Lovage is a real old-time favorite, once widely cultivated in the European gardens. It’s a stout and hardy plant with shiny dark green leaves and a savory smell. It can survive as a perennial even in the cold climate of Scandinavia. Lovage is said to be a native of the Mediterranean region. Our ancestors have been using lovage to all kinds of purposes: as a diuretic, to discourage flatulence (a nicer word for farts, if you really need to know), to freshen up breath, to deodorize their shoes, and of course in the kitchen. They used it just like us: you can peel and eat the root like a carrot or a parsnip, you can cook and eat the young stems, you can crush the seeds and mix them with coarse salt to make a home-made ‘celery salt’, and you can use the leaves in almost every dish from omelets to salads and stews. How does this versatile plant taste like? Think of celery mixed with parsley combined with a hint of aniseed, curry and leek. Lovage is the fresher version of a bouillon cube and a natural flavour enhancer without salt! No wonder lovage is commonly used in soups and stews. But it also tastes very nice with cooked vegetables, fish and pork. Chop, add to food and taste. Start small though – a bit of lovage goes a long way.

Plantui plant capsules are designed to be used with the Smart Garden device. One package includes three capsules and nutrients. Choose your favorites from herbs, salad greens and edible flowers.




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Includes three capsules and nutrients.