Decorate your home with the splendid colors of the fall – 8 cozy products

Come fall, when daylight gets weaker and evenings darker, gentle muted colors add warmth to the interior and lift your spirits. We picked eight products from Finnish Design Shop that feature vivid fall colors and set the perfect mood and atmosphere for the new season.

Woud  Nakki 1-seater, dark blue

Hugging hygge piece

Woud’s blue Nakki armchair invites you to curl up in its soft embrace with a compelling book or favorite TV series even for the whole evening. The Nakki furniture designed by Mika Tolvanen combines minimalist Scandinavian shapes with plush and luxurious padding in a fresh and fun way. This soft yet sturdy chair remains comfortable to sit in year after year, as the padding is fixed and retains its shape well.

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Muuto  Soft side table, 48 cm, orange

A stack of books at an arm’s reach

There’s no need to get up from the warm corner of the sofa to reach for a book, the remote, a bowl of popcorn or tea mug when you have a handy side table for them next to the sofa. For instance, Muuto’s orange Soft side table is an excellent choice for those who love warm colors and timeless design. The table, designed by Jens Fager, was named after its soft, round shapes and is available in several different sizes and materials.

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Iittala  Nappula plant pot with saucer 170 x 130 mm, brown

Fall foliage for potted plants

The newest member of Iittala’s beloved Nappula product family is a plant pot with a saucer. It’s a perfect choice for various house plants and can also be used with seasonal flowers. The story goes that Matti Klenell, who designed the Nappula plant pot, got the inspiration for the piece from the peculiar legs of a table that was on display at Nuutajärvi Glass Museum in Finland. The minimalist and practical design and warm, brown tone of the pot emphasize the greenness and natural lushness of the plant.

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Johanna Gullichsen  Nereus cushion cover, dark blue

Blue hour in the corner of the sofa

Changing the textiles is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to update the colors in your home for the new season. The Nereus cushion cover designed by Johanna Gullichsen brings joy to both persons lounging on the sofa and reading on the bed with its calming, dark-blue tone and features that pay tribute to Finnish weaving traditions.

The cushion cover is part of Gullichsen’s Normandie collection, whose name refers to the golden era of luxury ocean liners and slow, elegant way of traveling. The idea behind the name is perfect for reminding us of how the pace of life slows down in the fall and how wonderful it is to spend more time indoors during the season.

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Soft light for darkening evenings

In the Maluma pendant, designed by Japanese Fumie Shibata for Fritz Hansen, stylish frosted glass meets organic design. The mouth-blown frosted glass casts soft general light around it while the open bottom of the dome provides brighter direct light. In the deep moss-green tone, the lamp is beautiful even when switched off. When the lamp is switched on, it provides inviting light that is perfect for reading, enjoying a meal and spending a cozy night with friends and family.

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Menu  Battus throw, ochre

Sustainable luxury

You can feel the high quality of the Battus throw by Danish Menu with your fingers, as it is made of super soft Italian wool and embellished with edge fringes made of silk. The throw is part of the Cocoon collection, designed by architects Mathias Mentze and Alexander Ottenstein, as well as textile expert Marie-Louise Rosholm.

All the textile products in the collection have been manufactured sustainably, meaning that when they reach their end of life, the products or their materials can be recycled easily. However, before that time comes, you can enjoy countless fall evenings at home curled up under the throw. The throw is available in four earthy tones: burnt sienna, ochre, indigo and ivory.

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Matri  Tuuli bed cover 160 x 260 cm, corn

Additional warmth with a bed cover

The corn-yellow Tuuli bed cover by Matri provides your bedroom with a touch of the colors of the golden fields of late summer and yellowed trees bathing in the fall sun. The bed cover, which features a stitched square pattern and rounded edges, is made of durable percale cotton that feels cool and comfortable and is easy to care for. And what is more, the cover is wonderfully light and airy and helps with making the bed look soft and inviting.

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Marimekko  Fyr candleholder, brown

Tealight atmosphere

Marimekko’s beautiful, brown Fyr candleholder glows warmly in the light of the tealight placed inside it. Despite its small size, the impressive Fyr candleholder alone is enough to complete any table setting or coffee table decoration, although it is just as well-suited for a group of candles or lanterns. The candleholder is designed by Swedish Carina Seth Andersson and made of mouth-blown glass.

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Text: Kaisa Mikkola Images: Manufacturers

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