3 Days of Design 2023 – check out the highlights from Copenhagen!

Copenhagen showed its best sides in June, as the sun was shining and the summer warmth embraced the visitors in the city. During the three festive days, the doors of showrooms, stores, galleries, and courtyards were open to all design enthusiasts. The team of Finnish Design Shop was, of course, present – check out our 10 favorites from the 3 Days of Design!

3 Days of Design 2023
3 Days of Design took place on June in Copenhagen. Image: Christina Jensen


The giant of modern Danish design, HAY, had adorned the HAY House with an impressive display of new arrivals for the fair visitors to admire. Among the colorful novelties, the minimalist Apex lighting series by British designer John Tree and the mirrors and trolley from the Arcs series designed by Muller Van Severen stood out. We also had the pleasure of resting our feet in the comfortable Chisel lounge chairs by Andreas Bergsaker, which were scattered around the house.

The hugely popular AAC chair series, or more commonly known as About A Chairs, had also been updated with new colors. Thanks to years of redevelopment, the seat of the chairs will now be made entirely from recycled post-consumer plastic, and the wooden bases are sourced from FSC-certified forests. The AAC chairs have also been awarded the EU Ecolabel. We will surely hear more about these and other HAY novelties once they arrive in our online store. We can't wait!

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The Crate armchairs and Weekday table were basking in the sun on HAY House's rooftop terrace. Image: HAY
The Chisel lounge chairs were designed by Andreas Bergsaker. Image: HAY
We were enchanted by John Tree's sleek Apex table lamp, which we predict to be a hit. Image: HAY
The colors of the AAC collection were updated, and the plastic used is recycled. Image: HAY
The Arcs collection by Muller Van Severen was expanded with mirrors and a trolley. Image: HAY

“HAY was the strongest brand in my opinion, with its wide range of new and affordable products. The new releases covered multiple categories: pajamas, candles, lighting, and furniture... the whole repertoire. The new colors of the About A Chairs in recycled plastic were also nice!”
Ville Syrjänen, Senior Buyer


Verner Panton's classics, original sketches from the archives, brand-new scented cosmetics, Jaime Hayón's installation, and an expanded showroom – these elements composed the exhibition called Under One Roof by &Tradition. The brand's inspiring showroom now covers the entire townhouse at Kronprinsessegade 4, offering delights from one room and floor to another. Our favorites in the exhibition were the glimpse into the archives, from which the brand draws inspiration, and the new Mnemonic hand soap with its gentle and captivating scent.

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In the entrance hall of &Tradition's townhouse, attention was drawn to Jaime Hayón's lighting fixture. Image: &Tradition
Colors were abundant and boldly combined throughout the exhibition. Image: &Tradition
The subtly scented Mnemonic hand soaps and lotions are the latest addition to &Tradition's collection. Image: &Tradition
Visitors had the opportunity to delve into sketches and archival treasures at the exhibition as well. Image: &Tradition


The Finnish brand Vaarnii presented its collection of pine furniture and lighting at the Le Tableau gallery. We are delighted by Vaarnii's growth, and especially pleased that their sturdy and sculptural wooden designs stood out distinctively amidst the diverse offerings at 3 Days of Design, garnering well-deserved admiration.

The newcomers to the Vaarnii collection included the 001 stool designed by Fredrik Paulsen, as well as the 1004 Hans wall lamp and 1005 Hans ceiling lamp designed by Hans-Agne Jakobsson. The fact that Marianne Goebl, Managing Director of Artek, has joined Vaarnii's board of directors is further evidence of the brand's recognition and esteem. Well done, Vaarnii!

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The highly praised Vaarni exhibition was a highlight for many at the fair. Image: Michael Rygaard.

“The Vaarnii exhibition was truly outstanding! The new ceiling fixtures match the decór style of 60s and 70s that is trending right now, so they are in line with the demand. Really impressive and commercially appealing new products.”
Veera Salo, Buyer


Sustainability is in the spotlight, and ferm LIVING has also taken notice, prominently showcasing some of their favorite products with full transparency and honesty regarding their environmental impact. We appreciated this approach, as well as the brand's ambitious goals towards more responsible production.

