Fiskars returns to its roots: The 375th anniversary book opens doors to daily life in the ironworks village

Known for its orange-handled scissors, Fiskars celebrates its 375-year journey together with Cozy Publishing. 'Extraordinary Days in Fiskars Village – 13 Stories' takes the reader to the company's birthplace in the Fiskars ironworks village, offering a unique glimpse into the lives of its residents.

Fiskars clocktower
In honor of its 375th anniversary, Fiskars is publishing a unique book in collaboration with Cozy Publishing, returning to its origins: the Fiskars ironworks village in Raseborg, Finland.

FINLAND'S OLDEST COMPANY, Fiskars, marks its 375th anniversary this year. Celebrations have so far included a special edition of their iconic orange-handled scissors, and now, Cozy Publishing is releasing a commemorative book titled Extraordinary Days in Fiskars Village – 13 Stories. While Fiskars' nearly four-century history includes a vast array of events, the book is not a chronicle of the company, but a dive into its roots: the Fiskars ironworks village and its community.

“We want to honor our heritage with a sharp focus on the things that make us Fiskars”, says Nathalie Ahlström, President & CEO of Fiskars Group.

Fiskars ironworks village
The Fiskars ironworks was established in 1649 along the banks of the Fiskars river.

Today, Fiskars is a widely recognized lifestyle brand, but it originated as an ironworks established in 1649 along the Fiskars River, within what is now the area of the town of Raseborg, or Raasepori in Finnish.

Since then, the ironworks environment has evolved into a communal, warm-spirited village. Many of its residents are craftspeople, artists, or designers from various fields. The charming village of Fiskars is also a popular summer travel destination where visitors come to admire its historical ambiance or perhaps the art at the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale, first held in 2019.

Carpenter Tuomo Rinne Fiskars
Carpenter Tuomo Rinne specializes in building restoration, and the historic ironworks village serves as an extremely inspiring work and living environment.
Reetta Ranta ja Thatcher Mines, Fiskars
Reetta Ranta and Thatcher Mines moved to Fiskars with their children during the pandemic. In 2021, they established a restaurant in the village, Cafe Bar Pesula.

Published by Cozy Publishing and edited by Hanna Jensen, this book offers its readers get a glimpse into the daily life of Fiskars' creative community within the village's historic setting. It shares the life stories of various residents, including a carpenter, a food artisan, a veterinarian, and the entrepreneur couple running Café Bar Pesula, known as the village's living room.

The book features a total of nine inspiring stories from Fiskars residents who have opened their homes for this publication – contrary to the busiest tourist season when they have to remind overly curious tourists: we do actually live here. Apparently, some visitors even mistake Fiskars as a museum village and the residents as actors!

Kardin Widnäs Fiskars
Ceramic artist Karin Widnäs resides in Fiskars in her unique home, which also includes the KWUM Ceramic Museum that she has had built within her property's grounds.
Karin Widnäs home, Fiskars
Widnäs' home is constructed in respect of Finnish architectural traditions. The green vase on the coffee table is from Georg Jensen, a brand within the Fiskars portfolio.

One of the villagers sharing their daily life is ceramicist Karin Widnäs, who has lived in Fiskars for 30 years.

”When I moved to Fiskars Village in 1994, there were hardly any people on the streets. We were pioneers! Ingmar Lindberg was the Deputy CEO of Fiskars Group then and he’d been instructed to ‘do something’ with the village. He told me how he woke up in the middle of the night and knew exactly what to do. Artisans and artists should be invited to live here in Fiskars Village”, says Widnäs in the book.

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A small word of caution to end with: after reading this book, you might find yourself browsing through Fiskars properties for sale, available plots, or at the very least, accommodation options for a summer trip!

Extraordinary Days: Fiskars Village
The stories of the villagers are enhanced by the captivating images by Viola Minerva Virtamo, which cover the entire cycle of the year.
Extraordinary Days: Fiskars Village
'Extraordinary Daysin Fiskars Village' is available at selected retailers, including Finnish Design Shop. The book has been published in both Finnish and English.
Georg Jensen
Alfredo vase
Fiskars x Iittala
Taika scissors
Emilia mug
Cozy Publishing
Nordic Homestead
Georg Jensen
Bernadotte jug
Pastoraali vase
Cozy Publishing
Iconic Atelier
Edge knife block
Cozy Publishing
Nordic Garden Design
Aalto vase 250 mm
Classic 375 scissors
Storia stool

What: Fiskars Group

Founded in 1649 as an ironworks along the Fiskars River
The first orange-handled scissors were manufactured in 1967
Portfolio also includes brands such as Iittala, Arabia, Rörstrand, and Georg Jensen

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Edit: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Viola Minerva Virtamo

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