Design gems for mothers – 7 carefully selected gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Finland, as well as many other countries, celebrate mothers, grandmothers, mother figures and everyone who considers themselves a mother on the second Sunday in May. If you are still pondering what to get for Mother’s Day, not to worry, as we give you seven ideas for design gifts that will delight your loved one and brighten up their home for years to come.

Skandinavisk  Scent diffuser, LEMPI
The Lempi scent diffuser features a romantic scent with notes of peony, rose, strawberries and moss.

Love is in the air

Already the name “Lempi“ (love) of Skandinavisk’s scent diffuser makes this product a perfect Mother’s Day gift. The traditional, romantic scent has notes of roses, peonies, strawberries and moss, which create a calm atmosphere reminiscent of summer. The elegant scent bottle, with a beautiful beech ring around its neck, is lovely to look at, and the intensity of the scent can be adjusted by varying the number of rattan sticks placed in the bottle. The safe, alcohol-free Lempi scent diffuser made of sustainable vegetable oils lasts for about three months, and thanks to the separately sold refill, the recipient can enjoy the gift long into the future.

Lempi scent diffuser >

Georg Jensen  Moneyphant with Twins
The Moneyphant with Twins features two small elephants that nest within the larger one.

Twice the beauty

Georg Jensen’s Moneyphant with Twins coin bank is both a cute interior design element and a handy utility item. The stainless-steel Moneyphant coin bank, designed by Jørgen Møller, is great for storing any loose coins in your pockets. Like the pieces of a puzzle, the baby elephants made of oak fit perfectly under their mother’s trunk, providing an interesting contrast to the shiny steel. Perhaps the mother elephant could be used for saving up for family adventures?

Moneyphant with Twins coin bank >

Arabia  Moomin mug, Moominmamma
Moominmamma can also take it easy and isn’t bothered by small things like mess and clutter.

Mother of all mother figures

Are you blessed with a mother (figure) who is as kind, caring and wise as Moominmamma? Giver her an Arabia mug adorned with cheerful illustrations featuring the beloved mother from the Moomin stories. On one side of the mug, illustrated by Tove Slotte, Moominmamma is keeping herself busy on the vegetable patch, and on the other side, she is enjoying a cup of coffee in a rocking chair, reminding us to also indulge ourselves from time to time. The Moomin tableware is compatible with the items in the Teema collection designed by Kaj Franck.

Moominmamma Moomin mug >

Vitra  Wooden doll 4
Vitra's wooden dolls are delivered in a gift box.

Everlasting embrace

In the early 1950s, designer Alexander Girard, who was known as an avid collector of folk art, created an entire collection of wooden dolls to decorate his home in Santa Fe. Vitra’s wooden dolls, which are based on those original pieces, are still carefully painted by hand and sent to their new home in a beautiful wooden box. Of Vitra’s colorful figurines, Wooden Doll 4 is no doubt one of the most charming ones and conveys the warm feelings of the giver.

Wooden doll number 4 >
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Skultuna  Lily candlestick
The Lily candlestick was designed by the Swedish sculptor Ivar Ålenius Björk for the world fair in New York, 1939.

Brass classic for mother dear

Elegant on its own, stunning as a pair: the sleek, delicate brass candlestick Lily is like a small sculpture, which is no wonder, as it is designed by Swedish sculptor Ivar Ålenius Björk. The design reflects the style of the late 1930s. Skultuna, which is currently manufacturing Lily, was established as early as in 1607 and specializes in the production of stunning, timeless metal items equally suitable for everyday use and more festive occasions.

Lily candlestick >

Flensted Mobiles  Flying Flowers mobile
Flying Flowers is a handmade mobile designed by Ole Flensted.

Airy spring bouquet

For those who want to give their Mother’s Day flowers in a more memorable way, the Flying Flowers mobile designed by Ole Flensted is the perfect choice. The mobile is made by hand in Denmark, and it contains tiny glass vases, in which delicate flowers can be placed to create ever-changing arrangements. The mobile, which sways in the air perfectly balanced, makes for a fascinating eye-catcher that encourages bold experimentation and creative play.

Flying Flowers mobile >

Marimekko  Auringonkukka bathrobe
This Marimekko bathrobe is adorned with the joyous Auringonkukka print, Finnish for "sunflower".

Joy for everyday life

A stylish bathrobe represents everyday luxury at its best and remains a Mother’s Day favorite for a good reason. For example, Marimekko’s Auringonkukka bathrobe, made of cotton waffle fabric, has a delightfully retro look and makes for a perfect companion for both leisurely weekend mornings and home spa sessions. The cheerful pattern designed by Maija Isola in the 1950s reflects the designer’s deep love of nature. The wrap-around robe has long loose sleeves, wide cuffs, handy side-seam pockets and a detachable belt.

Auringonkukka bathrobe >

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Text: Kaisa Mikkola Images: Manufacturers

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