Fill the space with stories – art posters add ambience and dimension to the décor

Eye-catching art posters are a quick and easy option to liven up your interior, but they also add to the story of the space: character-packed posters illustrate our interests and skillfully underline different moods. We chose six favorites from Finnish Design Shop's selection, take a look and get inspired! 

An image of Berenice Hernandez's Jarrón poster and Flor Azul poster hung on the wall.
Berenice Hernandez's Jarrón draws inspiration from traditional Mexican ceramics. The Flor Azul art poster is also by Hernandez.

1. Paper Collective: Jarrón

Paper Collective’s Jarrón poster features a painting by Mexican-born artist, Berenice Hernandez. Inspired by the colorful urban landscape of her lush homeland, Hernandez uses a nuanced color palette bursting with energy – adding warmth and exuberance to the minimalist Scandinavian interior.

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An image of Reetta Ek's Chute poster.
Reeta Ek's Chute art posters are printed in Helsinki, Finland.

2. Reeta Ek: Schute

Reeta Ek's Schute art print boasts a three-dimensional feel: the dense line pattern outlined on a gentle watercolor base creates an intriguing schute-like form, bringing the image to life. The soothing piece would make a stunning addition to a bedroom wall, for example.

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An image of Teemu Järvi's In the Meadow art poster hung on the wall.
Teemu Järvi's Human Nature collection includes several drawings of humans enjoying nature to the fullest.

3. Teemu Järvi Illustrations: In the Meadow

Artist Teemu Järvi's Human Nature collection illustrates the ancient relationship between humans and nature in a delicate and intimate way. Drawn using the Croquis technique, the In the Meadow art poster evokes images of a midsummer meadow in full bloom, capturing a moment of pure peace and serenity.

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An image of Ronan Bouroullec's Drawing 17 poster.
Ronan Bouroullec describes drawing as a form of meditation – which is evident in his jovial, relaxed art.

4. The Wrong Shop: Drawing 17

The Wrong Shop’s Drawing 17 lithography poster features free and flowing hand-drawn lines by French designer Ronan Bouroullec. Skilfully crafted with markers, the delicate lines merge together seamlessly into an abstract whole, whose organic shapes and fresh color palette catch the eye.

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An image of Mikael Siiriläs The Botlle and Hand and Wall art posters hung on the wall.
Paper Collective's The Bottle art print is also created based on Mikael siirilä's photographic art.

5. Paper Collective: Hand and Wall

Paper Collective's Hand and Wall poster features artwork by Finnish darkroom artist Mikael Siirilä. In Siirilä's works, the theme of being an outsider is present: everyday moments and encounters unravel in quite a different way when viewed from the edges of the event. The silver gelatin technique emphasizes the poetic nature of Siirilä's works, underlining the authentic detail of the images captured on film.

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MADO's Two Creatures poster hung up on the wall.
Jaime Hayón's Two Creatures poster adds a bit of oomph to a harmonious décor.

6. MADO: Two Creatures

Celebrated Spanish designer Jaime Hayón has created a collection of art posters for MADO, featuring quirky, adventurous creatures in refreshing colors – portrayed of course in a bold and playful manner, characteristic to the artist.

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