Of course, there were also new arrivals at the showroom. The Design Stories team fell in love with the Edre sofa, with its pine frame and bookshelves at both ends (ingenious!). We were also captivated by the Poem wall and ceiling lamp, creating a soft and ambient light, and the gently rounded Feve coffee table. Throughout the ferm LIVING showroom and also in various places in Copenhagen, transparent curtains made from differently colored fabric patches were prominent. We predict that these might be the next interior design trend!

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In the first floor of the building located near Christiania, you can find the showroom and flagship store of ferm LIVING, while the upper floors are dedicated to office spaces. Image: ferm LIVING
Sustainability and recycled materials were in the spotlight at the fair. Image: ferm LIVING
The Edre sofa had integrated bookshelves in its pine frame. Image: ferm LIVING
The Poem wall lamp filters the light softly. Image: ferm LIVING

Nikari and Woodnotes

Do you know what a lapidarium is? We found out that The Lapidarium of Kings is a royal sculpture museum or, more precisely, a storage place for stone monuments. The sculpture storage is located in a 400-year-old brewery, which opened its doors during 3 Days of Design and served as a unique exhibition venue for several brands.

Finnish brands Nikari and Woodnotes were present with a joint booth. At first, attention was drawn to the massive sculptures, but the beautiful and timeless Finnish design also stood out from the rocky crowd. The exhibition featured some new releases, such as Joanna Laajisto's Centenniale coffee table, which was launched in Milan in the spring.

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NIkari and Woodnotes
Nikari and Woodnotes showcased their products amidst valuable sculptures. Image: Nikari
Nikari Bieannale stool
The Biennale stool is one of Nikari bestsellers. Image: Elena Palomo

“Copenhagen was filled with joy, a relaxed atmosphere, and vibrant colors. This year, the thoughtfully curated collections stood out and some of the smallest exhibitions were the most impressive ones. One of my favorites was Yoonede, featuring Antrei Hartikainen's glass artworks.”
Mikko Vaija, Editor in Chief

Audo Copenhagen

Established Danish brands MENU and by Lassen recently merged under one roof: Audo House serves as a literal home for both brands, which are now known as Audo Copenhagen. For valid reasons, this time the focus was not so much on new releases but rather on celebrating the new name and brand. Audo House was, of course, decorated with products from the brand, and the concept store was divided into smaller, homelike areas where furniture, lighting, and interior accessories fit perfectly. We predict a bright future for Audo Copenhagen, so congratulations are in order!

All products by Audo Copenhagen >

Audo Copenhagen
The Audo House was a must-see destination for many during the fair, and for good reason. Image: Christina Jensen
Audo Copenhagen
The concept store was divided into smaller areas with columns and walls. Image: Christina Jensen
Audo Copenhagen
Christian Møller Andersen curated the Passages of Life exhibition. Image: Audo Copenhagen
Audo Copenhagen
The Audo Copenhagen collection includes all favorites from MENU and by Lassen. Image: Audo Copenhagen


The entire Finnish Design Shop team was charmed by Frama's carefully curated Il Mercato exhibition and its seasonal novelties. The Il Mercato concept celebrated the transformative power of local food culture, inspiring and connecting people from different fields. “The kitchen is a place of nurturing and care where food is prepared with love and attention to detail. Il Mercato embraces our passion for local produce and represents a sense of togetherness and connection,” says Niels Strøyer Christophersen, the founder of Frama.

The store showcased high-quality ingredients from local food producers, presented in a gallery-like manner. Apparently, no ingredients go to waste during the exhibition, as all the carrots, cheeses, mushrooms, and other items are consumed. Frama's holistic, timeless, and innovative world delighted us, and among the product novelties, we were particularly impressed by the beautiful aluminum Rivet chair.

