Wild rocket, also known as perennial wall-rocket, is the rebellious version of the common rocket. Wild rocket has its origins in the Mediterranean region, but being the tough kid of the plant world, it survives almost anywhere. It’s a good traveler too. Once upon a time, its seeds arrived in Finland in the ballast sand of sailing boats.

Wild rocket has long, decorative leaves that look a bit like dandelion leaves. It has a strong, peppery, and mustard-like flavour that gives an extra kick to milder lettuce leaves and tastes really good with different types of cheese especially parmesan, goat cheese and mozzarella. Use it to flavour meat dishes and pastas and sprinkle on pizzas or sandwiches escorted with a dash of olive oil and maybe salt. You could also try using wild rocket like spinach: sauté or steam it and serve it as a side dish that does not, we repeat, does not taste like baby food.

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Wild Rocket


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