Set up a more beautiful Christmas table without strict rules

Christmas time is full of special moments worth cherishing. Even an ordinary everyday meal becomes better when you also put effort into the table setting.

Odd pairings

Odd pairings always work, in interior design as well as table setting. For the best impression, choose furniture with shared features, such as pleasant design, color palette or surface glossiness.

After you’ve found your own favorite dishes and glasses, hold on to them. Try them in different settings, with a different tablecloth or different lighting. You’ll be surprised by how flexible most dishes and glasses are. There’s also nothing to stop you from using a mug as a soup container or serving a small dessert on a large dining plate.

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Ferm Living Avanti candelabra

A sculpture-like candelabra

A festive Christmas table setting means more than just the glitter of crystal glasses, the shine of gold and lush prints. It could also be light, soothing and gently caressing for the senses. A simple festive table is covered by a linen tablecloth and dishes with a strong hand-made feel. This way, the atmosphere remains relaxed, even if the setting as a whole has been carefully thought out all the way down to place cards.

Put the finishing touches to the setting with a sculpture-like candelabra, such as Avanti by Ferm Living, with a geometrical and vivid design language. This future classic is made of powder-painted metal with a beautiful matte surface. The shade of the candelabra in the photo is macaroon.

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A rush-free moment

Every breakfast will leave you with a good feeling when you start by lighting candles and forget all the rush. The cheerful Lucia candlestick, designed for Artek by the Finnish-Korean designer couple COMPANY, has been inspired by the Lucia tradition around Christmas time. In the atmospheric glow around it, you can wake up your senses and start a new day with a steaming mug of coffee or tea in hand.

The Strøm bowl is by Raawii, the Merci plates by Serax and the VK cast iron kettle by Iwatemo. These original objects have a timeless, subdued aesthetic that is not dependent on trends or the season.

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Iittala Raami serving tray

A solid base

A kitchen needs to have at least a few trays of different sizes for serving both hot and cold dishes and drinks. The Raami serving tray by Iittala is perfect for serving Christmas glogg. The tray is made of oak and has handles to facilitate lifting and carrying.

This shapely object is part of a broad collection by Jasper Morrison that includes products made of wood, ceramic and glass. The wine glasses are part of Ferm Living’s trendily fluted Ripple collection.

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Marimekko Oiva dishes

A sea of candles

A festive atmosphere needs candles, and depending on your taste, you could have just one or as many as you can fit on the table. When creating an arrangement of several candles, choose candlesticks of vastly differing heights to make it more interesting. This way, the candles also won’t block the view to the other side of the table and will provide better illumination.

Also keep in mind that mixing candlesticks made of different materials might make the decoration look restless. Choose either wooden, glass or brass candlesticks. The Oiva dishes and Talvipalatsi fabric in the photo are by Marimekko.

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Fiskars Norden cast iron pot

Porridge for two

Enjoying Christmas porridge and the hunt for the almond must be one of the most eagerly awaited moments at Christmas. Porridge will taste delicious when you don’t cut any corners and cook it in the best pot available.

The cast-iron Norden pot by Fiskars is a modern alternative to the traditional Sarpaneva pot. You can use the pot either on the stove or in the oven, and the groats will cook slowly and evenly in it. The mood is guaranteed to rise when you carry the pot to the table and have the hot, soft and creamy simmered porridge in front of you.

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Text: Kari-Otso Nevaluoma (Avotakka) Photos: Suvi Kesäläinen and manufacturers

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