Top tips from design experts: 8 gift ideas from the Finnish Design Shop team

To help you decide what to get your loved ones this gift-giving season, we asked eight Finnish Design Shop employees to pick their top gift recommendations from the online store's selection. Our team works with design every day, so don't miss these expert holiday gift ideas!

Hanna Saari Halikko cutting board, elm
Anna Uuttu would gift her foodie friend the Finnish-made Halikko cutting board, which received an 'excellent' rating in Finnish Design Shop's own sustainability assessment. Anna works at the online store's showroom & shop in Turku.

Sustainability first

“Hanna Saari's Halikko cutting board is the perfect gift for a friend of mine who loves to cook. This gift is ideal for regular use, as it ages beautifully over time. The cutting board also adds a stylish touch to table settings as a serving board. The use of elm wood gives it a luxurious feel, and each cutting board is unique, especially due to the wood's distinctive grain pattern. The product is designed and made in Finland, and it has the highest possible PSF sustainability rating, which will surely bring joy not only to the gift-giver but also to the recipient!” Interior Designer Anna Uuttu says.

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Steamery Pilo No. 2 fabric shaver, sage green
Franckly's Warehouse Coordinator Emilia Heino recommends Steamery's rechargeable fabric shaver, which extends the life of pilled wool sweaters and scarves.

Take care

“I prefer practical gifts that are actually useful for the recipient. I've been thinking of getting my friend the Steamery Pilo fabric shaver so that she can take good care of her sweaters during the winter when it's time to bundle up to stay warm. What's more, the lint remover is available in sage green, my friend's favorite color,” says Emilia Heino, Franckly's Warehouse Coordinator.

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Microplane Master Series Coarse grater
Product owner Joni Witick's recommendation is Microplane's Master Series grater, which is a firm favorite among professional chefs and discerning culinary enthusiasts.

Tried and tested

“The award-winning Microplane grater would be a great gift for someone interested in cooking who needs a functional grater, for example, for grating parmesan over pasta. I received this grater as a gift myself, and it immediately replaced my old antique grater which had run it's course. I've been really satisfied with the grater – it's nice to be able to gift someone something that I have personally found useful!” says Technical Product Owner Joni Witick.

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Marimekko Viitta blanket
Marimekko has brought back Maija Isola's geometric Viitta pattern. Antti Koskiranta, who works in product management, is particularly fond of the Viitta-patterned blanket.

Geometric design and beautiful hues

“My gift recommendation would be Marimekko's Viitta blanket from their fall collection. 'Viitta' is Maija Isola's less-known pattern from the late 1960s, which has been reintroduced this year. The blanket combines warm tones of navy blue, red, and beige in a thick wool weave. The large geometric color fields blend harmoniously, making the blanket a great fit for our home decor. The high-quality, beautiful blanket would bring joy and warmth for years to come. In addition to the blanket, there's a matching wool cushion cover in the collection,” Product Assistant Antti Koskiranta says.

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Artek shelf 112B, birch
Contract Sales' Johanna Lindberg once received a classic Artek shelf as a gift from her spouse. A piece of furniture also makes a great whip-round gift, with contributions from the entire family or a group of friends.

An understated classic

“One of the best gifts I've ever received is the Artek Shelf 112B, which I got from my spouse ten years ago. The shelf has served us in five different homes: sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes as a bedside table. Currently, it serves as a display and storage place for all kinds of precious treasures in my child's room. I've seen on Instagram that some people also use the shelf as a small workspace, and that's a really nice idea too!” says Johanna Lindberg from the Contract Sales team.

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Fundamental Berlin Drops candelabra
Buying preloved gifts is becoming increasingly common, but be sure to act quickly when shopping second-hand. Franckly's Armi Laurila learned this the hard way when she missed out on a pre-owned Drops candelabra.

A feast for the eyes

“I'm hoping that this year I'll get Fundamental Berlin's Drops candelabra, which I fell in love with at the Habitare furniture fair in Helsinki last fall. The candelabra was on display at Franckly's own booth at the fair, and I told everyone I would buy it right after the event. However, the second-hand candelabra was sold that very evening! In my opinion, Drops is gorgeous simply as an art piece, and it functions as a decorative element even without candles. I love receiving gifts that I maybe wouldn't dare to get for myself thanks to my mortgage, but that spark joy with their mere presence,” says Armi Laurila, Marketplace Coordinator at Franckly.

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HAY Column candles
The Swan-labeled Column series includes multicolored pillar candles with various patterns. Jan Ketonen, who steers sales and marketing for the online store, reminds us that even the most beautiful candles are meant to be burned.

Intended for use

“Candles are always a lovely gift for a friend or family member. I burn candles throughout the year, even on summer evenings, but during the darkest time of the year, they provide the best light therapy and atmosphere! HAY's Column candles are truly beautiful and striking on their own, but you can easily create a stunning arrangement with them. And yes, as beautiful as they are, they are meant to be enjoyed by burning!” emphasizes eCom Marketing & Sales Director Jan Ketonen.

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Frama Herbarium collection
“I'm planning to give my spouse a homemade exfoliating scrub along with Frama's Herbarium products. I'm going to make it in a glass jar with honey, cane sugar, and mint leaves,” says Jasmin Pöyhönen, who works in user experience design.

The mnemonic power of scent

“I'm going to give my spouse the shower gel and body lotion from Frama's Herbarium series. Last summer, we traveled together to Copenhagen and we visited Frama's own studio, located in an old pharmacy that operated in the 1800s. The space combined historical architecture, soft light, and deep yet earthy matte scents. The idea behind my gift is practicality, but also the memory of summer and our trip – they say memories are linked to emotions, and so are scents,” shares UX designer Jasmin Pöyhönen.

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