Mastering natural light – Artek luminaires enhance the ambiance of any space

Skilfull handling of light is inherent to classic Finnish designers and architects, such as Alvar Aalto. Known for a plethora of design icons, Artek delights decorators with a lighting guide, which we perused for tips that turn choosing the right light into a breeze. Don't forget to also make use of Artek's Light Tasting campaign!

Artek Aalto pendant A331 "Beehive", white - brass
Artek's A331, also known as the Beehive, is among Finnish Design Shop's most popular pendants. Adorned with flora, the Midsummer Dream vase is another feast for the eyes.

EACH NORDIC INDIVIDUAL knows that lighting truly matters. As daylight remains scarce for a considerable part of the year, it is important to pay attention to the use of artificial light, including its amount, quality and placement – each of which have an effect on the atmosphere of a space.

For this very reason, Nordic designers have honed the art of lighting design. Undoubtedly, a name worth mentioning is Alvar Aalto, one of the founders of Artek, a beloved Finnish brand known for a multitude of luminaire classics. Delve into Artek's lighting tips with Design Stories!

Artek AMA 500 pendant, white - brass
Aino Aalto designed the AMA 500 pendant lamp in 1941, especially to complement the decor of Villa Mairea. The mesmerizing, simplistic classic elevates any meal.

Ambiance for a dining area

As work has a way of taking over the dining table these days, figuring out the functions that take place around the table is an excellent starting point. While a light fixture that offers soft light is just the ticket for dining, work tasks require relatively bright light that covers the entire table top.

Artek Aalto pendant A440
Talk about a trio to beat! Made of hand-blown opal glass, the A440 pendant is one of Alvar Aalto's most minimalist lamps, where the shape takes center stage.

When you have found an eye-catching pendant, a singular luminaire above the table's center is a true beauty to behold. Larger tables offer the option of venturing into a row of several lamps – pendant lights often look best as a group of three or more, placed at the same height.

Artek's AMA 500 pendant >
Artek's A440 pendant >

Artek A201 pendant, white - brass
What once adorned the Säynätsalo townhall library is now a sought-after sight in many modern living rooms. Artek's A201 pendant is crafted to create an effect similar to sunlight.

Shed light on the living room

Where do you spend most time when off the clock? For many, the living room is the place to be, which is why it is worth putting in the extra effort. In addition to general light, the living space is in need of lighting fit for function. What really makes a reading nook is light that lessens the strain on one's eyes!

Artek Aalto floor lamp A811, polished brass
Released in 1965, the A811 floor lamp's shade is made of thin, layered metal strips that provide an even distribution of smooth and warm light.

Cozy moments with a novel benefit most from a bulb that is bright enough, yet adequately soft to prevent glare. 400–500 lumen is often most suited for this purpose. Opting for a floor lamp in tune with surrounding materials, such as the Alvar Aalto creation A811, is a sure win – especially placed next to your favorite lounge chair.

Artek's A201 pendant >
Artek's A811 floor lamp >

Artek Aalto pendant lamp A110 "Hand Grenade", black
Playfully called the Hand Grenade, the A110 pendant is finessed with a perforated, brass-plated steel ring that diffuses the downward light beautifully.

Hone home office lighting

Whether you work at the kitchen table or in a dedicated space, functional lighting is guaranteed to boost your motivation. Creating a setting suited to efficient tasks is effortless: simply select a fixture and light bulbs that provide sufficient light, and avoid shadows cast on your work.

Artek's A110 pendant >

Artek Aalto pendant A330S "Golden Bell", brass
The A330S pendant invites one to unwind, alluring with its surface made of a single piece of brass. Alvar Aalto designed the luminaire for the Restaurant Savoy in 1937.

Delights for a dozy bookworm

How about a dashing duo, placed on either side of the bed? Shaping a serene feel in the bedroom is a piece of cake with matching pendants, which also help sleepy inhabitants unwind better than the main light.

Artek Aalto pendant lamp A333, white - brass
The elegant and timeless A333 pendant lamp delights in a multitude of settings, even as a reading light on top of a bedside table.

Artek's lighting guide suggests hanging the pendant lamps 40–50 centimeters above the surface of the mattress, centered on your bedside table.

Artek's A330S pendant >
Artek's A333 pendant >

Artek A910 wall lamp
With gentle light directed both up and down, the A910 wall lamp's design is based on the lights that Alvar Aalto created in the 1950s for the National Pensions Institute of Helsinki.

Astounding hallway aesthetics

If your home's entrance area is adequate in height, a dazzling pendant ensures a memorable first impression. For hallways with a ceiling height of less than 260 centimeters, opt for a striking wall lamp or flush mounted ceiling light that do not compromise on head height. When in need of a uniform look, repeat the lighting choices in the adjacent room.

Artek's A910 wall lamp >

Artek Light Tasting set

Artek campaign:

Finnish Design Shop is offering a complementary Light Tasting set when you buy an Artek pendant or wall lamp. The set features three high-quality dimmable E27 bulbs that bring natural light into your home and help you make the best of your new luminaire. The campaign runs from 1 October 2021 through 31 January 2022 and cannot be combined with other offers.

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