Always fascinating ribbed glass – see 8 different takes on reeded glass vases

Vertical stripes never go out of style. We’ve curated eight ribbed glass vases from our collection to bring the charm of lines to your home décor. Check out our picks and choose your own favorite vases!

Different-sized Lyngby glass vases
The Lyngby vase was first launched in 1936. Back then, the delicate vase was made of porcelain.

Simplified stripes

The Lyngby vase from the Danish porcelain factory Lyngby Porcelain represents the ripple glass at its purest. The iconic vase was launched in 1936, and unlike the porcelain objects of the time, the vase features a simple, cylinder-shaped design without any rich ornaments or other special embellishments. The only decoration is a plain vertical line pattern that gives the glass vessel a timeless and elegant look.

Lyngby Porcelain's Lyngby glass vase >

Products from Georg Jensen's Bernadotte series
The pieces in Georg Jensen's Bernadotte collection add an elegant finish to both everyday table settings and grand occasions alike.

The shine of steel

The Bernadotte vase represents classic vertical lines in shiny steel. Designed by the Swedish Prince Sigvard Bernadotte, the collection is a true Scandinavian design icon, and even today one of the most popular of Georg Jensen's collections – no wonder, as the items in the series combine practicality with clean-lined elegance in an utterly irresistible way. The Bernadotte vase is the perfect choice for all design enthusiasts who cherish quality and beautiful, timeless design.

Georg Jensen's Bernadotte vase >

Folium vase
The Folium vase paints the ripple glass in shades of amber.

Inspired by nature

Danish AYTM's Folium vase is adorned by a curved, vertical line pattern that creates a fascinating design on the vase. The glass vase spreads beautiful shadows and reflections around it as the sun hits its surface, making it a distinctive decorative item even without flowers.

The elegant vase gets its inspiration and name from leaves in nature – the Latin word “folium” means “leaf”. When viewed from above, the vase also appears leaf-shaped.

AYTM's Folium vase >

Stelton's Pilastro wine cooler as a vase
The versatile Pilastro wine cooler, which also serves as an elegant vase, gives a modern interpretation of 1920s design.

Cooling with style

Stelton's Pilastro glass cooler is specifically designed to chill bottles of wine, but its timelessly stylish design offers possibilities for many other ways of use. For example, the wine cooler is perfect as a vase for either individual simple branches or rich and colorful flower bouquets.

Designed by Francis Cayouette, the Pilastro collection presents a modern interpretation of the 1920s Art Deco style, which is characterized by simplicity, purity, and clean lines. The bowls and drinking glasses in the collection get their personality from their reeded glass surface that adds a touch of grace to the otherwise simple and refined design.

Stelton's Pilastro wine cooler >

Arctic vase by Warm Nordic
For decades, the Arctic vase existed only as a sketch until the Danish Warm Nordic took it into production.

From a sketch in the attic to an eye-catcher at your home

Made of mouth-blown opal glass, the Arctic vase is decorated with vertical grooves and three-dimensional glass bobbles on its oval-shaped bottom. The vase's timeless design was created by the renowned Swedish glass artist and silversmith Gunnar Cyrén back in the 1960s. For decades, the delicately ethereal vase existed only as a sketch in the attic of Gunnar Cyrén's family home until Warm Nordic decided to bring the drawing to life. Luckily they did, since the astonishing Arctic allures any space with its appearance!

Warm Nordic's Arctic vase >

Due to the unusual shape, the Ridge vase offers a new way to arrange flowers: instead of a bouquet, flowers can be placed in a line.

Parisian elegance

Muuto's elegant Ridge vase is characterized by a distinctive, angular form and vertical lines running along the vase's unglazed outer surface. The inspiration for the fascinating vase can be found in Paris where the designers Wesley Walters and Salla Luhtasela saw a facade that left an everlasting impression on them – now visible in the shape of the Ridge vase.

The intriguing vase is completed by dents on either side, which not only highlight the vertical lines and the shape of the vase but also function as convenient handles to help you move the vase from one place to another. The Ridge collection includes several vases of different sizes in beautiful and natural colors that will be a delight in any interior, both modern or more classic.

Muuto's Ridge vase >

Products from Tom Dixon's Press collection
The vases, bowls, and tealight holders in the bold Press range are made from clear transparent glass.

A distinctive twist on classic ribbed glass

British designer Tom Dixon is known for his eccentric and distinctive way of doing things – this time is no exception, as he gives a slightly different interpretation of the classic reeded glass with the striking Press series.

The chunky Press vase is handcrafted from clear glass, which is first melted and then pressed into an iron mold. The result is the unique silhouette of the Press vase: soft and strong at the same time.

Tom Dixon's Press vase >

Different-sized and coloured Hammershøi vases in a row in front of a window
Kähler's Hammershøi vases are adorned with simple and sophisticated vertical furrows.

Striped sophistication

Designed by Hans-Christian Bauer, the Hammershøi vase is decorated with simple vertical grooves. The porcelain vase collection honors Svend Hammershøi, who not only gave the series his name but also served as its inspiration. The Danish painter and ceramist worked at Kähler from 1893 until his death, and he designed vases and pots that often featured a similar refined striped pattern. Available in various sizes and colors, the plump Hammershøi vases will delight in both day-to-day as well as festive occasions.

Kähler's Hammershøi vase >

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