Design gifts at top prices – our gift tips from Finnish Design Shop’s Black Friday selection

Finnish Design Shop’s Black Friday offers an excellent opportunity to purchase design gifts at a more affordable price – and to get your gift shopping done well in advance. Our editorial team combed through the campaign selection and picked the best present ideas for the upcoming gifting season.

Eames & Vitra book
The Eames & Vitra book, published in the fall of 2023, provides an overview of Charles and Ray Eames' extensive collaboration with Vitra.

Cover to cover

“To me, books make the best gifts! Finnish Design Shop has a carefully curated book selection that caters to those interested in architecture, design, and interior decoration. This holiday season, I personally have my sights set on receiving the newly released Eames & Vitra book. It promises to offer valuable insights into Charles and Ray Eames’ creative process as well as their collaboration with Vitra. Immersing oneself in this publication also allows for indulging in fantasies about visiting the iconic Eames House, the designer couple’s home,” says Mikko Vaija, the Editor-in-Chief of Design Stories.

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Marimekko Flower vase, clear
The clear Flower vase by Marimekko reveals the stem of the plant, playfully distorting it. The small vase is perfect for one or two flowers.

Beloved little vase

“I like small vases with a single wildflower, a grass stem, or a branch picked up on the way home. Usually I’m a fan of colors, but from Marimekko’s Flower vases, I might just choose the clear glass version to wrap as a gift this season. I like that the vase reveals all parts of the plant, down to the leafless stem, and how the vase’s winding shape distorts the straight lines of the plants,” says Writer Nora Uotila.

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HAY Colour Crate Mix, red
HAY's Colour Crates are nowadays made from recycled plastic. In the Colour Crate Mix baskets, the base and walls are in different shades.

Gift basket or gift a basket

“Last year, I received a gift basket assembled in HAY’s Colour Crate. What an ingenius idea! Everyone needs various storage solutions, and the color range of these baskets undoubtedly has something for everyone. There’s also no need to worry if the recipient already has one: they work in any room, and you can even build larger arrangements with several baskets.

I might fill the basket with something practical, like Sponge dishcloths (in festive shades of red), or something luxurious, like a plush bathrobe. Or perhaps a package of playful Pattern candles!” says Writer Susa Pääkkönen.

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GUBI Tynell 9209 table lamp
Paavo Tynell's lamp model 9209 is also known as the Helmet after the half-spherical brass shade, which is adorned with the familiar perforated pattern found in Tynell's other lamps.

Uncompromising quality

“Danish brand GUBI has made a real cultural achievement by reintroducing Paavo Tynells lamps into production, and I appreciate that the quality has not been compromised at all. The delicate 9209 table lamp arrived in our online store this fall and it is a real gem, even though the lamp is known by the somewhat rugged nickname Helmet. The polished brass shade is adorned with small holes, familiar from Tynell’s other lamps, and the stem is covered with rattan braiding, making it a truly exquisite piece. Tynell designed the lamp already in 1940, but it fits wonderfully into contemporary homes – and as a luxurious gift under the tree,” says Mikko Vaija.

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Iittala OTC Cheetah cushion cover
The pattern of Iittala's Cheetah cushion cover from the Oiva Toikka collection is based on sketches and drawings found in Oiva Toikka's archives.

Cheetah chic

“I think the Cheetah pattern from Iittala’s Oiva Toikka collection is absolutely fantastic. I’ve been thinking about getting the series’ cushion cover for my sister, as I believe her kid would probably like it too! You shouldn't take interior decoration too seriously, especially in a family with kids. Don’t be afraid to be bold and playful, I say! In my opinion, the abstract animal pattern is not too flashy or childish, but it pleases the adult eye as well – my sister can decide whether the cushion goes to the kid’s room or maybe the living room couch,” says Content Coordinator Emmi Ratilainen.

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&Tradition Collect carafe and glasses
The glasses and carafe in &Tradition's Collect series have a beautiful, vortex-like surface pattern. The collection is designed by the design studio Space Copenhagen.

Touch of elegance

“A carafe is an object that is by no means essential but that instantly elevates any table setting. That’s why people often hesitate to buy it for themselves – and why it makes the perfect gift! This year, I plan to gift a friend of mine &Tradition’s Collect carafe, whose captivating surface design resembles a swirling vortex, adding an intriguing element to its beauty. Now I just need to decide whether to get it in the larger or smaller size,” says Commercial Content Producer Mira Ahola.

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Hem Bronto mugs and plate, orange
Hem's Bronto mugs have a fun, chunky design. The series also includes plates and egg cups.

Chunky and cheerful

“One of my friends is obsessed with everything chunky: her boots are chunky, her scarf is chunky, everything is chunky. The same hefty aesthetic is found in Hems Bronto mugs, which Ive thought of getting for her as a gift this year. The mugs boast exaggerated, almost comically large handles that I hope will brighten her mornings as she enjoys her cuppa. Additionally, the vibrant orange color of these mugs perfectly complements their cheerful nature – something which I believe my friend will greatly appreciate,” Emmi Ratilainen says.

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