Seat cushion for Bistro Metal chair, verbena

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Fermob’s folding Bistro furniture is not only charming and convenient, but weather-proof, too – the anti-UV powder coating guarantees bright colours for years to come. The Bistro collection is manufactured in Fermob’s factory in France from premium-quality materials, and it features a one-year warranty. 

Folding chairs and tables were popular among lemonade vendors in the end of the 19th century, since the furniture was easy to pack away and they could avoid paying the fees for a permanent stand. Fermob’s Bistro collection strives for authenticity since it is based on the original design patented in 1889. The classic yet timeless furniture is a great choice for modern terraces, balconies and gardens.

Length 37,5 cm, width 29 cm, height 2 cm
Outdoor technical fabric, polyethylene foam filling
6 straps on the side of the cushion for improved hold and 1 strap on the top of the cushion to close