A taste of this fall’s trends – Maija Rasila’s September favorites

Finnish Design Shop’s interior architect, Maija Rasila, talks about her favorite products and styles in Design Stories’ Favorites of the Month column. In September, we’ll review topical materials, colors and trends.

Form & Refine
Wood remains the most popular interior decoration material. It is being used more and more comprehensively, for instance in entirely wooden dining room suites, fixtures and surfacing materials. This can be seen in Form & Refine’s inspirational image.

“IN RECENT YEARS, trends tend to come and go in longer cycles than before, and several interior design trends have already lasted long. From the standpoint of sustainable and otherwise responsible choices, this development is very welcome. Interiors are increasingly being designed to be durable and timeless, and where necessary are tweaked with the addition of small details.

But interior design trends still exist, of course, and clearly make their presence felt from season to season. The trends for this fall are particularly characterized by bright colors, a preference for round designs in furniture, the use of wood and stripes, and the spirit of the 1970s. Some of these trends have already been with us for some time, while others are now on the rise. Personally, I would like to add a touch of plushness to interiors right now, and a new rug is at the top of my fall shopping list.”

HAY Quilton sofa

Shapely does it

The hallmarks of the trendiest furniture of the moment are vibrant colors and full shapes. In upholstered furniture, there is abundant use of different stitching and buttoning – the fuller and more shapely, the better. HAY has just released pictures of its latest offering for this fall, among them the stunning green Quilton sofa shown.

This modular sofa can be arranged in several ways, and there is a choice of upholstery options, including for those who prefer a more neutral style. This makes a great eye-catcher for large living rooms or lobbies in particular!

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&Tradition  Boomerang HM1 lounge chair

Falling for stripes

In addition to a particular palette of colors, stripes are also in demand this fall. They have been increasing in popularity for quite some time, but stripe mania seems to be really taking hold this coming season. For example, Kvadrat’s wide-striped Reflex fabric is used by several brands in their latest ranges. What makes this fabric especially trendy is the range of lively and even audacious colors.

For example, &Tradition’s classic Boomerang chair has been decked out in electric blue stripes, completely transforming it in one fell swoop. The chair’s timeless, slightly vintage design and this trendy upholstery fabric make for a fun and eye-catching combination.

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Form & Refine  Blueprint chair, ash

Wood, that’s all

As in years past, wood is one of the most important elements this fall too. It is being used just about everywhere, and is at its trendiest in large wood-to-wood designs. As a counterbalance to the full curves seen in upholstered furniture in particular, this season’s wooden creations are often angular, even a bit hefty.

This can be seen in Form & Refine’s Blueprint chair, with its pleasantly clear and straightforward design. As can be seen in the picture, its streamlined shape is beautifully softened by the rich cream-toned curtain. Contrasts like this are well worth trying at home!

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Menu  Gravel rug, 170 x 200 cm, ivory

Back to the 70s

The style of the 1970s is certainly with us this fall. This is evident in architecture and products that resurrect the spirit of the era: thick, piled textiles, robust glass objects and a characteristic range of colors. When it comes to rugs, plushness is definitely the order of the day. In addition to long-pile rugs, smooth but thick wool rugs are perfect for cozy evenings at home.

Menu’s Gravel rugs are fashioned from undyed wool, giving the designs an authentic and vibrant feel. The rounded contours of the surface also feel wonderful in bare feet.

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Normann Copenhagen  Bit stool, white

Dotty playfulness

The use of terrazzo has been one of the main tile trends of recent years. In addition to surface materials, the mosaic concrete patterning is now making an appearance in furniture as well. Normann Copenhagen’s cheerful Bit stool is made from recycled plastic. Owing to the slight variations in color that are typical of this material, each stool has its own character. The stool is also suitable as a little side table or stand for potted plants, for example, and can withstand a bit of rough treatment too. However you use it, it’s bound to brighten your mood!

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Santa & Cole  Babel table lamp

Sculptural lighting in vogue

Sculptural shapes remain a firm favorite, as can be seen most clearly of all in lamps and other lighting fixtures. Although this Santa & Cole Babel luminaire from 1971 is a long-lived classic, it has more than a thing or two in common with this fall’s newcomers. With its objet d’art design, this alabaster creation is at its most elegant when the light is switched on.

If you’re in search of a sculptural but at the same time contemporary look, this could be the choice for you. It’s an excellent alternative to many lamps that might look similar, but have a been-there, done-that feel.

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3 Days of Design 2021 in Copenhagen

An event for design lovers

Although many other design events have been canceled this fall due to the ongoing pandemic, the long-awaited annual 3 Days of Design event in Copenhagen will go ahead. Through social media and the comprehensive website, getting into the mood of the event will be easy even without venturing further than your couch. This is one of the largest design events in the Nordic countries, and many brands will launch their fall collection in connection with it. It will be interesting to see what else this season has in store!

3 Days of Design website >

Maija Rasila

In this column, interior architect Maija Rasila picks the most inspiring products, objects and issues of the month from novel and classic items. Modern Scandinavian style can be spiced up with plenty of details, surprising colors and personal touches.

Text: Maija Rasila Photos: Manufacturers

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