A warm and plush Christmas – Maija Rasila’s December favorites

“Deep burgundy, plush textiles and rustic ceramics – these are the main elements of my Christmas this year,” says interior architect Maija Rasila. Discover her favorite styles and products for December.

Marimekko Urna vase
A fabulous bunch of flowers is the perfect eye-catcher in the home at Christmas. Rich arrangements and dramatic deep and dark red hues are particularly trendy. The clear Urna vase is from Marimekko.

CHRISTMAS IS ALREADY all around. I like to celebrate Christmas in moderate style and often rely on just candles and flowers for Christmas decoration. Fragrances and ambient atmosphere make my Christmas. In recent years, I've become more fascinated with the traditional Christmas spirit, and warm hues have edged their way into my clean white Christmas style. Deep burgundy, plush textiles and rustic ceramics – these are the main elements of my Christmas this year.”

A memento for Christmas

Artek's Lucius candleholder is an endearing little object, a wonderful match for rustic ceramics. I like small, expressive ornaments of this kind, which add edge to well-refined interior decoration. They are lovely objects to bring out for the season, year after year. Inspired by the Scandinavian St. Lucia tradition, the candleholder was designed by the Helsinki-based design duo, Company, and makes a lovely little Christmas gift – a Christmas memento for yourself or others.

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Phaidon Nordic Baking Book

Flavors and fragrances

Delicacies are a key part of Christmas. Gingerbread baking is a must in my Christmas preparations, and I trust my good old recipe, unmatched to this day. I also like to get heaps of fruit for Christmas, to balance my hearty Christmas dishes. Fruit also makes pretty and imposing arrangements. My personal seasonal favorite, Satsuma, is an excellent match for the spicy tones of the season.

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Manu Duca candleholders

Glamorous Christmas

Metallic sheen is another must for Christmas. Menu’s spectacular Duca candleholders look fabulous on tables set for Christmas dinner. The bronzed metal stem has a beautiful matte luster and the rattan weave around it adds a hint of softness and a natural feel to the whole.

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Artek Riihitie plant pot

Dark red details

I have taken a fancy to deep dark red Christmas flowers, which add a lovely, festive feel to the home. This year, I intend to create a rich Christmas flower arrangement with my Riihitie plant pot by Artek, as shown in the picture. An impressive arrangement is really all you need as decoration. The simple pot design acts as a beautiful counterbalance for dramatic flowers.

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Serax Merci tableware

Tableware heaven

Why not set this year's Christmas table with ceramics in warm hues of ochre, brown and off-white? The Merci tableware by Serax is ideal for serving various Christmas dishes and seasonal snacks. Its rustic appearance and beautiful colors create a special feel in settings and individual arrangements.

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“Why not set this year's Christmas table with ceramics in warm hues of ochre, brown and off-white?”

Muuto Twine cushion

Textiles for the winter season

I'm no fan of special Christmas textiles, but I do take out slightly cozier and wintrier items for the holidays. The woolen Twine cushion by Muuto is ideal for winter, and highly practical outside the Christmas season. I find the cushion’s oblong shape and large size (50 x 80 cm) particularly inspiring. The cushion is perfect for purposes such as decorating beds. This impressive cushion is really the only textile you need.

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Lapuan Kankurit Terva giant towel

For the Christmas sauna

Christmas sauna is an important element of my Christmas. I check my bathing linen and update it as necessary, because luxurious soft towels, bathrobes and seat covers for the sauna are key elements of the perfect experience. The Terva collection by Lapuan Kankurit is an old favorite of mine, bringing past Christmases to mind. Made from a cotton and linen blend, these lovely lightweight towels are quick drying but highly absorbent, and their earthy colors are ideal for creating a Christmas atmosphere.

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In this column, interior architect Maija Rasila picks the most inspiring products, objects and issues of the month from novel and classic items. She spices up modern Scandinavian style with plenty of details, surprising colors and personal touches.

Text: Maija Rasila Photos: Suvi Kesäläinen and manufacturers

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