. Both the Crate and the Weekday furniture are made of pinewood.

SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER and so are the launch dates of HAY's new arrivals for 2023. The brand's next bunch of goodies will include a super useful clock, an updated storage solution, an outdoor lounge chair from the archives of the pioneer of the Dutch De Stijl movement, Gerrit Rietveld... and so much more. Oh, how can we cope with the anticipation?

HAY Crate lounge chair with cushion and side table
The bulky and bold Crate collection was designed by Gerrit Rietveld. The series consists of a lounge chair, a dining chair, and two small tables.
HAY Crate lounge chair and side table
Originally conceived in the 1930s, the furniture line is released in collaboration with Rietveld Originals.

The return of the pine

HAY’s outdoor furniture has certainly cemented its status as a modern classic, one great example being the Palissade collection which seems to be a firm favorite among outdoor cafés and restaurants. HAY is preparing for summer 2023 with not one but two outdoor collections, both characterized by a minimalist design language and pinewood as the material.

The first of the new arrivals is the Crate collection conceived by Gerrit Rietveld in 1934, now launched in collaboration with Rietveld Originals. Our team is especially swooning over the Crate lounge chair, whose low and bulky proportions make the chair look stable, durable, and bold both literally and aesthetically. The sturdy chair can be complemented with soft cushions.

The second outdoor series, called Weekday, is very similar to Crate in terms of appearance but is slightly lighter and airier. The collection comes from the design duo Hannes & Fritz. What's more, the Palissade collection will also be adorned with a new color called Iron red.

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HAY Colour Crate with wheels
The Color Crate series is updated with metal lids as well as wheels that transform a stack of baskets into a storage cart.
HAY Colour Crate lid, blue
Made of metal, the lids come in a variety of shades to match the colors of the crates.

Wheels on the crate go round and round

You may remember that HAY’s Colour Crates were updated last year when the material was switched to recycled plastic, and more updates are on the way in 2023. The best-seller crates can soon be turned into storage boxes or even small storage furniture with the help of two new add-ons: lids and wheels. The lids come in a variety of colors to match the crates, and the wheels are sold in a set of four.

HAY's Colour Crates >

HAY Wall Clock 2023
The Wall Clock by Jasper Morrison does what it's supposed to without unnecessary embellishments. The clock will be released in four fresh shades.
HAY Wall Clock 2023, white
The clokc is a perfect example of Morrison's supernormal design. Even its simple name, Wall Clock, emphasizes how ordinary it is.

Timeless timepiece

To many design aficionados, the designer of this clock might be pretty self-evident judging by its minimalist, no-frills construction. And if not, here’s a little clue: this British designer is known for his concept of “supernormal” design. Ring any bells yet?

The person in question is, of course, design superstar Jasper Morrison. If you’re not familiar with the concept of “supernormal”, it basically refers to everyday objects that are exceptionally functional and useful but so common that you almost forget their existence. And what better example of such an object than a wall clock? There it hangs on the wall, and sometimes you glance at it to check the time – but just imagine how strange it would be if it suddenly wasn’t there.

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HAY Outline bed linen, cobalt blue
The Outline bedding is made of high-quality cotton satin.
HAY Outline bed linen, various colors
Pillowcases and duvet covers are sold separately, so you can combine the shades as you like – pick a blue pillowcase and a pink duvet cover, for example!

Pop of color in your bedding

If white sheets seem a little ‘meh’, and patterned bed linen feels a bit too flashy, HAY's Outline series might be just what you're looking for! Made of silky soft cotton sateen, the duvet covers and pillowcases are available in delicious shades ranging from bright blue and emerald green to a soft and delicate shade of light pink. The series is monochromatic, except for the contrasting contours around the covers’ edges – hence the name Outline.

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HAY Mousqueton table lamp and Weekday bench
The Mousqueton lamp designed by Inga Sempé is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The bench is part of the new Weekday outdoor furniture series.
HAY Mousqueton lamps hanging from a tree
Mousqueton looks like a lantern. The gist of the design is the carabiner, which can be used to hang the lamp on a tree or string.

Hanging out

Portable and rechargeable outdoor lamps seem to pop up here and there, and we are all for it. Make our garden dreams come true!

HAY’s latest addition to this category is the Mousqueton luminaire, designed by Inga Sempé, with an elegant French name that translates to “carabiner”. You know, the little shackle that is used in climbing or perhaps when camping to attach equipment to one’s belt or backpack. The name refers to the luminaire’s innovative – dare we say ingenious – detail that distinguishes it from others: the lamp has a literal carabiner at the top, allowing it to be hung from a branch or a cord like a modern, rechargeable lantern.

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Edit: Emmi Ratilainen Images: HAY

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