Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom’s holiday gift tips: “The most important thing is to bring comforting candlelight into the darkness and be tender to our loved ones”

Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom has been busy writing the biography of her father, Yrjö Kukkapuro, and continuing his lifework. Read more about how Isa is doing and discover her gift ideas and other tips on how to create a serene ambience for the festive season!

Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom sitting on a sofa with a dog
Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom works as a freelance writer and producer at Studio Kukkapuro Oy. Her latest work is the biography of his father, Yrjö Kukkapuro, published in September 2023. Image: Henrik Enbom.

Hi Isa! How are you?
“I’m doing great, thanks for asking! I've been incredibly busy over the past year. At the top of my mind is the biography I wrote about my father, Yrjö Kukkapuro. My father's remarkable life deserved to be told also from a personal point of view.

I am balancing between a project that aims to develop Irmeli and Yrjö Kukkapuro's studio in Kauniainen, Finland, into a museum, continuing my father's lifework, and of course grandchildren. My life is full of whirlwinds, momentum and thrills. The holiday season offers a welcome rest.”

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How will you celebrate the season this year?
“I think our Christmas celebration will be an intimate affair, spent with our loved ones filled with relaxing, good food, books and a sauna!

Over the years, we've picked out certain items to take out to mark the holiday season. At Christmas, we always bring in a so-called “techno tree”. It's a steel candy bag holder found in a rubbish dump 20 years ago, decorated with a light bulb and lots of silver and red balls, glass ornaments, and most recently a glass turtle and a c-cassette player figurine. What's good about the artificial tree is that it stays fresh on its own, although sometimes we've been away for Christmas.”

“I won't give up the Christmas porridge tradition! There are always three almonds in it so that as many as possible would find the nut and receive good luck for the following year.”

What brings you the Christmas atmosphere, and why?
“I'm a Christmas enthusiast. I inherited it from my grandmother, who always wanted to gather the family around the table and fill it with delicious food and treats. When she passed away, the tradition changed slightly. After I and Henrik Enbom got married, we started celebrating the season again. For years, all the relatives from near and far gathered at our second home. Santa Claus brought presents, wrapping papers piled up, and children sang Santa Lucia.

Now, so many dear ones are missing from our midst that the holiday season has become a celebration of remembrance and gentle longing. However, the grandchildren bring a bit of elf-like excitement with them. The most important thing is to bring comforting candlelight into the darkness and be tender to our loved ones. And I won't give up the Christmas porridge tradition! There are always three almonds in it so that as many as possible would find the nut and receive good luck for the following year.”

Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom’s gift picks:

Two brass candleholders

Granny candle holder by Northern

“I love candles. Their season begins as soon as the evenings get darker and it ends at the spring equinox. I could take few Northern's Granny candleholders home, in both brass and black.”

Granny candle holder by Northern >
All candles & candleholders >

Iittala Aalto vase in clear and white

Aalto vase by Iittala

Iittala's clear Aalto vase is a classic that lets the flowers take centre stage. The holiday season wouldn't feel whole without for branches and flowers. I dream of a large, tall Aalto vase – perhaps one will appear in my life someday!”

Aalto vase by Iittala >
All vases >

Holiday ornament by Georg Jensen

Collectable ornament 2023 by Georg Jensen

“A single, refined ornament is enough to evoke the festive spirit. Georg Jensen's palladium-plated brass ball also serves well as an elegant gift for that special person who already has everything.”

Collectable ornament 2023 by Georg Jensen >
All holiday decorations >

Kulkuri throw by Joutsen

Kulkuri throw by Joutsen

“I have a weakness for all things quilted and ultra-light, so the Kulkuri throw is definitely on the top of my wishlist! Made by the Finnish brand Joutsen, the Kulkuri throw is filled with down for a luxuriously soft feeling. This blanket is the perfect companion at the cottage, whether on a chilly summer day or in the winter when it's freezing.”

Kulkuri throw by Joutsen >
All blankets >

Rakkauden meri cushion cover by Saana ja Olli

Saana ja Olli is a delightful Finnish design duo that charmingly represents sustainable values. Pillows adorned with the Rakkauden meri – which translates to “sea of love” – cushion covers are perfect for lounging, whether on the bed or the sofa. They also suit well as floor cushions for the little ones in the family!”

Rakkauden meri cushion cover by Saana ja Olli >
All decorative cushions >

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