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Welcome to Finnish Design Shop, Wendelbo! Our newest addition is ready to elevate your interior with its timeless furniture that exudes elegance and sophistication. Discover Design Stories’ seven favorites from this Danish design brand’s extensive collection – will these gems find a place in your home, too?

Wendelbo tables
For over six decades, Danish Wendelbo has been offering style and sculptural design for both homes and public spaces. In the front, you can see a delightful Collect coffee table.

WENDELBO ORIGINATED as a small family company in 1955. What once started as a modest workshop specializing in upholstery has flourished over six decades and three generations into a globally renowned design brand. Wendelbo's sofas, chairs, and tables now adorn countless homes and public spaces worldwide.

Despite the growth and evolution, Wendelbo has by no means forgotten where it all began. At the heart of Wendelbo still lies a strong respect for traditional Danish design and craftsmanship, yet the company is not afraid to blend the traditional and familiar with new, modern ideas.

Wendelbo sofa
Welcome to lie in the soft embrace of the Montholon sofa!
Wendelbo sofa
The small legs under Montholon offer a beautiful eye-catching effect: it's like the sturdy sofa, despite its massive form, floats weightlessly in the air, defying gravity.

Plush paradise

Since everything began with upholstery, let's first introduce Wendelbo's sofas. With its plush design and soft presence, the Montholon sofa is the perfect place to relax, whether in the living room of the home or the lobby of a hotel or office. The sofa is named after the famous Square Montholon in Paris – for designer Tristan Lohner, the square represented a place from childhood where artists, thinkers, children, and passersby all coexisted at the same time under the ancient trees.

There are two versions of Montholon available: a 2.5-seater and a 3-seater. The wider sofa is perfect for larger spaces – or for you who simply just want enough space to lounge and rest all by yourself!

Montholon sofa >

Wendelbo sofa
The Blade sofa consists of modules that can be added together in different ways to create an impressive piece of furniture for even larger spaces.

Modern and multifunctional

The modern design of the Blade sofa delights the aesthete's eye and its softness pleases the sitter's body. Designed by 365° North, the sofa consists of different modules that can be combined in countless ways to create a sofa to suit your special needs. The versatile sofa is ideal for a living room, a lounge, a hotel lobby, an office – you name it!

Blade sofa >

Wendelbo table
The Notch coffee table showcases charming vases and other striking decorative pieces. Yet, even when empty, this table surely steals the spotlight.
Wendelbo table detail
Wendelbo knows the value of details. The exquisitely carved legs of the Notch coffee table only add to its unique character.

Charming with its details

Of course, the living room needs another centerpiece alongside the sofa: a coffee table! One excellent candidate is the elegant Notch table, designed by Gunther Pelgrims. The coffee table consists of a dark glass top supported by a skillfully carved oak frame that holds a pleasant little detail: intricately sculpted legs.

The Notch table is available in rectangular and round versions, which delight both as individual eye-catchers or combined together, forming an elegant table group.

Notch coffee table >

Wendelbo table
The beauty of the Arc coffee table lies in the combination of sharp and rounded lines.

Aristocratic Arc

The Arc coffee table, designed by Toan Nguyen, blends different materials and shapes together imaginatively and attractively. The table harmoniously combines sharpness and softness; marrying the sleekness of the glass top with the strength of the steel base. Playing with contrasts, the sculptural Arc is sure to turn heads in many spaces and interiors.

Arc coffee table >

Wendelbo tables
The geometric Calibre tables are as gorgeous when combined as they are on their own.

Thrilling trio

Calibre tables derive their distinctive character from the sleek design and luxurious material: the base of the side tables is made of elegant Nero Marquina marble, with a varied surface pattern that gives each table a totally unique look. The marble base supports a thin steel top that is durable enough to withstand the test of time and hard use.

Calibre side table >

Wendelbo chairs
The Coin table has a cone-shaped base that adds a refreshing detail to the otherwise simple silhouette. Folium chairs are a perfect companion to the elegant dining table.

Hiding its surprises

The majestic Coin dining table, designed by 365° North, delights both homes and restaurants with its modern appearance – and is also suitable for office spaces as a conference table! Under the oak tabletop lies a charming secret: the Coin table has a stylish, cone-shaped base with a tapering upper part that adds a delightful element to the otherwise simple silhouette.

Coin dining table >

Wendelbo chair
The Ovata dining chair is a nice combination of slender legs, a plush seat, and a curved backrest; the Ovata dining table combines a sturdy leg with a thin tabletop.

Variation of opposites

The plush and comfortable Ovata chair offers a durable and beautiful option for the home kitchen. It also serves excellently as an extra seat in the living room or a stylish addition to the home office or meeting room.

The dining chair is part of the Ovata range, designed by Note Design Studio, with chairs and tables characterized by a pleasing combination of heavy and light elements.

Ovata dining chair >

Wendelbo's most wonderful

Expose coffee table
Edge V1 sofa
Arc coffee table
Ovata dining table
Mate side table
Floema coffee table
Hug lounge chair
Edge V2 sofa

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Text: Susa Pääkkönen Images: Wendelbo

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