Eat Finland explores the best flavours and ideas of modern Finnish cuisine. Combining appetizing photos by Viola Minerva Virtamo, stories by Heli Thorén and recipes by Finnish chefs, the book is a mouth-watering journey through the whole country of Finland. Published by the Finnish Cozy Publishing, the book is bilingual with the texts written in both Finnish and in English.

What does Finland taste like? The Finnish landscape, people and flavours are the heart and soul of this book. Eat Finland takes its readers for a scenic and culinary journey covering a stretch 1,157 kilometres, almost the entire expanse of Finland from south to north. In this book, Finnish culinary savvies and ambassadors share their favourite recipes that are both fresh and inventive – without forgetting traditions. It also highlights Finnish gems, where both the surroundings and heavenly food bring flashes of delight. Eat Finland – a Culinary Journey Through Finland. Welcome along!

Eat Finland

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Viola Minerva Virtamo, Heli Thorén
Viola Minerva Virtamo