All products by Frama >

The Il Mercato exhibition highlighted the connection to nature and food culture. Image: Frama
The exhibition encouraged visitors to recognize the values of buying, producing, and consuming locally. Image: Frama
The Rivet chair was one of our favorites from Frama. Image: Fabian Martinez
Round and asymmetrical coffee tables were a clear trend. Image: Fabian Martinez
We loved this presentation! You can shop Frama's cosmetics from Finnish Design Shop. Image: Fabian Martinez

“My favorites were &Tradition, Audo Copenhagen, and Frama. The experiential nature and the brands' holistic approach impressed me. This trio had curated their own unique worlds with great care.”
Elena PalomoCreative Content Marketing Specialist

Tekla x Artek

In Tekla's new flagship store in Copenhagen, specializing in home textiles, Alvar Aalto's pre-loved furniture from Artek 2nd Cycle were on display. The store also featured Artek's new Kontrasti stool, which celebrates the 90-year journey of the iconic Stool 60. Tekla was thrilled about the collaboration, as the practicality and beauty associated with modernism, the timeless Artek furniture, and the Aaltos' design heritage has served as a source of inspiration for the textile brand.

All products by Tekla >
All products by Artek >

Tekla x Artek
The pre-owned treasures from Artek 2nd Cycle sparked interest. Image: Tekla
High quality and timeless style connect Artek and Tekla. Image: Tekla

Normann Copenhagen

If quantity matters, Normann Copenhagen might have taken the lead this time: the brand launched over 30 new products during 3 Days of Design! The products were showcased in the immersive Hotel Normann exhibition, which spread across the brand's showroom and headquarters right next to Strøget. “The Hotel Normann exhibition emphasizes our brand philosophy, Connecting People and Spaces, and aims to illustrate how the wide-ranging collection, both news and classics, does exactly that,” describes Jan Andersen, the CEO of Normann Copenhagen.

The "hotel" lobby and rooms featured both new releases and familiar design favorites, with each room telling its own story. In the courtyard, visitors could enjoy refreshments while trying out Simon Legald's new Vig outdoor furniture. Among the vast number of novelties, our favorites were the Vekst lamps, the Notch pine bed frame, and the Dit side tables. The Hotel Normann exhibition will be open for exploration in Copenhagen until the fall of 2023.

All products by Normann Copenhagen >

Normann Copenhagen
In the courtyard of Hotel Normann, visitors had the opportunity to try out the new Vig outdoor furniture. Image: Normann Copenhagen
Normann Copenhagen
Normann Copenhagen presented over 30 new products! Image: Normann Copenhagen
Normann Copenhagen
The Vekst pendant lights reach down from the ceiling. Image: Normann Copenhagen

“The brands emphasized sustainability, material choices, and lifecycle thinking more than ever. As a lover of colors, it was a joy to see a wide range of charming shades in the showrooms. The stunning displays by Nuura, Raawii, and Frama left a lasting impression on me.”
Sarianna MäättäneneCommerce Merchandising Specialist


At the enormous showroom in Nordhavn, GUBI presented classics and a some new launches, most of which were seen in Milan earlier in the spring. The main focus this time was on outdoor furniture, which had been placed outside in the industrial-style surroundings of Orientkaj's waterfront – the contrast was captivating. Among the other products, we were particularly impressed by the new portable Multi-Lite table lamp and GamFratesi's elegant Vanity mirror collection.

All products by GUBI >

GUBI had brought their outdoor furniture to Orientkaj waterfront, creating a captivating display. Image: GUBI
The portable Multi-Lite table lamp was one of the new launches. Image: GUBI
Skål! GUBI made the most of their new location by the sea. Image: GUBI
GUBI Showroom
The GUBI showroom was filled with people throughout the 3 Days of Design. Image: Christina Jensen

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Text: Mikko Vaija Frontpage images: Rasmus Hjortshøj and HAY

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