Fiskars’ scissors celebrate 55th anniversary – do you know how the iconic orange color was invented?

55 years ago, Fiskars introduced the world's first plastic-handled scissors. Today, orange Classic scissors are one of the most recognizable Finnish design classics of all time. Over a billion pairs of Classic scissors have been sold worldwide.

Fiskars Classic scissors
The classic scissors feature in the everyday experiences and memories of countless people around the world.

IN 2022, Fiskars celebrates the 55th anniversary of the iconic orange-handled Classic scissors. Durable and high-quality scissors were born in the village of Fiskars, in Finland, as early as 1967, when the company wanted to make even more ergonomic handles out of plastic. The new scissors were practical and comfortable to use, but also competitive – the innovation made high-quality scissors available for everyone.

To this day, Classic scissors sold in Europe are manufactured and hand-tested in Fiskars' own Billnäs factory in Finland. Before the scissors travel to people’s homes around the world, every pair goes through human hands to ensure the highest standards of quality, comfort, and performance.

Production of the scissors in the Fiskars factory in the 1970s. The huge success of the cutting tool steered the entire company in a new direction.
The Classic scissors have been updated over the years with continuous product development. For example, the bump between the handles has been removed from the design.

The world’s first plastic-handled scissors revolutionized the concept of scissors – they were lightweight, ergonomic, easy to use, and offered exceptional performance. The success of Classic scissors is based on long-term product development and premium materials. The cutting angle of the blades as well as precise sharpening ensure that the scissors cut along the entire length, evenly and smoothly. Made of stainless steel, the sharp blades are finished with six separate grindings.

The cheerful orange handles are made of hard and tested plastic. The design of the handle guarantees that the scissors fit perfectly in the hand and support the cutting action. In addition, the joint between the blade and the handle is durable and hygienic – the screw connecting the blades can be easily removed, making cleaning easier.

Fiskars Classic scissors with crafts
Fiskars' general-purposed Classic scissors are suitable for all types of cutting. The blade guarantees a good cutting result in everyday tasks as well as during cooking, sewing, and crafts.
The characteristic orange color of the scissors is the result of a happy coincidence.

But where does the famous orange color come from? The first scissors were produced in the same factory as the Fiskars Juicers. One of the machines in the factory had some orange plastic left, and to be frugal and smart, a pair of scissors was produced with orange plastic instead of the intended black. In the end, there was a vote among the staff about the shade of the scissors – as you might guess, the iconic orange color won!

Over the years the iconic design of the Classic scissors has received worldwide recognition: the scissors are in the permanent collection of MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Fiskars' ReNew large universal scissors, 25 cm
Fiskars has an impressive range of scissors to suit all the cutting needs – the latest addition is the environmentally friendly ReNew collection.

In 2021, Fiskars introduced a new addition to the scissor family: recycled ReNew scissors, born out of respect for nature and a desire to find environmentally friendly alternatives for the home. The ReNew scissors are made from recycled and renewable materials, which are also completely recyclable. The handles of the scissors are made of biocomposite and the blades are stainless steel.

Did you know this about Fiskars’ scissors?

  • Fiskars was the first company to start mass production of left-handed ergonomic scissors in 1972. Left-handed scissors can be identified by their red color.
  • In 2003, the orange color of Fiskars' scissors was officially registered as a trademark in Finland, which means that the orange color may only be used for cutting tools manufactured by Fiskars.

  • Every single pair of Fiskars' scissors are sound tested. The professional testers make sure that the Fiskars scissors make a steady, characteristic sound when cutting up to the tip of the blades.

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Edit: Sarianna Määttänen Images: Fiskars, Johanna Myllymäki

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