Gather ’round and get festive – set the holiday table with delightful Iittala dishware!

According to our friends at Iittala, festive gatherings are not about creating the perfect table setting or precisely planned schedules, let alone a meticulously curated guest list. Inspired by this philosophy, let us present seven Iittala tableware collections to create an elegantly mismatched festive spread!

Iittala Holiday 2023: Teema plates, Kastehelmi cake stand
At Iittala's table, everyone is welcome: set a cheerfully mismatched table with Teema, Kastehelmi, and Tundra.

THE HOLIDAY SEASON is a time for coming together with loved ones: gathering around a shared table, indulging in festive treats and, above all, creating lasting memories. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner party, a grand family celebration, or an annual reunion with old friends, set a perfectly imperfect holiday table with Iittala's beloved crockery collections.

Get creative and mix and match collections like Teema, Raami, Kastehelmi and Ultima Thule! This season is not about matching dishes, it's about shared moments and memories created together with your nearest and dearest.

Iittala Holiday 2023: Essence wine glasses, Teema plates
The modern wine glasses of the Essence series instantly elevate any table setting. Complete the festive setup with brass candle holders and a traditional touch of red.

The essence of elegance

Essence is one of those collections that transcends time – it's both timeless and in tune with the times. The wine glasses in the series have a slightly angular shape, a thin rim, and a narrow stem, elevating the table setting above the everyday. Originally designed to offer just a few different glasses, the series has expanded in recent years to include cocktail glasses, large drinking glasses, and various serving dishes. Has someone at Iittala been eavesdropping on our conversations about our dream tableware?

Essence glasses >

cocktail bowl
red wine glass
cocktail glass
universal glass 55 cl
Iittala Holiday 2023: Tundra tumblers, Teema plates
The pattern on Oiva Toikka's Tundra glasses exudes the same playful charm as the late designer’s Kastehelmi series.

Tundra’s arctic allure

In 2023, Iittala brought back Oiva Toikka's Tundra series, originally designed in the 1970s. Despite drawing inspiration from the Arctic nature and barren, permafrost-covered landscapes, the dishes are anything but: they boast a playfully whimsical aesthetic suitable for both everyday use and festive occasions. The tumblers, bowls, and plates of the Tundra series are made in Finland.

Tundra tumblers >

bowl 25 cl
tumbler 16 cl
tumbler 29 cl
plate 154 mm
Iittala Holiday 2023: Teema plates, Piano cutlery
The red Teema tableware, available as a seasonal product, pairs well with serene hues of white or linen. The cutlery series is called Piano.

Following the theme

The classic of classics, the epitome of endurance: Kaj Franck's Teema, Finnish for “theme”. It never ceases to charm us!

While Teema dishes are now considered adaptable basics for all occasions and the absolute cornerstones of table settings, the series was somewhat revolutionary in its time. Back then, Finns usually bought either an entire tableware set for, say, 12 people, or simple and anonymous everyday dishes. Franck's designs, however, landed somewhere in the middle: they were stylish, could be freely combined, and were suitable for both daily life and celebrations. Still relevant today, the versatile and wonderfully minimalist Teema is ideal for creating fun and fresh table settings by boldly combining different colors.

Teema tableware >

plate 17 cm, white
plate 17 cm, linen
plate 17 cm, red
plate 17 cm, vintage blue
Iittala Holiday 2023: Taika plates and mug
Klaus Haapaniemi's Taika series features a mystical fantasy pattern inspired by fairy tales and folklore. The seasonal red color is perfect for Christmas.

Enchantment of Taika

While Iittala's style is often quite streamlined and Scandinavian, its crockery selection also caters to those who appreciate more decorative styles. Klaus Haapaniemi's captivatingly ornate Taika, also available in a seasonal red color, features gorgeous patterns inspired by fairy tales and folklore. Named after the Finnish word for “magic”, Taika’s decorative details come to life against the bright red background in a way that can only be described as – you guessed it – magical.

Taika series >

mug 0,4 L, red
plate 22 cm, red
bowl 0,6 l, red
plate 27 cm, red
Iittala Holiday 2023: Ultima Thule glasses
Inspired by the nature of Lapland, Iittala’s Ultima Thule glasses are a staple at many Finnish tables, especially for festive occasions.

Like melting ice

Are you one of those people who save their finest tableware only for special occasions? In many Finnish households, Ultima Thule glassware only comes out during the holidays. While the glasses are indeed perfect for a festive table, there's no need to hide them in the cupboard. Use them, we say!

Designed by the internationally acclaimed Tapio Wirkkala, Ultima Thule is made using a special glass casting technique, where molten glass takes its shape in a carved mold. Wirkkala himself was involved in developing the technique, inspired by Lapland's spring and the sun that warms the snow and ice, causing them to melt after the long, dark winter.

Ultima Thule glassware >

Ultima Thule
on-the-rocks glass
Ultima Thule
red wine glass
Ultima Thule
bowl 200 mm
Ultima Thule
plate 190 mm
The newest color for the Kastehelmi series is ‘calluna’, inspired by northern nature and forests.

Dewdrops on the table

Oiva Toikka's Kastehelmi pattern resembles overlapping strings of pearls or morning dew on plant surfaces. These sweet dewdrops originated when Toikka explored different ways to cover the seam points in pressed glass production. A couple of years ago, Iittala introduced stemmed glasses to the series, bringing a playful addition to the festive table. These could be used as wine glasses, of course, but also for serving desserts like trifles!

Kastehelmi collection >

universal glass 26 cl, calluna
universal glass 26 cl, linen
universal glass 26 cl, clear
universal glass 26 cl, dark grey
Iittala Holiday 2023: Teema plates and bowls
Jasper Morrison's casual design language in the Raami series is perfect for laid-back yet memorable gatherings.

Frame your festivities

Designed by Jasper Morrison, Raami (Finnish for “frame”) has only been in the lineup for about five years, but it has already secured its place in many a design fan's cupboard. And no wonder, as their casual forms strike just the right balance between modern and somehow familiar. The series includes both glass and ceramic dishware – and even wooden serving trays – that can be freely combined with each other or even with entirely different tableware collections. This is precisely the perfect imperfection that we and Iittala love!

Raami tableware >

cup and saucer
serving tray 47 cm
bowl 0,36 L, clear
plate 17 cm

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Edit: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Iittala

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