What’s new: Fiskars’ Classic 375 scissors

In 2024, Fiskars is celebrating an impressive 375-year journey. Throughout the centuries, the Finnish company has produced countless classic products, but one item holds a special place. Check out Finnish Design Shop’s newest addition: Fiskars' familiar orange-handled scissors, commemorating the milestone in a sharp and elegant manner.

Get ready to meet a classic that has sold more than a billion pairs worldwide: the Fiskars scissors with orange handles.

FISKARS WILL be celebrating its 375th anniversary in 2024. Founded in 1649, this Finnish company has a long history full of adventures, but after decades, cooking, gardening and making things by hand are still at the heart of everything Fiskars does and designs.

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The orange-handled family includes a wide range of scissors for every activity possible.
The Classic kitchen scissors can cut ingredients and packages when preparing food in the kitchen – or use them to cut flowers if you wish!

The Classic general-purpose scissors are not quite as old as Fiskars, but they are at least as well-known! First produced in 1967, the orange-handled scissors have earned their place among the world's design classics – and they happen to be part of the permanent collection at MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, too.

To celebrate its long history, Fiskars has now released a special anniversary version of the beloved scissors.

The Fiskars Classic 375 scissors celebrate the 375th anniversary of the esteemed company.

Since there is no point in reinventing what's already quite perfect, the design of the scissors has not been changed. Instead, the orange-handled ones are celebrating in their style in an understated but aesthetic way. To mark the anniversary, the stainless steel blades have been elegantly decorated with a special engraving, respecting the long history of Finland's oldest company.

Did you know that the colour of the scissors, Fiskars Orange®, was registered as an official trademark in Finland in 2003 and the United States in 2007?
All Fiskars scissors are carefully hand-tested to ensure their legendary cutting performance.

The 375 scissors are not the first special edition of the loved orange-handled scissors. In 2023, Fiskars x Arabia scissors were launched in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the iconic Finnish brand Arabia. The scissors were decorated with a beloved Esteri pattern, which was originally designed by Esteri Tomula.

The scissors are adorned with Arabia's beautiful floral motif that was originally designed by Esteri Tomula in 1973.
The scissors have also visited the mystical forest. Klaus Haapaniemi's Taika pattern is imaginative, lush, and full of endless details.

The scissors have also been produced in collaboration with another old and legendary Finnish design company. The Fiskars x Iittala scissors have been dressed in a Taika pattern designed by Klaus Haapaniemi, featuring an owl wandering in a mystical forest. The Taika scissors are available in both blue and red.

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Text: Susa Pääkkönen Images: Fiskars

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