Franckly Favorites: It’s a re-gifting revolution!

Do you have unused gifts or other giftable design treasures gathering dust in your closet? We've highlighted the most sought-after pre-loved design pieces from the Franckly marketplace – these gift items are guaranteed to attract buyers!

Did a gifted design item end up tucked away in the back of your closet? Now's the ideal moment to put it up for sale on Franckly.

RECEIVED A GIFT that didn’t quite hit the mark? Opinions on re-gifting may vary, but buying used gifts is increasingly common – and rightly so. During this summery season of giving, many design aficionados are on the hunt for second-hand items perfect for gifting, such as vases, textiles, or decorative pieces. This trend is also reflected in the increased buzz at the Franckly marketplace curated by Finnish Design Shop.

Franckly's design experts revealed to Design Stories that currently, the most in-demand gift items include Iittala tableware, Marimekko vases, and various bird figurines, all of which have amassed a significant following. If a designer gift was not to your liking, why not find a loving home for it through Franckly?

Iittala Ego tableware Franckly
The Ego dishes designed by Stefan Lindfors for Iittala are among the most sought-after discontinued dishware series.

1. Ego tableware

Production of Iittala's Ego dishes ceased in 2014, but they still boast a dedicated fanbase. Designed by Stefan Lindfors, the most distinctive feature of these dishes is their large, open handle, crafted to fit even larger hands comfortably. This handle also gives the Ego cups their intriguing asymmetrical look.

Egos make perfect gifts for those who already have items from this series in their cupboard – especially since they can't simply walk into a store and replace a broken cup with a new one. Similarly, other discontinued series also have strong followings on Franckly, with examples including Klaus Haapaniemi's Tanssi and Korento designs.

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Artek Zebra cushion cover
The Zebra pattern is a classic that has been used in Artek's interiors since the 1930s. This visually striking pattern instantly adds an edge to any decor.

2. Zebra cushion cover

Textiles are a practical and stylish way to update your home décor, and they also make perfect gifts. On Franckly, classic designs with timeless patterns, such as Artek's Zebra cushion covers and Marimekko's Tiiliskivi textiles, are highly sought after.

You can often find used blankets or decorative pillows in excellent condition, but if not, you might also consider sprucing them up before gifting them. We recommend doing this when selling, as well, to ensure they're in top shape: well-maintained textiles can command a higher price.

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STOFF Copenhagen Nagel candle holder
In the 1960s, German architect Werner Stoff designed a stackable candle holder for Hans Nagel, the manager of a small metal company. Today, it is produced by STOFF Copenhagen.

3. Nagel candle holder

STOFF Copenhagen's Nagel candlelabras are strikingly unique. Each unit features a three-legged design that accommodates three candles and can be stacked to form various configurations. These versatile candle holders are sure to draw admiring glaces, whether they're adorned with candles or left bare. Plus, it’s no issue if the gift recipient already owns one or several – any new holder easily fits into the existing collection, extending the creative arrangement even further.

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Marimekko Urna Franckly
In a short time, Marimekko's vases have become favorites among decorators. On Franckly, the Urna vases in various colors are particularly popular.

4. Urna vases

Carina Seth-Andersson's Urna vase offers the perfect combination of clean lines and a timeless appearance. The large cylindrical vase is ideal for displaying even the most elaborate flower arrangements and allows light to pass through beautifully, creating enchanting patterns on the surface below. Alongside Urna, other Marimekko vase models like Flower and Mini are also highly followed.

Vases in discontinued colors make exceptional gifts, particularly if someone's favorite shade has been phased out or was only available in a limited release. Sellers should take care to accurately price these rare items to reflect their unique value.

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Eames House Bird Franckly
The Eames House Bird collection includes birds in various colors. Each walnut bird's plumage is unique, depending on the grain pattern of the wood.

5. Eames House Bird

Bird figurines have a special allure for aficionados of vintage design, and some of the most popular decorative items include various avian sculptures: Toikka and Penttinen's glass birds, Kay Bojesen's Songbirds, and the iconic House Bird by Ray and Charles Eames.

Now produced by Vitra, this wooden bird was initially a piece of American folk art from around 1910, originating from the Appalachian Mountains. After Ray and Charles Eames encountered it on their travels, it quickly became a cherished part of their home décor, prominently featured in many of their photographs.

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