Franckly Favorites: The season’s most followed pre-loved designs

Pondering whether to part with your cherished design piece? To help you make the final decision, we’ve listed the most coveted pre-loved design gems from the marketplace Franckly – these products are sure to sell in no time!

Vitra Akari table lamp
Think of your home as a stage where each preowned piece is not just furniture or lighting, but a character brimming with stories. Isamu Noguchi's Akari lamps and Artek furniture have a firm fanbase on Franckly.

WHAT PRE-LOVED PRODUCTS are design devotees searching for right now? At Franckly, Finnish Design Shop's marketplace for pre-owned design, the Follow feature comes in handy not only for those hoping to score a specific item, but also for sellers: the number of followers a given product has is shown as "potential buyers" on the product page. And how would someone looking to sell benefit from this information? Well, if you happen to have a designer lamp or a lounge chair just lying around, and that same lamp has over 300 followers on Franckly, we guess you might be tempted to put it up for sale!

Franckly's most-followed list tells us that our design community's favorites include classics from Artek and a lot of lighting. Among the most coveted are, unsurprisingly, several other design icons, but also one colorful future classic of Finnish design. Can you guess what it could be?

Artek Beehive
If your home harbors any Alvar Aalto classics, like the iconic Beehive lamp, let them see the light of day on Franckly. There's a throng of enthusiasts ready to catch them!

1. Beehive

Alvar Aalto's Beehive, or the A331 pendant lamp, has been one of the most popular products at Finnish Design Shop year after year, and this legacy seems to continue on Franckly. And no wonder: with its cozy glow peering through brass grilles, the luminaire is a masterclass in mood lighting, straight out of Alvar Aalto's legendary design playbook. Over the years, the lamp has also been manufactured in black, for example, but the classic combination of white and brass is still the most coveted.

Aalto's other luminous creations, like the Golden Bell or Hand Grenade, also enjoy a keen following. If they're merely collecting dust in your storage, Franckly could swiftly match them with a new home.

Beehive >
All pre-owned products from Artek >

Carl Hansen & Søn Wishbone chai
The Wishbone chair from Carl Hansen & Søn is a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship and Scandinavian design.

2. Wishbone chair

Carl Hansen & Søn's Wishbone is one of the absolute classics of Danish design: created by Hans J. Wegner, the chair has been in production ever since 1950. Although technically called the CH24 chair, most know the chair as Wishbone thanks to its distinctive Y-shaped backrest. The wooden chair has a timeless and ageless appearance, and many also appreciate the craftsmanship behind it.

Wishbone chair >
All pre-loved chairs >

Hakola Cocktail lamp shade
When creating the Cocktail lamp, Hanna Anonen was inspired by colorful drinks, where different colored ingredients settle into the glass in layers.

3. Cocktail chandelier

The Cocktail chandelier, designed by Hanna Anonen, first premiered in Finnish Design Shop's FDS Award design competition in 2017. Inspired by multicolored cocktails and made up of layers of colorful sticks, the vibrant lamp shade was later lovingly crafted into existence by Hakola in small batches – all of which have quickly sold out. Small wonder, that this colorful concoction of light is such a sought-after spectacle on the second-hand market!

Cocktail chandelier >
All pre-owned lamps >

Artek 75 Years poster
The Artek 75 Years poster, designed by Kustaa Saksi, is adorned with Aino Aalto's beloved Zebra pattern from the 1930s. According to the Franckly team, these posters usually find a new home in an instant.

4. Artek 75 Years poster

The list of the most followed products includes several Artek products, such as the wall poster published in honor of the brand's 75th anniversary in 2010. In the poster designed by artist Kustaa Saksi, a green background outlines a solitary tree with its roots forming Aino Aalto's Zebra pattern from the 1930s. The abstract poster depicts Artek's close relationship with nature and natural materials, nodding to the deep roots it has in the essence of Finnish design.

• Artek 75 Years poster >
All posters on Franckly >

Vitra Akari lamps
Akari light sculptures are a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese paper lanterns. The collection includes over a hundred different sizes and shapes of lamps.

5. Akari lamps

The Akari luminaires, designed by sculptor Isamu Noguchi, rightly belong among Franckly's most followed products – and also on the wishlists of our editorial team! Reminiscent of traditional Japanese paper lanterns (but representing a more modern aesthetic), the light sculptures are made from bamboo and washi paper, with the gentle light permeating through and casting a cozy and inviting glow in any space. The Akari collection offers a wide range to choose from and a lot of lamps to follow, as it includes over a hundred different table, floor, and pendant lights to illuminate your home.

Akari lamps >
All preloved Vitra products >

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Note: Listing an item is completely free, and the service fee is charged only for the transactions made!

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Edit: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Manufacturers, Jukka-Pekka Virtanen

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