Long lasting love and design – 9 best wedding gift ideas

Love deserves to be honored in the most remarkable way – and what better way than a gift of Finnish design, destined to last as long as a newlywed’s marriage? Check out our 9 best picks for the wedding gift that will not only bring joy on a special day but also add a touch of festive cheer to everyday life.

The Midsummer magic vase is part of the FIN/JPN Friendship Collection by Artek, celebrating the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan.

Midsummer magic

Artek's captivating Midsummer Dream vase is a perfect gift for newlyweds, especially for those who married each other on Midsummer. The ceramic vase, created by the designer duo COMPANY, is inspired by an old Finnish tradition. As the legend goes, the one who gathers seven daisies from underneath their pillow on Midsummer's Eve will dream of their future life partner. With an enigmatic yet gentle smile, this vase captures the essence of that tradition, evoking a sense of timeless romance for couples in every season.

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The Rakkauden meri cosmetics bag is designed to bring a touch of timeless beauty to everyday life.

On the waves of love

Saana ja Olli's Rakkauden meri cosmetic bag is like it's made for lovers – the name of the pattern actually translates to “sea of love”. The pattern is comprised of wavy lines that form shapes and human-like forms, celebrating love and its unpredictability.

You can fill the spacious cosmetics bag ready for the happy couple. Stash inside the Hetkinen lip balm to moisturize lips dried from kissing, or Roots Living's heavenly-smelling Juniper lotion to delight both skin and senses.

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The sculptural Kaksi glass can be used every day but it will surely steal the show as a part of more festive table settings.

It takes two to tango

Lokal Helsinki's delicate Kaksi drinking glass is a perfect gift idea for a wedding couple – the word "kaksi" mean "two" in Finnish. Designed by Renata Schirm, the drinking glass is made mouthblown in Nuutajärvi, Finland.

The multi-purpose Kaksi glass also works beautifully as a wine glass, so why not include a bottle of exceptional sparkling wine in the gift box? This way, you can raise a toast in honor of the wedding couple and celebrate their special day in style!

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The Karpalo Pastel throw features hues of red, yellow, pink, and a dash of green – with the name Karpalo, Finnish for “cranberry”, perhaps alluding to the colors.

Pastel colored future

There's plenty of warmth in a marriage, but as the weather isn't always on the lover's side, they should be prepared for cooler days, too. Metsovaara's fluffy Karpalo Pastel blanket is a great choice for times when you need a little bit extra heat. Made of a combination of mohair yarn and wool, the cozy blanket s the perfect companion for an afternoon nap or a chilly evening – and there's enough space for two under the generously sized blanket!

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Reeta Ek's art prints were born when she started to study her way of sketching and developed new ways to approach her own creative process.

Preserve precious moments

Art is a great way to give the couple an everlasting memory of their most significant day. Reeta Ek's beautiful Iris print is an abstract image that represents perhaps blossoms of flowers and the stems of plants – or perhaps the lovers have another interpretation for the delicate colors and shapes, keeping it a secret between only the two of them. The Iris art poster is printed on high-quality 180 g matte paper and is available in two sizes.

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The Piia double bed cover has a slightly shimmering satin surface with a classic diamond stitch pattern that adds a dash of luxury to the everyday.

Give the gift of luxury

Beautiful and practical gifts never fail to bring joy! Finnish Matri makes beds, bedding, and bedroom furniture in an elegant, refined Scandinavian style. An exemplary piece from their collection is the sophisticated Piia double bed cover that brings a sense of celebration into everyday life with its elegant and timeless diamond stitch pattern. Made from luxuriously smooth satin cotton and generously filled with soft cotton, the Piia bedspread offers an irresistibly plush feel that will lull the lovebirds to sleep in an instant.

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Illustrator and designer Klaus Haapaniemi has collaborated with designer Mia Wallenius to create a unique range of textiles inspired by Nordic nature and Finnish folklore.

Celebrate the daily life

Klaus Haapaniemi's luxurious textiles bring a glimmer of wedding festive to day-to-day life. The luxurious Les Chats Norma cushion cover features a cat named Norma from East London, surrounded by exotic flowers and fruits. The mesmerizing botanical motifs also adorn the backside of the pillow. Made of cotton and linen mix, Les Chats cushion covers make enchanting and eye-catching additions to any sofa, bed, and armchair.

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Vaarnii's 009 tray is ideal as a modern fruit bowl or a vessel for accessories – and of course for serving breakfast straight to the bed!

Natural beauty

The Finnish Vaarnii draws on traditional furniture, which, in the past, used to be made using local, abundant materials. Inspired by this notion, Vaarnii's furniture is likewise based on practicality and locally available materials, mainly from Finnish pinewood – like the elegant 009 tray is also crafted. The surface of the square-shaped tray is decorated with a lively grain, along with considered joinery details, that play the main role in the tray's simple, geometric design.

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Brass Nappula candleholders will slowly develop a patina on their surface. If you prefer the original sheen and color, we recommend polishing the candleholders regularly.

Getting better with time

Iittala's delightful Nappula candleholder, designed by Matti Klenell, is a beautiful combination of classic and contemporary design. The story goes that Klenell found inspiration while visiting the Nuutajärvi glass museum in Finland, where he spotted a peculiar table with unusual, rounded legs, the appearance of which he replicated on the silhouette of the beautiful Nappula.

The brass candleholders are untreated, which means that they will slowly develop a gorgeous patina. Nappula candleholders are also available in other colors and materials – there's sure to be a favorite for every couple!

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