Franckly Favorites: Most followed Moomin mugs

Unused Moomin mugs gathering dust in your cupboard? If you're ready to part with them, they might find a new home on Franckly – check out which Moomin mugs are the most sought-after!

Most followed Moomin mugs on Franckly
The first Moomin dishes by Arabia appeared as early as the 1950s, but it wasn't until 1990 that broader production began, giving us the Moomin mugs we know today.

MOOMIN MUGS have been a beloved addition to coffee tables and display shelves for several decades now. The wider production of Moomin mugs began in the 1990s, based on Kaj Franck's timeless Teema dishes; their simple forms serve as an excellent canvas for the colorful illustrations. Many of these mugs have become favorites among collectors, who hunt for them in second-hand shops and online marketplaces to complete their Moomin collections.

Most followed Moomin mugs on Franckly
The oldest Moomin dishes from the 1950s are now rare finds. Many newer Moomin mugs have also become favorites among collectors.

But which Moomin mugs are the most coveted by collectors? We explored this on Franckly, the marketplace for pre-loved design items, where you can track your dream Moomin treasures using the handy Follow feature. This feature is also useful for sellers – the number of followers on each product card shows if there’s an interested buyer for that Moomin mug lying in your cupboard!

Moomintroll Daydreaming Moomin mug on Franckly
The charming design of the Moomintroll Daydreaming mug is inspired by Tove Jansson's novel "Moominsummer Madness," which was published in 1954.

1. Moomintroll Daydreaming

The most followed Moomin mug on Franckly is the black-and-white Moomintroll Daydreaming mug. Its popularity is likely due to its rarity: only 2005 pieces were produced in 2005. What also makes this mug special is its unique bottom stamp, which, unlike regular mugs, includes the year and the mug's name in English, Finnish (Muumipeikko unelmoi) and Swedish (Mumintrollet dagdrömmer). When selling such rare items, it’s wise to check the prices other sellers are asking for similar mugs.

Moomintroll Daydreaming mug >

Stockmann 150
Moominvalley Park Japan
Sea Breeze
Millennium Moomin mug on Franckly
In the Millennium design released at the end of 1999, the Moomins have awakened from their winter slumber and are celebrating the New Year amidst fireworks.

2. Millennium

The Millennium mug was released at the turn of the millennium, as its name suggests. The special edition mug's design is actually a combination of several original illustrations by Tove Jansson: the Moomin family is taken from the comic strip "Moomin on the Riviera" (1959), Hemulen from the picture book "Who Will Comfort Toffle?" (1960), and the Moominhouse from a 1973 Christmas calendar illustration.

However, the image of Little My having a sip of her sparkling drink isn't from any of these original illustrations but was added by the mug's illustrator, Tove Slotte. And how could she have left Little My couldn't out of the celebration!

Millenium mug >

Christmas Greeting
Winter Night
Dive with seashells Moomin mug on Franckly
There is also a rare, more decorative version of the summer mug of 2006, called Dive with seashells.

3. Dive with seashells

The blue-striped Dive mug was the very first summer seasonal mug, released in the summer of 2006. But did you know that there is also a rare, more decorative version of this mug, featuring a delicate shell pattern? Originally, the summer mug was intended to be decorated with seashells, but this design element was dropped at the very last moment. However, a small batch of mugs with the decoration was produced just before the decision – these were then given to the staff at Arabia!

Dive with seashells mug >

Dolphin Dive
Rose garden
Moment on the shore
Green Moomin mug on Franckly
The illustration on the Green Cartoon mug is based on the comic strip "Moomin Begins a New Life."

4. Green

The first Moomin design produced specifically for the Teema mug surface was called Green, also known as Green Cartoon, and it was manufactured from 1990 to 1993. Another early Moomin mug in this comic strip style is the Rose mug, which has also garnered a nice following on Franckly.

Many collectors keep their treasures safely in a display cabinet, but if the mug you're selling has been used (perhaps at Moomin-like pancake parties or garden celebrations), be sure to describe its condition as accurately as possible in the listing. Don't forget to factor in any signs of a well-loved Moomin life when setting the price!

Mug Green >

Dark yellow
Dark rose
Night Sailing  Moomin mug on Franckly
The maritime illustration on the Night Sailing mug is based on the comic strip "Moomin and the Sea" from 1957 and the novel "Finn Family Moomintroll" from 1948.

5. Night Sailing

The pastel-toned Night Sailing mug was released in 2010 to mark the 65th anniversary of the first Moomin book. This mug is quite rare, as it was available only in 2010. Instead of the usual painting Moomintroll, its base also features a special anniversary logo. The enchanting maritime design highlights how significant the sea and archipelago were to Tove Jansson throughout her life.

Night Sailing mug >

Keep waters clean
Moomin's Day
Journey Finnair 100
Berry Season Moomin mug on Franckly
The color palette for the summer 2024 seasonal dishes follows the familiar hues of lilac, peach, and sage seen in previous years' summer mugs.

+1: New summer mug!

The newest Moomin mug is the summer 2024 seasonal mug, Berry Season. Its charming illustration is inspired by the comic stories "Moominmamma's Maid" and "The Conscientious Moomin", featuring the Moomin family making jam. After all, you can never have too much berry jam on pancakes!

The summer seasonal mug and plate are released annually at the start of summer, while the winter mug is released in late autumn. They are only available during their respective seasons. Although it's unlikely anyone would want to part with their Berry Season mug on Franckly just yet, you can purchase it from Finnish Design Shop, of course.

Berry Season mug >
Moomin products at Finnish Design Shop >

More Moomins on Franckly

Yrjö Kukkapuro
Thames & Hudson
Moomin Lights
Sort of Books

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