What’s new: Pajukko rug by VM Carpet

Designed by Tuulikki Peltonen for VM Carpet, the Pajukko rug infuses the everyday with a hefty dose of natural beauty. Perhaps even heftier than you might think, as the paper yarn rug is dyed using an all-natural dye derived from Finnish willow.

VM Carpet Pajukko rug
VM Carpet’s Pajukko rug is dyed using a natural dye derived from Finnish willow. The paper yarn rug is easy to maintain as well as hypoallergenic.

THIS YEAR, the most prominent Finnish rug manufacturer VM Carpet is celebrating its 50th anniversary. During those decades, the brand has collaborated with some of the most notable names in Finnish textile design, but also up-and-coming talents. One such example is Tuulikki Peltonen, the 2022 Aalto University graduate who designed VM Carpet’s new Pajukko rug. Created as part of Peltonen’s master’s thesis, the Pajukko rug combines Finnsh weaving traditions with the desire to explore the possibilities of natural dyes in industrial production.

Designer Tuulikki Peltonen
Tuulikki Peltonen, who graduated from Aalto University, designed the Pajukko rug as part of her master's thesis.
VM Carpet Pajukko rug
Naturally dyed and undyed paper yarn alternate on the surface of the rug. Using natural dyes on an industrial scale can be challenging, but ultimately very rewarding.

The Pajukko rug is made of dyed and undyed paper yarn, and it has a non-slip backing that makes it suitable for all floor types. In addition to the natural material, the rug has also been naturally dyed using Finnish willow wood – the name Pajukko translates to ‘willows’ or ‘willow thicket’. The combination of the natural material and the warm brown color scheme gives the rug a pleasantly serene look that makes one feel closer to nature.

“To me, the Pajukko rug represents beautiful northern everyday life,” says designer Tuulikki Peltonen.

“Naturally dyed yarns complement undyed materials nicely; I find the muted shade of Pajukko very soothing. Part of the rug’s charm also comes from its simple and elegant, unassuming weave and the delicate surface created from thin paper yarn.”

VM Carpet Pajukko rug
The minimalist but natural Pajukko rug is easy to envision in any interior from modern to rustic or bohemian.
VM Carpet Pajukko rug
"I use my own traditional looms in the design process. The sample piece I wove by hand is very close to the look of the final product," says Peltonen.

The rug is made in Finland, at VM Carpet’s own weaving mill in the village of Karvala. The willow dye is manufactured by Natural Indigo Finland, which has also collaborated with the likes of Marimekko. The dye, the paper yarn, and the actual dyeing process are also made in Finland.

“The willow-dyed yarn goes really well with the color of the undyed paper.”

“It’s great that we are now able to use new dyes that come from nature. The willow-dyed yarn goes really well with the undyed brown paper,” says Peltonen.

VM Carpet Pajukko rug
The Pajukko rug is made in Finland. The willow dye is produced by the Finnish company Natural Indigo Finland.

The Pajukko rug is sure to from modern and minimalist to rustic and richly furnished.

“I’ve always been a bit of a homebody,” says Peltonen. “I think the Pajukko rug boasts a calming Nordic style that fits many interiors and creates simple beauty in everyday life.”

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Text: Emmi Ratilainen Images: VM Carpet

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